US stock index futures fell sharply, the Dow Jones fell nearly 500 points, the Russian stock market once fell 17%, the biggest one-day decline since 2008, and the European stock market fell sharply to a four-month low. Gold prices and oil prices have also rebounded in the past few hours
NASDAQ is now hitting 52 week low stocks, more than the 2000 Internet bubble and the global financial crisis.
According to Reuters:
Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the deployment of troops to two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine after recognising them as independent on Monday, accelerating a crisis the West fears could unleash a major war.
Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged Ukraine on Monday The two breakaway regions of Eastern crane are independent After the establishment, it ordered the deployment of troops to the two areas. The move has exacerbated a crisis that western countries fear could trigger a large-scale crisis War Fight.
A Reuters witness saw unusually large columns of military hardware moving through the breakaway city of Donetsk after Putin told Russia’s defence ministry to send forces into the two regions to “keep the peace” in a decree issued shortly after announcing recognition for Russian-backed separatists there.
A Reuters witness saw that after Putin announced his recognition of Russia’s support for Donetsk Crack Points Shortly after the war, the Russian Defense Ministry issued an order requiring Russia to send troops to the two regions to “maintain peace”. Then, an unusual large military equipment convoy passed through Donetsk.
The moves drew U.S. and European condemnation and vows of new sanctions although it was not immediately clear whether the Russian military action would be regarded by the West as the start of a fullscale invasion. The area was already controlled by Russian-backed separatists and Moscow in practice.
The move drew condemnation from the United States and Europe and vowed to impose new sanctions, although it is unclear whether Russia’s military action will be seen by the West as the beginning of a comprehensive invasion. The region has actually been supported by Russia Crack Points And Moscow control.
In a lengthy televised address packed with grievances against the West, Putin, looking visibly angry, described Ukraine as an integral part of Russia’s history and said eastern Ukraine was ancient Russian lands and that he was confident the Russian people would support his decision
Putin delivered a long televised speech full of dissatisfaction with the West. He looked angry, saying that Ukraine was an integral part of Russian history and that eastern Ukraine was an ancient Russian territory. He believed that the Russian people would support his decision.
Moscow’s action may well torpedo a last-minute bid for a summit with U.S. President Joe Biden to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine.
Moscow’s action is likely to undermine the last-minute efforts to hold a summit with US President Joe Biden to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine
During Putin’s televised speech to the Russian people on Monday night, the ruble fell below 80 against the US dollar, and the stock market plunged 18% in night trading. Earlier in the day, the Russian benchmark stock index MOEX closed down 11%, the biggest decline since March 2014.
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Truth social, a social media company founded by former US President trump, officially launched in Apple’s App Store late Sunday. From the software interface released by users, the user interface style of truth social is very similar to that of twitter. The bottom bar has four functions: information flow, search, private message and message. In the personal page, there are three dynamic categories: truth, truth and reply, and media, which correspond to Twitter’s tweets, tweets, replies, and media respectively.
From the pictures released by netizens, we can see that the number of registered people exceeded 100000 shortly after the opening of download. One night later, on Monday morning, the app surpassed HBO max, tiktok, youtube, instagram and Facebook to become the top 1 app download in Apple store. However, truth social encountered difficulties on the release date. Some users were unable to register, and some users received error messages. But for others who subscribe to the app, it will be automatically downloaded to their Apple device.
Related stocks dwac phun
Trump uses the platform as a substitute for social media giants twitter (Code: TWTR), Facebook (Code: FB) and Youtube (GOOG, Googl). On January 6, 2021, Trump’s Twitter, Facebook and tubing accounts were permanently blocked after Trump’s supporters caused riots in the US Capitol.
Trump media and Technology Group (tmtg), the venture capital company behind truth social, is led by Devon Nunes, a former Republican congressman in the United States. Nunes said on February 20: “our goal is to fully operate in the United States at least by the end of March. I think we can achieve this goal.”
Although the source of funds of the company is unclear, tmtg plans to be listed in New York through merger with spac digital world acquisition (Code: dwac). Upon completion of the transaction, it will receive $293 million in cash held by dwac in the trust, less any shareholder redemption. Last December, tmtg also raised $1 billion in committed financing from private investors, which will be put into use after the completion of the dwac transaction.
As part of the partnership signed in December, rumble will provide video and streaming services to true social. Rumble has always been regarded as a substitute for Google’s YouTube. Rumble’s investors include famous conservative venture capitalists J.D. Vance and Peter Thiel.
Truth social can only be used on Apple’s IOS system. Users in the UK and other countries are told that they cannot use the app in their region.
The logo of this application has also attracted the attention of trail, a small sustainable transportation company in the UK, which is investigating the similarities between the brand of truth social and its own brand.
A spokesman for the UK company said by email: “trail has no affiliation or contact with the truth social website. We are now seeking legal advice on the next steps to protect our brand“
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(Li Yipeng)
The continuous emergence of new crown transmission makes nucleic acid detection become people’s “Daily”. In addition to the routine hospital laboratory, many people are also exposed to ICL (independent clinical laboratory) for the first time due to nucleic acid testing.
As a “behind the scenes” link in the medical industry chain, ICL has come to the front because of the new crown. In the process of expanding from b-end to C-end, digitization has become a necessity.
ICL was first born in the United States in 1925. With the increasing demand for medical testing and the increasing number of testing items, hospitals alone can not meet the needs in terms of testing efficiency and types. Independent medical laboratories with outsourced testing services as the core help medical institutions improve testing efficiency through large-scale operation.
In the medical insurance reform in the 1980s, ICL achieved rapid development due to its significant cost-effective advantages. According to public data, in 2018, the ICL market penetration in Japan reached 67%, Europe 50% and the United States 35%.
In China’s medical field dominated by public hospitals, the non-profit business nature and institutional factors make most of the tests still completed by the laboratory department in the hospital, so the penetration rate of ICL is only 5%. This not only shows that ICL still has broad market space, but also means that the traditional model of serving hospitals alone is difficult to achieve rapid growth.
Dean diagnostics, founded in 2001, is one of the main players in the field of ICL in China. Its business scope covers diagnostic services, sales of diagnostic products, technology R & D and production, health management, cold chain logistics, judicial expertise, cro and other fields.
After the call of “all tests should be done, and all tests are willing” was put forward in April 2020, Dean diagnostics spent seven days to build a 1200 square meter “Reddy” rapid testing laboratory that can detect 70000 cases a day, raising the single day testing of its Hangzhou headquarters to 100000 cases a day. According to the data released in July 2020, the amount of nucleic acid detection undertaken by Dean diagnosis after the outbreak accounted for one tenth of the national total at that time.
While undertaking social responsibility, “war epidemic” gives Dean diagnosis the opportunity to directly face the public with testing needs. However, for a company that has always been facing the b-end market in recent 20 years, it is not easy to join to C service.
In the previous testing outsourcing services, ICL institutions only need to arrange regular door-to-door collection and delivery of samples, laboratory testing and remote delivery of reports. The business process is short and the number of customers is small, which makes the process docking and service difficulty of to B business relatively controllable.
However, in the c-end-oriented testing service, it is not only necessary to build a testing site, but also the institutions must be responsible for the testing appointment, information registration, report push and other processes, which has increased the complexity several times.
Prior to this, Dean diagnostics, like many national companies, had the situation that the IT systems and data of the group and local branches were not interconnected and partially relied on manual forms. When facing a large number of C-end customers, the ability of data flow, management and service has become the biggest bottleneck.
Digitization is therefore a must.
In 2020, Dean diagnostics introduced the CRM system based on SaaS mode and connected it with OA, MDM (Master Data Management), LIMS (Laboratory Management), customer service, decision-making, finance and other systems to realize the integrated management of internal data of the enterprise.
This not only ensures the end-to-end service capability, but also greatly improves the efficiency of the original business. The service processes and test data of b-end customers such as hospitals, CDC and physical examination institutions have been integrated and precipitated, and the efficiency of information flow has been improved, so that patients can receive test reports earlier and start diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.
Another urgent gap is customer service.
Compared with b-end services, C-end users have more consulting demands. After starting to provide testing services to the public, the number of telephone consultations for Dean diagnosis has increased several times. The sporadic outbreak in 2021 increased the pressure on the customer service team.
To this end, Dean diagnostics also introduced the full scene intelligent customer service system udesk under vofeng technology to respond to users’ common problems faster in the way of AI robots.
In addition to integrating external technologies, Dean diagnostics is also constantly building its own digital capability, and on this basis, it will expand to C services beyond New Crown detection.
In May 2020, Dean diagnostics launched the third-party online Internet inspection platform “Xiaofei inspection”, which directly faces the C-end users, and provided the supply chain, information, diagnostic services, products and channels originally built for medical institutions to the public.
Based on the “Xiaofei test” platform, C-end users can independently make an appointment for more than 60 test items, such as hpv23 genotyping gene test for women, accurate screening of AMH ovarian function and early screening of colorectal cancer, covering the whole population of women, men, children and the elderly.
At the celebration of the first anniversary of Xiaofei inspection, Chen Haibin, chairman of Dean diagnostics, evaluated this service platform facing the C-end as an important part of digital reform. CEO Huang Baixing said at the event that to C business will become the third most important growth curve of Dean diagnosis after general inspection and special inspection.
While supporting new services, digitization is also becoming a breakthrough for Dean’s diagnostic to B business.
In November 2021, Dean diagnostics announced the launch of the laboratory management system iris LIMS. Compared with the traditional inspection information system, the management of iris LIMS covers all elements such as people, instruments, materials (reagent consumables, etc.), processes, data (detection methods, laboratory links) and can support hundreds of thousands of samples and thousands of people in chain laboratories to cooperate across regions at the same time.
In the same month, Dean diagnosis was recognized by the Department of science and technology of Zhejiang Province and selected into the “Key Laboratory of digital medical diagnosis technology of Zhejiang Province”. Years of data accumulation will also provide assistance for the breakthrough of diagnostic technology.
With the per capita GDP exceeding 10000 US dollars, the medical demand in the Chinese market will change from “quantity” to “quality”, and better medical experience will become the inevitable direction. Whether in the user service experience layer or the technological breakthrough itself, there has been a digital figure.
At the strategic level, Dean diagnosis has set itself the goal of “industrial digitization and digital industrialization”. Chen Haibin, chairman of Dean diagnostics, said at the “Dean day” in 2021 that in the future, collecting samples from hospitals, laboratory testing and providing diagnostic solutions around disease diagnosis and clinical connection should be combined with the application of AI, artificial intelligence and other digital technologies.
“The future of Dean diagnosis must be a medical big data company. We will receive a large number of samples every day. How to use massive data to create infinite value for customers is what we need to study and realize in the future.” Chen Haibin said.

The Beijing Winter Olympics has come to a perfect end, and people are still talking about the “legend” of the Winter Olympics.
In addition to the athletes who have repeatedly achieved good results, the biggest winners this year are the sponsors and brands that invite athletes to speak for them. With Su Yiming’s victory last week, “Yuanqi forest won hemp” once rushed to the hot search. The reason behind it is that the three spokesmen signed by Yuanqi forest won the championship at the Winter Olympics.
In this regard, Yuanqi forest ridiculed itself as “blessed”, and took the opportunity to open a limited edition beverage lottery, which successfully filled the marketing atmosphere.
What benefits did the vigorous forest of “winning the bet” get in this event?

“Marketing gambler” is vigorous and has “bet” 2.7 billion in four years

Yuanqi forest is “good at gambling”, which has been reflected from the first day it entered the consumer market.
Whether it is betting on the field of bubble water, creatively holding up the bubble water track, or a lot of “coin scattering” marketing, Yuanqi forest can always make people finally sigh “it’s OK” on the seemingly impassable road.
This year, Yuan Yang has gained a lot of marketing endorsements. The new spokesman, Yiyang Qianxi, signed the new year’s signing of the two films, including the water gate bridge of the long Jin lake and the “miracle kid”. It has earned the market attention. In the first new year’s drama, the “yuan C” is the “Yuan”. The sports stars who successively signed at the end of last year detonated hot spots at the Winter Olympics. A series of performances make people sigh and wonder: why is Yuanqi forest so lucky all the time?
No one is a born gambler, and vitality forest is no exception. The so-called good luck is nothing more than “survivor bias”.
As an emerging beverage consumer brand, Yuanqi forest can become popular in a short time, which can be understood as the result of its massive investment in marketing. After combing the marketing actions of Yuanqi forest in recent years, it can be found that Yuanqi forest can be seen on social grass planting platforms such as xiaohongshu and microblog, as well as variety shows and online dramas on major platforms.
In addition to online channels, offline channels such as elevator advertising, offline small event sponsors and convenience store freezers are also key strategic targets of Yuanqi forest. The net is wide enough to catch some shining fish.
But the vitality forest is not blindly casting a net. On the contrary, its purpose is very clear. From the beginning, the target customers of Yuanqi forest are white-collar workers and generation Z young people. Therefore, it will try its best in marketing.
For example, under the pressure of fast-paced life, young people prefer to watch variety shows online. Variety shows and online dramas have become the first goal of Yuanqi forest sponsorship. Variety shows such as “a string of life” and “a vigorous brother” are based on this logic. On the choice of spokesperson, the yuan forest also favored the new generation and national high stars, such as Chen Feiyu, Yiyang Qianxi, Gu Ailing and so on.
At the beginning of 2021, Yuanqi forest won the sponsorship right of station B Spring Festival Gala with 150 million yuan, realizing the leap of station B fans from 0 to 1.5 million. Although Yuanqi forest has been criticized by the outside world for its large marketing investment, it can be said that almost every penny of its investment has been shown to consumers.
By the end of 2020, the sales of Yuanqi forest reached 2.7 billion yuan. The sales growth rates in 2018, 2019 and 2020 were 300%, 200% and 309% respectively, which was very amazing.
However, in 2022, the “gambling luck” of Yuanqi forest may not be so good.

Can the beverage giant succeed in “encircling and suppressing” the vitality forest?

Recently, a “battle” between Coca Cola and Pepsi against vitality forest has spread in the market. It is said that there will be “no more” vitality forest in the market in 2022.
Whether the news is true or false, a more obvious phenomenon is that in recent years, Yuanqi forest has put pressure on many established beverage enterprises in the market.
The concept of “0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 calorie” health drink created by Yuanqi forest has rapidly become a trend in the context of new consumption. In its explosive growth in 2020, many established beverage enterprises such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, nongnongshan spring and Wahaha also tried to launch the same type of bubble water, but with little effect. In this track developed by Yuanqi forest, Yuanqi forest seems to have the absolute initiative.
Obviously, the forest giants are not willing to see the shutdown of many factories in 2021 due to the pressure of the forest giant. Nowadays, Yuanqi forest has made greater efforts to invest in self built factories, and the lack of production capacity has played a great role in promoting it.
It is undeniable that since the vitality forest temporarily emerged, the beverage giants have implemented almost all-round encirclement and interception, and the latter has been struggling to survive. Obviously, in 2022, the pressure from the giants will rise to a higher level. Can the vitality forest resist it?
At the end of last year, Yuanqi forest disclosed some business data for the first time: as of September, the company’s R & D cost had increased by 350% year-on-year. In the past 12 months, more than 30 kinds of beverage flavors have been added, and the average product R & D cycle is 5.5 months.
It can be seen that Yuanqi forest has not stopped its R & D. on the contrary, its R & D investment is still increasing year by year. Besides upgrading in taste and other aspects, product lines are also extending. Now, it involves many kinds of bubbles, such as bubble water, milk tea, tea drink, functional beverage, coffee, light food Baijiu and liquor.
Rich SKUs make Yuanqi forest more likely to resist risks. However, it is worth noting that bubble water is still the main source of sales revenue of Yuanqi forest. If the weight of other products cannot be improved, it will be one of the hidden dangers of Yuanqi forest.
In addition to paying attention to the product itself, in terms of market expansion, Yuanqi forest also made a plan to go to sea early. At the end of 2021, Yuanqi forest said that in mid December, its overseas aluminum can bubble water broke into the top 10 of Amazon bubble water best seller list in the United States. At present, more than 40 national strategies and products have landed at sea.
As a young emerging brand, Yuanqi forest does have many shortcomings, and its enterprise heritage can not compete with beverage giants. However, the emergence of vitality forest has exploded a thunder in the almost solidified bottled beverage market, just like a catfish reactivating the market.
The beverage industry needs fresh blood, which is the law of market development. Even if there is no “vitality forest”, other new consumer brands will launch an impact. The “encirclement, pursuit and interception” of the vitality forest by beverage giants is not only the maintenance of their own interests, but also the embodiment of their failure to timely understand the potential development trend of the market.
Although it is certain that the life of Yuanqi forest will not be so “easy” in 2022, the pressure from giants is difficult to hurt the root, and Yuanqi forest still has room for growth.
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Luxury goods are becoming more and more “luxury”.
In February 16th, Louis Vuitton, the world’s largest luxury brand, once again called “LV”, has increased its price in Louis Weedon.
According to several media statistics, the official prices of LV classic capsules and Neverfull are 46500 yuan and 12000 yuan respectively. According to Lv’s official website, the prices of these two handbags have risen to 52000 yuan and 14400 yuan respectively, up 11.8% and 20% respectively. The price of another Mini pochette accessories rose 54% from 3500 yuan to 5400 yuan.
In this regard, after multi-party verification, fuel finance and economics learned that at present, the prices of LV related styles have increased in the Chinese market. For another round of price increase of luxury goods, some netizens joked, “if the price increases by 10%, will it save 110% if you don’t buy it?” Some netizens said, “people who buy LV bags don’t care about the 10% price increase.”
But for another price rise of LV, more consumers said they would not affect their purchase. Chaochao, a partner of a law firm in Beijing, is a loyal consumer of luxury goods, with an annual luxury consumption of 100000-300000 yuan.
Chaochao doesn’t care whether the price of luxury goods rises or not. “Luxury goods will adjust the price for several times every year. Now my attitude towards luxury goods tends to be rational. I will basically go shopping after signing a big order every time. I will have my own budget and taste preferences. The price rise will not directly affect whether I buy or not.”
The price rise of LV is confident. In 2021, despite the impact of the epidemic and the overall economic downturn, LVMH group (lvmuy. US), the parent company of LV, still achieved significant growth. According to the financial data for the whole year of 2021 released by LVMH group on January 27 this year, the annual operating revenue of LVMH group in 2021 was 64.22 billion euros, an increase of 44% over 2020 and 20% over 2019 before the outbreak of the epidemic, completely exceeding the revenue of 62.21 billion euros expected by analysts.
In addition, the annual operating profit margin of LVMH group reached 26.7%, an increase of 8% and 5% respectively compared with 2020 and 2019; Operating cash flow exceeded 13 billion euros, an increase of 121% and 119% respectively over 2020 and 2019. The high operating income and cash flow reflect LVMH group’s unshakable position as the “overlord” of luxury goods.
Data source: lvmh2021 financial data
In fact, more than LV, from last winter to the beginning of this spring, many luxury brands have completed the action of price increase.
In January this year, Chanel raised the price of some styles again on the basis of the price increase in November last year. Among them, the price of coco handle will increase by 2000 yuan, and the price of package types such as businessaffinity and Le boy will increase by 8-12%. Chanel has risen as much as 60% in the past three years.
The price increase of herm è s is basically fixed in January every year, and the price increase range of each model ranges from 500-4300 yuan. Lindy Mini rose from 46500 yuan to 48700 yuan, an increase of 4.7%; Verrou 21 rose 6.7% from 63550 yuan to 67850 yuan.
Behind the price rise is the recovery of the revenue of these luxury brands after the epidemic. In 2021, L’Oreal Group’s sales increased by 16.1% year-on-year to 32.28 billion euros, while its operating profit reached a record 6.16 billion euros, up 18.3% year-on-year, both exceeding the pre epidemic level. In the first half of 2021, Hermes group’s total sales reached 4.235 billion euros, an increase of 77% over the same period in 2020 and 33% over the same period in 2019.
The younger generation is becoming the main force of luxury goods. According to the 2021 luxury brand value report launched by brand France, a British brand evaluation agency, millennials contribute more than 80% of the purchasing power to luxury income. According to BCG statistics, among Chinese luxury consumers in 2021, the post-80s accounted for only 7%, while the post-90s and post-00s accounted for 50%.
The addition of generation Z has brought changes to the pattern of luxury consumer groups, and the pursuit of personality and consumption experience has also affected the layout of luxury marketing. In recent years, luxury brands are increasingly inclined to “please” young people in terms of product design, marketing and sales channels.
Will the price rise of luxury goods that try to please young people against the current economic environment have an impact on future sales? Many market participants believe that from past experience, the price rise will drain some consumers with insufficient consumption level of luxury goods, but it will not affect the rise of their revenue and net profit, but will help the brand to screen users in reverse.
Li Yingtao, research director of Analysys brand retail industry, told fuel finance that after the price rise, even if the sales volume of luxury goods will be affected to some extent, the probability of revenue and profit will still rise. “Some more pragmatic and rational young people may reduce their purchases after the price rise, but it will not affect loyal consumers who buy luxury goods because of class symbols.”
Lai Yang, executive vice president of the Beijing Institute of business economics, also said, “the appreciation of classic models is a means to preserve the value of luxury products. New designs and iterations attract young people, and old products cannot fall in price, so they continue to attract relatively conservative consumers.”

Who is buying LV?

Every important festival, luxury stores never lack consumers.
On the afternoon of Valentine’s day on February 14, there was a long line at the gates of Louis Vuitton, Dior, channel, Celine and other brands of Beijing SKP and ITC, as in previous years.
Fuel finance and economics observed that the queuing consumers showed a younger trend, and many of the consumers waiting at the door were young people aged about 30 or 20-25.
Photo / Louis Vuitton Beijing international trade store source / photo taken by finance and Economics
“Although I don’t buy it often, it’s OK to spend it occasionally.” The post-90s Lin Lin has an annual income of more than 100000 yuan. She will buy 1-2 luxury goods as planned every year. “I like to buy bags, especially the classic LV models.”
In Lin Lin’s view, consumption within his ability is not a waste. “If the price rises, it’s still an investment.” She smiled.
Unlike Lin Lin, chao chao’s consumption of luxury goods is more daily. The first time she spent tens of thousands of yuan on a bag was because of her work. “At the beginning of my work, I was responsible for some financial consulting and often had to visit some CFOs and CEOs. At that time, I was the youngest in the group and often went to see customers with canvas shoes and canvas bags.”
Later, the team leader said to Chao Chao, “don’t spend all your money on eating and drinking and buy a decent outfit. To make friends with customers, you should look like someone who can make friends with them.”
“I still remember when I wore a plaid shirt to buy Dior lady bag, my sales sister looked at me.” Chao chao smiled. “She must think I’m the kind of person who doesn’t eat and buy bags for two months. In fact, so am I. I really paid off my credit card for half a year.”
“Later, when I went shopping with customers, I gradually began to get in frequent contact with luxury goods. Now I can say the styles of almost every major brand. When breaking the ice with customers, there is nothing easier than talking about their watches and bags. Luxury goods, like variety shows and gossip, is a language and a signal: we pay attention to the same things and belong to the same world 。”
Because of the upgrading of the circle, Xingyu, who works in a large Internet factory in Hangzhou, also enters the luxury consumption brigade. Although he rarely buys luxury goods, he often buys gifts for his girlfriend, and spends 50000-100000 yuan on luxury goods every year. “I simply believe that it’s always right to buy expensive things within my ability.”
“Many young people in big internet factories around me have relatively high salaries and will receive six or seven digit year-end bonuses at the end of the year. Many of these people are not married and don’t have to raise children or houses, so when they get the money, they will buy luxury goods as their own reward for working in ‘996’.”
Shu Hua, a product manager who works in Shanghai, also enters the luxury circle because of material upgrading after work. Her annual consumption of luxury goods is 100000-200000 yuan.
Shuhua doesn’t pay attention to the brand when buying luxury goods. She pays more attention to the design style and shopping experience. “I seldom shop online. I basically shop offline. I like the quality and attitude of store service very much. Even if I like the style I like online, I will try it offline. This shopping experience is more enjoyable for me than shopping itself.”
According to the 2021 Kwai Luxe industry data report, luxury goods consumption trends in Shuangfeng. The 18-23 year old Z generation and the 41-49 year old crowd are also the main force of luxury consumption. The 2021 luxury industry report released by Deloitte also pointed out that the luxury consumption of generation Z showed an obvious growth trend, and said that the love of generation Z for luxury goods is likely to be affected by the consumption behavior of their parents.
Source / massive engine
Kiki, born in 1997, is such a girl. Kiki, who lives in the northeast, went shopping with her mother since childhood, “At that time, there was no concept of famous brand, and there was no concept of whether it was expensive or not. I only knew whether it was good or not. Because my mother liked LV, I naturally had feelings for the brand. However, after college, I began to prefer Celine. Some styles of LV were not personalized enough. Luxury goods were just consumables for me. Therefore, I was more interested in the value or preservation of the brand or product Value your preferences, sense of design and sense of fashion. “
Kiki represents the psychology of generation Z luxury consumers. According to the report “new faces of Chinese luxury” released by orvey data, the number of generation Z who buy luxury goods will buy the popular models of the season rather than the classic ones with value preservation is twice that of consumers over the age of 35.
According to orvey data, 40% of generation Z are willing to invest more in luxury consumption, of which more than 18% accept to invest one-fifth of their income in luxury consumption. These young people weaken the symbolism of luxury goods and emphasize the pursuit of a sense of design, personalization and experience. Catering to the mental trend of these consumers has become a new challenge for luxury goods.

Luxury goods “please” young people

With the younger and younger consumer groups, these luxury brands need to “please” young people more and more. Since the 1990s, when luxury goods entered China, they have continuously upgraded their design and marketing, and “please” young people with all kinds of tricks.
Before 2015, due to the lack of advantages in domestic purchasing power, the full popularity of social media and the traffic is not in the golden age, the brand marketing communication in this period generally followed the traditional straight-line thinking of the luxury industry from top to bottom. At that time, the purchasing power of major luxury goods in China still valued the significance of their class symbols. The design of luxury goods was mainly formal clothes, with little addition of Chinese elements.
After 2015, due to the exponential growth of the purchasing power of luxury goods in the Chinese market and the popularity of the Internet and we media, luxury goods began to be younger and upgraded.
In 2018, Dior opened its tiktok account and became the first luxury item to eat crab. Subsequently, in 2019 and 2020, Dior successively settled in xiaohongshu, station B and tmall.
While in-depth traffic marketing, Dior began to choose China as the important and even the first show of its big show. On April 12, 2021, the release show of Dior 2021 autumn ready to wear series was held in Shanghai. The show was broadcast live on multiple platforms that night, and the cumulative number of viewers exceeded 120 million.
Dior’s successful communication with the Chinese market makes it the most resistant luxury brand under the epidemic. Erwan rambourg, an analyst at HSBC, estimates that Dior’s sales reached 6.28 billion euros in 2021, contributing 10% of LVMH’s total revenue and 13% of the group’s profit. According to the latest financial data of LVMH, the sales volume of Dior’s fashion leather Department reached 30.996 billion euros in 2021, an increase of 47% over the same period in 2020 and a strong increase of 42% compared with 2019.
Dior’s success once again confirms the power of China’s luxury consumption. Tiktok, the LVMH group’s LV, followed by the jitter platform, and its official account fans exceeded 1 million 440 thousand by February 21, 2022.
On November 17, 2021, LV selected Shanghai as the spring and summer women’s clothing show in 2022. This is the second time that LV has held a physical show in China after the epidemic, and it is the first time that the brand has brought the show of Nicolas ghesqui è re, director of women’s clothing art, to Chinese consumers.
Compared with the Dior show, LV added Chinese elements to the design and further deepened targeted marketing. 19 sets of new design shapes specially designed for the Chinese market were displayed on the show. Loop handbag, one of the exclusive handbags, showed the “scarf printing” composed of Lv’s iconic gold chain and leather belt.
Boldly breaking through the formal style, the design with the theme of fantasy, space travel and casual formal dress has attracted more young people’s attention. The total viewing volume of big show videos exceeds 160 million, and the reading volume of #lv spring and summer 22 women’s wear show # topics on microblog is 1.54 billion. Fashion media person Wu Ling commented on the design of women’s clothes at the show as “exquisite relaxation” in the article “the appearance of the ideal Wardrobe”.
Chinese elements and the limited design of leisure trend have also become a “big move” for luxury goods to seize the minds of young people.
In 2022, Valentino and Balenciaga successively launched the year of the tiger limited edition. Valentino 1967 series launched tops and handbags with pink and black stripes as the visual focus; Paris World launched an oversize coat that imitates tiger skin stripes. After the launch of the two exclusive models, they quickly attracted attention. Beijing SKP has little red book fashion bloggers to try them on almost every day, and the avant-garde design has attracted a large number of student party messages and inquiries.
After the design iteration, luxury goods have played fancy marketing.
In the past, luxury goods too described ancient and long-standing brand stories, such as the division and civil war of Gucci family, chanel and her lover, etc. these mysterious and gossip stories captured the first batch of luxury goods buyers’ longing for foreign life, but failed to move the heart of generation Z. Young people prefer bold, unconventional and fresh marketing to stereotypes that cannot be investigated.
In September 2021, Prada, who released a large advertising blockbuster in autumn and winter, settled in Shanghai Wuzhong market, which really let the market feel the breath of Prada’s life at a close distance. The appearance of the vegetable market is full of Prada’s main visual elements in the season. The dishes are wrapped in Prada’s environmental protection paper bags. The vegetable market is called “half a gathering place of Shanghai KOL” by xiaohongshu users.
Figure / source of Prada Shanghai Wuzhong market / screenshot of Xiaohong shuran finance and Economics
Gucci is actively trying in the field of social marketing. In 2020, Gucci will use circle of friends advertising to become the first luxury goods to send red envelopes in China. In the Spring Festival of 2022, the red envelope on the cover limited by Gucci and Doraemon was “opened” more than 30 million times in two weeks. It went online for two hours and rushed to the hot search with 210 million readings, successfully breaking the circle. After the Spring Festival, the average daily number of “dismantling” red envelopes remained at 36% of the activity period, bringing a long-term exposure effect to the brand.
LV arranges different online applets according to different user segments, including LV squared series experience stores in early spring of 2022 classified by season, men’s limited time stores in spring and summer, furniture hard box stores and new product experience stores classified by product category, and sneakers store for post-90s trendy men.
“For Louis Vuitton, wechat mall is not regarded as a single sales channel, but a part of the overall brand experience and retail ecosystem built by LV in China,” said the senior vice president of digital Asia of LVMH in the digital trend report of China’s luxury market
“China’s luxury market is very diversified, and the consumption preferences of different customers vary greatly. Therefore, we create all kinds of small programs to connect with different customer groups with their unique styles and contents. At the same time, these small programs have different ways of entry, but they always’ appear when you need it ‘, so as to provide customers with convenient and ultimate shopping experience to the greatest extent.”
The upgrading of design and marketing is nothing more than making an article on the “sense of experience”. Luxury goods firmly grasp the contempt of generation Z for “class” and “face”, pay attention to the satisfaction and freshness of consumption, and fully “take care” of generation Z consumers, which is also the foundation for the rise of luxury prices.

Will luxury goods “lose powder” after the price rise?

In the economic environment is still in the doldrums, will the price rise of luxury goods that try to please young people once again affect the loyalty of consumers? The answer is No.
As for the price rise of luxury goods, Kiki said that this is also an old saying. “The reason for each price adjustment is that raw materials are expensive, imports and exports are expensive, etc. I am not very sensitive to prices. I mainly look at the style, whether it is suitable and whether I like it or not.”
Shuhua also said that the price increase will not affect their buying habits. “I have no car or house in Shanghai. I belong to the type of people who enjoy themselves in a hurry. If I have money, I don’t spend much. Therefore, I will start when I encounter what I like after the price increase. However, I certainly have the upper limit of price expectation and won’t let myself go to the point of not eating, drinking, buying bags and jewelry.”
Li Yingtao said that this is a normal market behavior, “The inflation caused by currency excess, the imbalance of the supply chain caused by the epidemic, and the supply chain shock caused by anti globalization are all the reasons for the rise in the price of luxury goods. The regular rise in the price of luxury goods is just like the rise in the price of our daily consumer goods, but because of the brand effect, their price rise will be greater and attract more attention.”
In fact, this is not the first time that LV has raised its price. According to public reports and statistics, LV has adjusted its price four times in October 2019, January 2020, September 2020 and January 2021. Netizens joked, “a bag has increased by 95% a year, which is higher than my fund.”
In the past two years, luxury goods have increased year by year, or even n has become the unspoken rule of the brand.
From the previous financial data released by LVMH, the price rise did not make it “lose powder”.
In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, the total revenue of LVMH decreased by 22% from 53.67 billion euros in 2019 to 44.65 billion euros, while the total revenue in 2021 was 64.22 billion euros, a year-on-year increase of 44%. It can be seen that the two price increases in 2020 have not affected consumers’ preference for luxury goods.
The increased unit price and revenue have greatly increased the group’s recurring operating profit and net profit. In 2021, the group’s recurring operating profit was 17.151 billion euros and its net profit was 12.698 billion euros; Year on year growth of 106.51% and 156.27% respectively in 2020.
Data source / lvmh2021 financial data
In the Asian region dominated by China, the preference for leather bags and fashion bracelets is particularly obvious. In the financial report, LVMH’s income from fashion and leather products in 2021 increased by 47% year-on-year compared with that in 2020, reaching 8.964 billion euros. Among them, Asia accounted for 41% of the total revenue of fashion and leather products, with a year-on-year increase of 53.17%.
Data source / lvmh2021 financial data
Lv’s new LV pont 9 handbag and its new Dior fashion product rose Dior were the sales leaders last year. The clerk of LV Beijing world trade store said that Lv’s classic Bracelet Idylle blossom series is also very popular among post-95 consumers.
These popular styles are simple, fashionable, versatile and casual, which are more in line with the aesthetics of generation Z. they are often “brushed” by young bloggers of xiaohongshu. The exposure of grass planting platforms and the increase in sales have proved that consumers have the purchasing power not affected by price fluctuations.
Indeed, price increases will also block out some people who tend to consume rationally.
For this part of the people who are affected by the price rise and reduce their purchases, Lai Yang said that the part of consumers who pay attention to cost performance after the price rise is not the main crowd of luxury goods. Regardless of price, generation Z, who pursues individuality and is willing to pay for fashion, is the main target of luxury strategy.
“Therefore, in the future, luxury goods need to accelerate the design of iterative exclusive models, increase social operations, grasp the young people’s psychology of sharing and impulsive consumption, and upgrade the offline shopping environment, so as to firmly grasp the young people who are willing to pay for fashion.”
“The price of luxury goods has risen again, this time Lv”, source: Sina Finance and economics;
Fashion intelligence LV joined the ranks of price rise, L’Oreal made a record profit last year, source: China first finance and economics;
Analysis of financial report | Hermes’s profit margin in the first half of the year is the highest in ten years, and it is difficult to “catch up” in the second half of the year. Source: surging news;
Grasp the change and invariance of generations, insight report on the digital trend of China’s luxury market, source: Tencent marketing insight & BCG;
New faces of luxury consumption in China, source: orvey data.
This article is from WeChat public No. ID:chaintruth, the official account of 36 krypton, and is released by the finance and economics studio.

Starbucks, the “coffee giant”, has been on the cusp of public opinion recently.
First, on February 14, the topic of “Starbucks customer service responded that the police were driven away from eating boxed lunch at the door” was posted on the microblog hot search, which aroused heated discussion among netizens; Two days later, on February 16, Starbucks made headlines again because of the price increase. According to the official app of Starbucks, the prices of many products, including American coffee and latte, were 1-2 yuan higher than before.
Starbucks was once known as the ancestor of the coffee industry. It has been in China for 23 years. It has more than 5000 stores in more than 200 cities across the country. China has become its second largest market in the world.
Starbucks store, picture / Starbucks China official microblog
However, the repeated negative social news and food safety problems have led many consumers to re-examine Starbucks. The coffee giant has slowly stepped down from the altar and lost its aura.
In addition, Starbucks has fallen into the situation of “surrounded by heroes” in China.
Before, Rui was lucky to save itself and rebirth, staged a reversal against the wind, and is becoming the most powerful challenger of Starbucks again. Later, new brands such as manner, m stand and three and a half tons rose rapidly with capital support. These local coffee brands attracted coffee users with accurate operation strategies, constantly introduced new products and flexible marketing methods, forming a trend of encirclement and suppression against Starbucks.
Starbucks’s “midlife crisis” has come.

Collapsed image of quality life

Since entering the Chinese market, Starbucks has always been bound with “high-end”. The high product price, unique coffee culture, atmosphere filled “third space”, coupled with the long-term publicity of the brand tone, have shaped the high-quality image of Starbucks in the eyes of consumers.
But today, the image of this quality of life is collapsing.
On February 13, a netizen tweeted that a Starbucks in Chongqing drove away the police who ate boxed lunch at the door and complained maliciously. In response, on the evening of February 14, Starbucks China issued a statement of apology through its official microblog. According to Starbucks China, at about 5 p.m. on February 13, four policemen came to the store, and the store arranged the policemen to eat in the outdoor guest area. Later, because other customers wanted to eat in the outdoor guest area, the store partner and the police involved caused communication misunderstandings due to improper words when coordinating seats.
Starbucks response, figure / Starbucks China official microblog
Subsequently, the incident continued to ferment on the social platform, and Starbucks’ response also caused a large number of netizens’ dissatisfaction. Some netizens said in the comment area that “this statement seems to be a misunderstanding? Not an apology”, “China can have no Starbucks, but not without the people’s police”. Some netizens Amway have set up other coffee brands, Some netizens expressed their dissatisfaction with Starbucks with practical actions. According to the boiling point video report, a local citizen found that someone in front of Starbucks sent white flowers and threw rotten eggs on the floor. When the cleaners wanted to clean, they were discouraged from cleaning.
On February 16, Starbucks ranked first on the hot search list due to the “price rise”. The prices of many products, including American coffee and latte, have increased by 1-2 yuan compared with the previous ones. Taking the American style most often purchased as an example, in Starbucks app, the price of large American style was 28 yuan, but now it has risen to 30 yuan. In this regard, Starbucks stakeholders said that the pricing was made after considering a number of factors such as operating costs. From February 16, 2022, Starbucks will slightly raise the prices of some drinks and food in its stores in mainland China.
It is worth noting that this is the second price increase of Starbucks in four months. The last time was in October 2021, and the price increase was mainly on the food side. Meanwhile, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said that due to inflation, rising labor costs and other factors, prices are expected to continue to rise in the coming months.
The price rise is superimposed with the public opinion crisis of “expelling the police”. No wonder consumers are targeting Starbucks. This is not the first time Starbucks has been deeply involved in the vortex of public opinion. Previously, Starbucks also caused many dissatisfaction due to the rejection of coins, food safety and other issues, which greatly reduced its corporate image.
In August 2020, an online blogger released a video in which the blogger planned to pay Starbucks orders with coins, which was rejected by store staff. The rejection of coins triggered a lot of heated discussion, pointing out that Starbucks was suspected of breaking the law. Subsequently, Starbucks China left a message in the comment area of the official wechat top article saying that there was no rule to reject coins and apologized for the poor experience of individual customers. However, at the bottom of the message, netizens said “this is really the most perfunctory explanation I have ever seen”.
In addition, at the end of last year, Starbucks was exposed to food safety problems such as using expired ingredients and selling overnight bread.
In December 2021, the Beijing News reported that when undercover in two Starbucks stores in Wuxi, they found the problem of touching the red line of food safety, including the expired use of a variety of ingredients. At the same time, the clerk would cover it up by tearing off or modifying the shelf life label; In addition, there are also problems in the store, such as wiping the trash can with the bar towel and continuing to sell overnight bread. In this regard, many netizens commented that “speechless, Starbucks uses expired raw materials for more than 30 cups?”.
Starbucks store, picture / Starbucks China official microblog
After events, the halo of Starbucks gradually faded. On the contrary, “arrogance” has become synonymous with Starbucks.
In the “2021 China Coffee online comment Mining Research Report” released by ncbd (food treasure Dictionary), Starbucks received as many as 56% of the bad comments in terms of services, of which “arrogance” appeared the most.
Obviously, the rising product prices, the “black history” of using expired food and the “arrogant” service attitude make the quality of Starbucks products completely inconsistent with the product image and high-end brand positioning, and are also wearing away the loyalty of consumers. Its carefully shaped image of quality life is gradually collapsing.

Starbucks is losing Chinese young people

Today, China is Starbucks’ second largest market in the world. According to the annual report of fiscal year 2021, the Chinese market contributes 12.7% of Starbucks’ global revenue, reaching US $3.69 billion. In the financial report, Starbucks specially stressed that “China is our fastest-growing market and our second largest market.”
For this reason, Starbucks closed its stores in other markets while opening stores in the Chinese market against the trend. The financial report shows that as of January 2, 2022, the number of Starbucks stores in the Chinese market has reached 5557 and is accelerating to enter more cities. In fiscal year 2022, Starbucks plans to have 6000 stores in China and 230 cities.
Behind the crazy expansion, Starbucks is trying to hold the world’s second-largest market, but to continue to stabilize its performance, Starbucks may face a more thorny problem - losing Chinese young people.
Figure / Starbucks China official microblog
On the one hand, Starbucks can dominate the global coffee industry by relying on classic products such as latte, cappuccino and furuibai. However, in recent years, it has not been able to capture the preferences of young consumers in terms of product innovation and marketing methods.
First of all, at the product level, Starbucks has no special hot models in new product research and development in recent years, and even has the situation of “rollover” of new products for many times. Up to now, the product that Starbucks can get out of the circle is xingbingle, which was launched many years ago.
In the summer of 2019, Starbucks launched eight “ice cream” series, but make complaints about the worst Starbucks. In the first half of 2020, Starbucks introduced other plant meat products such as lasagna and pasta through the concept of plant meat, but these products have also been blacklisted by many users. Even at the 50th anniversary of Starbucks in 2021, its new products are traditional classic series such as latte, cold extract and furuibai, without new actions.
On the contrary, Starbucks has been doing well around the brand. For example, in 2019, Starbucks launched the spring Limited “cat claw Cup”, and the price on the second-hand trading platform was even fried to nearly 1000 yuan. But it also inevitably raises questions, does this mean that Starbucks’ main business has begun to touch the ceiling?
On the other hand, with the upgrading of the demand of the new generation of consumers, the young consumer groups, the main force of consumption in the coffee market, have become more rational and mature, and gradually look at those once sought after foreign brands in a more objective way, including Starbucks, The younger generation of consumers have realized that Starbucks is only affordable coffee in many developed countries abroad, not “high-end” coffee.
If Starbucks was the only coffee choice for consumers in the past, then there are countless choices for consumers in today’s Chinese coffee market, and Starbucks is no longer the only one. According to the “Shanghai coffee consumption index” released by first finance and economics, Shanghai, as the main penetration place of coffee culture, has 6913 cafes, far more than New York, London and Tokyo. It is the city with the largest number of cafes in the world.
It can also be seen from the financial report data that the same store sales of Starbucks are continuing to decline. In the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2021, Starbucks’ same store sales in China decreased by 7%, while in the first quarter of fiscal year 2022, the decline expanded to 14%.
Most importantly, when young consumers are faced with a variety of coffee choices, the reference factors are no longer limited to the freshly ground coffee culture. Cost performance, personalization, convenience and quickness are all the needs of young people. No matter from which perspective, Starbucks is no longer the best choice for young people of this year.

New coffee players encircle Starbucks

Compared with Ruixing challenging Starbucks alone a few years ago, the competition in today’s coffee market is obviously more intense. Local coffee brands have sprung up, forming a trend of many new coffee players encircling Starbucks.
In 2021, the capital market accelerated the pace of investment in the coffee market, and the track is hot. Based on this, new coffee players are speeding up horse racing and enclosure.
According to the investment and financing data report of the five “new catering” tracks in 2021 released by qicha, the total amount of financing disclosure related to the domestic coffee industry was nearly 6 billion yuan in the first October of 2021. Popular brands such as sengine Yingji coffee, manner and M stand even got two or three rounds of financing in the first half of the year. In addition, there were three and a half, yongpu, algebraist New brands such as nowwa and Nova coffee are rising rapidly with the further boost of capital.
Overview of cash absorption of popular catering categories in October before 2021 / report on investment and financing data of five “new catering” tracks in 2021
In addition, many cross-border players are eyeing the coffee track. For example, China Post officially entered the coffee market. The post office coffee landed in Xiamen International Trade Building and officially opened on February 14.
All these make Starbucks face unprecedented challenges in China. More importantly, Ruixing is reborn through self-help and staged a reversal against the wind, and is becoming the most powerful Starbucks Challenger again.
At present, Starbucks has lost its proud throne of “the first number of stores”. As of January this year, Starbucks has 5557 stores, while Ruixing coffee has exceeded 5671 stores in the third quarter of 2021.
Secondly, Ruixing, who is good at using the Internet, is better than Starbucks in product innovation and marketing.
In order to meet the preferences of young consumers, Ruixing can create popular products repeatedly while maintaining the high-frequency update speed. In the internal letter released by Guo Jinyi, it was mentioned that in 2020, Ruixing launched 77 new ready-made drinks and 113 new ready-made drinks in 2021.
Among them, the “thick milk latte” launched in 2020 is regarded as the heaviest new product to save Ruixing coffee in the industry; The “raw coconut latte” launched in 2021 is even more difficult to find. According to the data released by Ruixing’s official wechat, the “raw coconut latte” has created a single month sales volume of raw coconut series products of more than 10 million cups in June, refreshing the sales record of Ruixing’s new products; On the basis of raw coconut latte, Ruixing further developed and launched the “velvet latte”. Only nine days after the launch, the sales volume exceeded 2.7 million cups, becoming another popular model.
Ruixing had a financial fraud crisis, which is its “pillar of shame”, but also forced it to live on its own blood. Therefore, in terms of marketing, Ruixing also works very hard to find the preferences of young people.
In the summer of 2021, lilushu was selected by Ruixing as the recommender of Ruixing ice coffee due to the fire of the talent show “Creation Camp 2021”, and launched the first cooperative advertising film “Ruixing yyds”. Ruixing used lilushu’s own social topic gene to play with topics such as “raw coconut latte never leaves work” and continued to market products.
Recently, Ruixing is betting on Zhonggu ailing. In the sports event of the Winter Olympic Games, Ruixing attracts countless eyes through marketing means. On February 8, Gu ailing won China’s third gold medal in the women’s Freestyle Ski platform diving final of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Ruixing immediately sent microblogging congratulations and launched a 4.8% discount coupon to invite users to “drink to the champion”. This wave of marketing has also won a good market response for Ruixing. Many customized products of Ruixing Gu ailing were once sold out. Drinking a cup of customized Ruixing of Gu ailing at one time has become a way for many netizens to celebrate.
In addition to Ruixing, the newly emerging concept of manner’s main boutique coffee is gradually moving from a 2 ㎡ small store in Shanghai to the whole country. Manner avoided the direct competition with Starbucks and other brands by choosing a location adjacent to Starbucks but at a lower price than Starbucks, attracted more heavy coffee users, and made manner succeed in breaking the circle among a number of coffee brands in a small but refined mode.
Manner coffee store, figure / manner coffee official microblog
More importantly, the small and refined manner has good revenue. According to public information, since the accelerated expansion in 2019, manner has become the fourth brand in the number of chain boutique coffee stores in China, and all stores are directly operated. According to latepost, an investor said that manner’s revenue in 2020 was 200-300 million yuan, with a net profit margin of more than 10%, of which all stores in Shanghai were profitable. Meanwhile, manner’s gross profit margin is more than 50%, which is similar to that of Starbucks.
With the rise of boutique coffee brands such as manner and M stand, Starbucks is losing ground step by step under the encirclement and suppression of domestic coffee brands through different playing methods. The coffee track is surging, and a new round of fierce battle is about to be staged. Can Starbucks still sit in the position of “big brother”?
(the first picture of this article comes from Starbucks China’s official microblog.)
This article is from WeChat official account, ID:yikecaijing, and is published by the 36 krypton.

According to techcrunch, Congo based start-up Jambo recently announced that it had raised $7.5 million in seed funds, including coinbase ventures, 3aC, Alameda research, tiger global, Delphi ventures, alliancedao, defiance capital, yield guild games, polygon studios, and some angel investors from Web3 ecosystem, For example, Sandeep nailwal, co-founder and CEO of polygon, Santiago r Santos, former parafi partner, do Kwon, co-founder and CEO of terrain labs and partners of Delphi digital piers kicks participated in this round of investment.
The picture is from the official website
The start-up company “Jambo” was founded in November 2021. They are committed to building “Web3 super application” in Africa and obtain income opportunities through the logic of “learning, playing and making money”. Some experts said that Southeast Asia has become one of the best markets of Web3, and Africa is about to be overturned by Web3. Startups such as axie infinity and yield guild games are located in Southeast Asia and have raised millions of dollars in venture capital. The combination of rapid population growth, stable smartphone penetration, increased adoption of cryptocurrency, low per capita GDP and high unemployment makes Africa the next mature place of Web3.
James Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Jambo, said that Jambo hopes to add millions of users to Web3 in Africa through its application. Similar to axie infinity and other guilds, users can only earn income when playing games in revenue sharing mode, while “Jambo” adopts a two-way approach, allowing its users to earn income when participating in web2 and Web3 activities.
For example, users can save data expenses when using “Jambo”. James Zhang explained that “Jambo” can get a discount of nearly 70% in cooperation with telecom suppliers and sell it directly to users at a discount of 50% of the original cost. “This is one of our main user acquisition strategies. We hope to double the call time and data of each African.”
Second, “Jambo” is working with social media companies, so users can earn tokens when viewing their content on their apps, which can be converted into cash income. “By working with these social media companies, we tokenize part of their advertising budget and provide it directly to end users,” James Zhang said.
In addition, James Zhang said that at present, there are no Web3 games from Africa that make money through games because of the lack of certain infrastructure. Jambo wants to build such infrastructure. Nevertheless, “Jambo” does not intend to take a share of users’ income. Instead, Jambo’s revenue will come from the web2 model - charging advertising fees and commissions by selling call time and data.
As the “gateway to Web3 in Africa”, James Zhang said that Jambo will test more than 10 games in the coming months to introduce its operation to users. “Education is at the heart of our work, because I don’t think there is a shortcut in Africa. You have to educate the user base before you can consider making a profit at the end of the day or start acquiring users again, which is why we launch education courses on Web3,” he said.
The picture is from the official website
“Every component in our super app is actually designed to help ordinary people make money, such as watching videos to make money and save data expenses. So ideally, within three to six months after our app goes online, ordinary people can make $50 a month by playing axie infinity and another $20 a month by watching videos.”
“Jambo” is expected to release its beta version in the second quarter and officially launch in the third quarter. “What wechat has done in China,” Jambo “will also do in Africa. We are also pleased to support this a + team to become a Web3 super application on the African continent,” Web3 investor and former parafi partner Santiago r Santos said in a statement.

Wen Silai yuan
Editor Su Jianxun
On February 21, Huawei released the latest wireless product solutions, mainly for operators, providing TDD third-generation massive MIMO products and FDD ultra wideband multi antenna series.
The so-called TDD (time division duplex) and FDD (frequency division duplex) refer to different information transmission modes. Huawei’s products released this time cover two modes, which will cooperate and eventually move towards “multiple frequencies and one network”.
Compared with the past, the third generation products can be configured with lower transmission power, reduce energy consumption by about 30%, and have a wider coverage. On the other hand, compared with the second generation products, the antenna array is nearly twice as many and the signal is stronger. The commercial FDD massive MIMO released by Huawei this time can increase the 4G network capacity by three times. If it is upgraded to 5g, the capacity can be increased by five times.
They also launched corresponding solutions for residential areas, urban hotspots and other scenes, which can be deployed by operators in a minimalist manner. This is also the only distributed m-mimo (large-scale multiple input and output technology) in the industry. Compared with 4t4r (four transmitting antennas and four receiving antennas), this scheme has a four times increase in network capacity, mainly for the demand of 5g in indoor scenes such as railway stations and shopping malls.
Operators have always wanted to have more products with large bandwidth and multiple antennas. Huawei has always been the industry leader in this technology. For a long time, mobile phones accounted for the majority of Huawei’s revenue. Now, operators and enterprise businesses will become the main body again.
According to Huawei’s financial report for the first half of 2021, in the first half of last year, Huawei’s consumer business fell 47% year-on-year, operator business fell 14.2% year-on-year, and enterprise business including Huawei cloud increased 18.2% year-on-year. It can be expected that compared with the steep decline of consumer business, operator business and enterprise business will become the key in the future.
Of course, the business of Huawei operators is also under pressure. Huawei 5g equipment has been abandoned in Europe. However, compared with mobile phone business, the decline of operator business will be relatively slow.
However, Huawei obviously continues to invest in 5g technology research and development. The products released this time also represent that Huawei will not give up 5g dividends. The next generation communication network is far from universal. At this time window, Huawei also hopes to build a deeper moat.

This winter Olympics is not only a feast of sports, but also a feast of science and technology. The application of 5g, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies fully demonstrates the power of science and technology and the concept of innovation. It is reported that a total of 212 technologies have been applied in the Beijing Winter Olympics, involving more than 60 subdivided application scenarios, of which 4 technologies are launched for the first time in the world and 33 technologies are used for the first time in the Winter Olympics.
Behind the opening and closing ceremonies and Winter Olympic competition facilities that amaze the world, it is inseparable from the technical support of many domestic science and technology enterprises. According to statistics, more than 70 enterprises have contributed to the Winter Olympics, including the opening ceremony, competition clothes, playground and so on.
In this article, the Hong Kong stock research society makes an inventory of the technical leaders behind the “black technology” of the Winter Olympics.

Hard core technology helps visual feast

First of all, one highlight of this year’s Winter Olympics is the “main torch”.
The seemingly simple torch has many scientific and technological elements behind it. The outer streamer, inner streamer and combustion system are jointly tackled by Aerospace Science and technology group, Harbin Institute of technology and Hart, printed by 3D technology, and assembled after post polishing.
The main torch uses hydrogen with green environmental protection and good flammability as fuel, realizing zero carbon emission of the torch in the history of the Winter Olympic Games. It has been burning over the bird’s nest from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony. Meijin energy, power source and Haohua technology are the main suppliers of hydrogen energy for the Winter Olympics.
In addition to the main torch, the special effects at the opening and closing ceremonies are also impressive.
At the closing ceremony, along with the melody of “me and you”, the five dreamy rings of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games rose slowly and intersected with the snowflake torch platform to connect the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games in an innovative way to commemorate the “double Olympic moment”.
In the classic song “farewell”, 80 dancers walked slowly into the entrance. With the steps of the dancers, a picture of weeping willows gradually appeared. In the center of the site, countless green beams pass through the snowflake torch platform and reach the sky to form a big tree composed of beams.
According to Wang zhiou, visual effect director of the opening ceremony, in order to achieve realistic ice and snow effects, the opening and closing ceremonies use real-time capture, naked eye 3D, computer animation (CG), augmented reality (AR) and other technologies, which can be said to be a huge and complex digital innovation project.
In the fancy skills of the opening and closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, the LED large screen is indispensable. With a total area of 11626 square meters, the Winter Olympics led stage is currently the largest LED stage in the world.
The ground screen is jointly manufactured by listed companies lyade, BOE and Zhouming technology. Lyade provides more than 7000 square meters (the central part of the ground screen), and BOE and Zhouming technology provide about 4500 square meters (the semi arc parts on both sides of the ground screen). Among them, liad also undertook many LED display projects such as ice waterfall, ice cube, grandstand and playback system at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.
In addition, in order to show the shocking light and shadow effect, the “true laser” display technology developed by Hangzhou Zhongke aurora is also adopted. This technology takes three primary color laser as the light source, and is the only display technology that can fully realize the latest international standard of bt.2020.
At the same time, in order to make the audience in front of the screen of more electronic devices better enjoy the Winter Olympics. Based on the 5g SA network of China Unicom, the 5g broadcasting equipment of the Olympic Broadcasting Service Company (OBS) Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony has realized the full scene mobile video live broadcast on the dedicated bearer channel, presenting the high-definition full scene of the Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony.
Before the opening ceremony, China Unicom specially designed for the “bird’s nest” and carefully created a 5g SA network with 300MHz bandwidth and full coverage without dead corners. During the opening ceremony, “bird’s nest” achieved the fastest rate of 1.5gbps downlink and 500mbps uplink, making the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games the largest and fastest network bandwidth in the history of the Olympic Games.
At the same time, the Winter Olympics also conducted a comprehensive cloud operation for the first time. According to the official microblog of the International Olympic Committee, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be broadcast globally through Alibaba cloud. The Beijing Winter Olympic Games will last about 1000 hours. The total production of broadcast content will reach 6000 hours, and will be broadcast in 4K Ultra HD format for the first time. Some important events will also be broadcast in 8K format.
This is another major technological progress since the satellite TV broadcasting of the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games began. Olympic Broadcasting can reach billions of audiences around the world through the Olympic Broadcasting cloud supported by Alibaba cloud.

The most special “person”

In the Winter Olympics, in addition to Gu ailing, Su Yiming and other sports stars, some special “people” participated in the whole process, which was popular.
For example, a 22-year-old Beijing girl “Dongdong” served as the publicity official of Alibaba digital Winter Olympics.
In fact, she is a real-time virtual digital person driven by artificial intelligence. Backed by Ali artificial intelligence technology, she has real-life facial expressions and body movements, and has first-class delivery ability.
In addition to winter and winter, there is also a “anchor” with a higher appearance rate. She is the first AI sign language anchor to be built by Baidu Intelligent Cloud Xi Ling digital human platform. At the current Olympic Games, she served as the virtual anchor of CCTV news AI sign language, reporting the news of the Winter Olympic Games and broadcasting the event sign language live.
CCTV news AI sign language anchor appeared in the Winter Olympics. Compared with real people, she may have the hand speed of “fire shadow knot fingerprint”. Some netizens commented: “Mr. Zhu has found a sign language anchor who can fight in the first World War”.
Baidu intelligent cloud has built a large scale sign language action library, and has refined nearly 10 thousand sign language actions. The accuracy of the AI sign language anchors is 98.5%, which makes AI professional ability not lose the real person.
With the development of science and technology, virtual digital human has attracted more and more attention. Li Shiyan, head of Baidu Intelligent Cloud AI Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory, believes that the number of people has not yet reached the scale industry, because digital human production technology threshold is high, the cycle is long, and the cost is high.
The Winter Olympics is a carnival feast for many digital people enterprises, but when digital people can be fully commercialized may need more waiting.
In addition to the virtual digital human, this winter Olympics, from smart venue construction to service guarantee, artificial intelligence and robot technology are widely used.
For example, on the first day of the torch relay of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the underwater robot held the torch tightly at the mouth of the ice cave with a mechanical arm, approached the amphibious robot, and completed the relay within 10 seconds.
In addition, the disinfection and cleaning robot is responsible for cleaning and disinfection to help the epidemic prevention in the competition area.
Epidemic prevention robots, guidance robots, logistics robots, cooking robots and other intelligent robots have made great contributions to the whole Olympic Games, and people look forward to their application in life.

Winter Olympics “support group”

At the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Chinese athletes won 9 gold medals through hard work. The smooth progress of the fierce competition is also inseparable from the support of a large number of technology companies inside and outside the stadium.
First of all, when it comes to the game, we should mention sportswear. The official Winter Olympics uniforms and equipment are provided by Anta. In order to help all participants keep warm from the cold, Anta used two self-developed fabric technologies - hot technology and waterproof and moisture permeable technology.
By locking the heat, blazing technology can effectively prevent the loss of heat from the human body. High quality innovative materials and rigorous technology can achieve super warmth in the severe cold environment. Among them, the three-dimensional thermal insulation material poly thermal cotton has the performance of light and heat storage, and the blocking effect of heat loss is increased by about 20%. It can rise in temperature instantly and store heat efficiently. The use of far-infrared graphene material can significantly improve the far-infrared irradiation temperature rise, more than double the national standard.
In addition, super down is attached with a nano protective layer, which is waterproof and moisture-proof. At the same time, it increases the fluffy degree by 30% compared with ordinary down, so as to give better play to the long-term thermal effect of down and super warm.
Secondly, in terms of venue energy supply, the wind energy from Zhangbei, Hebei Province was transmitted to the three competition areas and 26 venues of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, realizing 100% green power supply for the first time in history. Shuguang computing power, as the “wind protection messenger” behind it, uses the new generation of domestic computing platform of Shuguang to provide computing power for Zhangbei power.
Dawning’s new generation of domestic computing platform provides a total of large-scale computing support services in fields such as wind, solar and electric power, making it possible for green energy to be more widely used, and has good development prospects under the goal of “double carbon”.
Back on the field, in order to ensure the smooth holding of the Winter Olympic Games, China Unicom launched 5g smart ambulance.
Its emergence has realized the continuous, real-time and multi-party cooperative remote first aid of “Winter Olympic site emergency vehicle support hospital”. In short, the medical staff on the ambulance can return the relevant data and information in the vehicle to the emergency center in real time through the 5g network in the vehicle. Hospital experts can see a doctor remotely through ultra-high definition video to achieve remote guidance and other measures.
Finally, as the official ticketing service partner of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, barley has achieved the goal of fully realizing the digital operation of ticketing.
On the eve of the closing ceremony, Timo Rumei, director of the television broadcasting and market development department of the IOC, who is responsible for Olympic ticketing affairs, said that the Beijing Winter Olympic ticketing system is the first digital ticketing system in Olympic history.
According to the Hong Kong Stock Research Institute, the system is based on cloud computing and digital technology, adopts Cloud Architecture, supports the cross regional deployment of Alibaba cloud’s global network, and can accommodate tens of millions of users online in real time. At the same time, the Olympic smart ticketing system is connected with the cloud computing power at a high speed, which can transmit and calculate in real time, and support the digital operation of multiple scenes such as cross seat drawing, automatic seat allocation and intelligent report. The service efficiency is five times higher than that of the traditional ticketing system.


The Winter Olympics can be held smoothly, and the supporting lineup behind it can be described as “a gathering of stars”.
In addition to the above companies, there are more enterprises that provide relevant services and facilities for the Winter Olympic Games. For example, smart bed supplier Qisheng technology provides “weightless bed”; Dafeng Industrial Company provides competition intelligent system integration and overall solutions for sports venues related to the Winter Olympic Games; Nanshan Zhishang company participated in the design of Winter Olympics cold proof clothing and multi-functional clothing; Jinhyundai company participated in the construction of Beijing Winter Olympic power operation support command platform project.
At the just concluded 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, we saw the application of a large number of cutting-edge technologies. Enjoy the “most scientific and technological” Winter Olympics.
Many enterprises providing technical support behind the Olympic Games have demonstrated their strong scientific and technological strength.
Perhaps in the near future, whether it is “people” such as virtual digital people and intelligent robots, or 5g, cloud computing and other related technologies, after leaving the Olympic stage, they will eventually become meta universe games, holographic projection conferences, virtual digital people anchors and so on into our daily life.
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The current situation of Haidilao fully shows that “opportunity” can also become a crisis.

Huge loss

“The current bitter fruit can only be swallowed by ourselves”. On November 5, 2021, Haidilao released the store closure plan and the “woodpecker plan”, how big is the expansion “bitter fruit”? At present, this “bitter fruit” is enough to make it return to before liberation and return the total net profit of the company in the three years before listing to zero.
On the morning of February 21, Haidilao issued a profit warning, saying that compared with the net profit of 309 million yuan in 2020, it is expected to have a net loss of 3.8 billion yuan to 4.5 billion yuan in 2021; At the same time, the revenue in 2021 is expected to exceed 40 billion yuan, an increase of more than 40% compared with the revenue of about 28.6 billion yuan in 2020.
This is the first annual loss of Haidilao since its listing in 2018. Affected by this announcement, Haidilao’s share price fell by 5.54% on the same day and closed at HK $19.08, a decrease of nearly 80% compared with the high of HK $85.80 in February last year, and the market value evaporated by about HK $350 billion.
For the gap between revenue and net profit, Haidilao said in its announcement that it was mainly caused by two reasons:
First, the one-time loss and impairment loss on the disposal of long-term assets caused by the closure of more than 300 restaurants and the decline of restaurant operating performance in 2021 totaled about RMB 3.3 billion to RMB 3.9 billion;
Second, the impact of global continuous changes and repeated epidemics, the rapid expansion of store network in 2020 and 2021 and the company’s internal management problems on the operation of Haidilao restaurant; Especially in the second half of 2021, the operation of Haidilao restaurant was significantly affected by the global regional epidemic outbreak and public health control measures, and its operating performance decreased compared with the second half of 2020. Overseas stores also experienced increased losses in 2021.
Although the impact of the epidemic has been mentioned many times in the announcement, it can be seen that the main cause of the performance loss of Haidilao is strategic error. In the first half of 2020, affected by the strictest epidemic situation and control, Haidilao lost 965 million yuan in net profit. After the recovery in the second half of the year, it turned loss into profit and gained 309 million yuan in net profit for the whole year. With the further relaxation of domestic epidemic control, if we follow the normal rhythm, the net profit in 2021 will increase on the basis of at least 309 million yuan. Why is there a serious loss?
The problem lies in contrarian expansion. Blind self-confidence, misjudgment of the epidemic situation, coupled with the temptation of preferential rent policies for shopping malls and properties, Haidilao “went against the trend and opened 544 new stores and restaurants when its performance was greatly impacted by the epidemic in 2020; In the first half of 2021, it continued to implement the aggressive expansion strategy and opened 299 stores. As of June 30, 2021, the total number of global stores of Haidilao was 1597.
The expansion of stores brought about a significant increase in costs and expenses, but the turnover rate and the average daily sales of the same store decreased one after another, and the company increased revenue without increasing profits. After realizing the problem, Haidilao decided to slow down and put a sharp brake on it, closing 300 stores in succession in the second half of the year. Between opening and closing, the impact is not just the change in the number of stores. The one-time loss and impairment loss are as high as about 3.3 billion yuan to 3.9 billion yuan, accounting for 87% of the total estimated loss in 2021.
It is worth mentioning that in the first half of 2021, Haidilao also obtained a net profit of 94.529 million yuan, that is, the estimated loss of 3.8-4.5 billion yuan was generated in the second half of the year.
Compared with its previous financial reports, from 2018 to 2020, Haidilao’s net profits were 1.646 billion yuan, 2.345 billion yuan and 309 million yuan respectively, with a total of about 4.3 billion yuan. It can be said that once it returned to before liberation, it lost the net profits of the three years before listing in half a year. It has to be said that Haidilao’s adverse expansion had a “bad effect”.


In order to stop the loss in time, Haidilao adopted the strategy of “breaking the arm to stop bleeding”, launched the “woodpecker plan” on November 5, 2021, and closed more than 300 stores with poor performance before December 31, 2021, some of which are “suspended”, and will wait for the opportunity to reopen in the future, with a rest cycle of no more than two years; Rebuild and strengthen some functional departments and restore the regional management system; Timely shrink the group’s business expansion plan. If the average turnover rate of the group’s restaurant is lower than 4 times a day, in principle, new Haidilao restaurant will not be opened on a large scale.
Comparing the financial report data of four years after listing, we can see that the turnover rate of Haidilao is not ideal: in the first half of 2021, the turnover rate of Haidilao is three times a day, and from 2018 to 2020, the turnover rate is five times a day, 4.8 times a day and 3.5 times a day respectively, which has decreased for four consecutive years. The “woodpecker plan” refers to no less than four times a day, which means that it is difficult to return to the level before the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 in the short term.
While Haidilao squatted down to “tie their shoelaces”, houlang changed the slow pace in the past and accelerated the pace of expansion. Among them, Guangdong style hotpot Laowang and Seafood Hotpot Qixin tianxiangji submitted prospectuses to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in September 2021 and January 2022, intending to compete for the “third share of Hong Kong stock hotpot”. Both sides put forward ambitious expansion plans in the prospectus. According to the prospectus, as of the third quarter of 2021, the number of Qixin Tianmen stores was 250, and it is planned to open another 300 new stores in the three years from 2022 to 2024; At present, Laowang, which has less than 200 self operated stores, will also usher in a high outbreak period of stores, and plans to open 227 new stores in the next three years.
At the same time, like Haidilao, Banu Maodu hot pot, which belongs to Sichuan hot pot and is also positioned as a high-end hot pot, won a large amount of financing of more than 500 million yuan in June 2021, followed by Chongqing hot pot brand “elder martial brother Zhou” and elder sister Pei hot pot. Although there is still a certain gap between the above brands and Haidilao in terms of volume and brand value, with the blessing of capital, they are eroding Haidilao’s market share and diluting its advantages.
Among them, Banu was a “follower” of Haidilao in its early days. Later, it occupied a place in the field of high-end hot pot with its own product and service advantages. At present, there are only about 85 Direct stores in China, and the customer unit price is dozens of yuan higher than Haidilao, but the grand situation of queuing in its stores in various cities is very similar to Haidilao in its early years, and its prospect is also optimistic by the industry.
According to Shen Boyuan, a consumer consulting expert, it is necessary for Haidilao to stop and rest at this time. The implementation of the “woodpecker plan” is correct and necessary. He said: “at present, the hot pot market still has a certain growth space, and Sichuan hot pot is one of the most popular categories. Haidilao is still the first leading brand. The top priority is to revitalize its own service advantages and improve its internal management level. As long as it operates lean, there is still a great opportunity to regain the market.”
Of course, the operation of any enterprise is not smooth sailing. Many successful chain catering brands have experienced crises, and each crisis is a turnaround to a certain extent. Successful resolution will be a qualitative leap for enterprises.
After nearly 20 years of development, Haidilao has established a mature supply chain, products, management service system and brand value. These core assets give it the ability of sustainable development and are a solid guarantee for its breaking journey. It will take some time to verify whether the “woodpecker plan” can finally get Haidilao out of the dilemma and return to the peak. We might as well be more patient.
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