Create an innovative digital brand management mode exclusively, and ceshang SDG completed a + round of financing of RMB 100 million

36 krypton learned that the digital brand marketing management group “ceshang SDG” has completed the a + round of financing and obtained 100 million yuan (⺠); Bocom overseas Chinese digital economy foundation ⾦ lead investment, electroacoustic shares, shareholders sig Haina Asia venture capital foundation ⾦ and Tiantu investment follow investment. This round of investment will mainly focus on the R & D investment in the brand marketing expansion and red (traffic management center of seshan group.
Cezanne, who was born in 2016, has a precise sense of brand marketing trends. Taking advantage of the “red book”, “shake” and other platforms, Cezanne provides 0-1, 1-100 quality and efficiency services for the brand with the help of the “red book” flow economy. In 19 years, the company expanded its business territory and upgraded to a digital brand marketing management group. The business module is divided into brand traffic service and “main brand management” (its cosmetics brand out-of-office and knitting brand ⽺ weave).
By virtue of the red persimmon management platform developed by the company, seshan has become the behind the scenes operation of more than 500 well-known brands and enterprises in successfully emerging from the circle and incubating explosive products on community platforms such as red book and shake. Customers are involved in luxury products, FMCG, beauty makeup, 3C and other industry tracks, across domestic and foreign giant groups such as P & G, fuerjia, fuerping, LVMH, Lifeng and so on.
Popular backstage of Naoshi platform
“Minimum base investment” and “leveraging the most benefit transformation” are not only the results of the feedback of service experience and marketing data, but also the advantages of ceshang’s accurate consumer insight. “The products of the brand determine the revenue curve, while the digital operation of the core dominates the profit efficiency”. This is the cognition of CEO Jennifer of Cezanne and the scale of Cezanne brand incubation.
At the end of 2019, the brand out-of-office (hereinafter referred to as ooo) became the first brand in China. Based on the understanding of the data of the households and the bottom of the beauty track, it developed the light and shadow CP of the repair category. In the two years after the impact of the epidemic, with the continuous growth of the accurate flow model, the marketing volume of the brand exceeded 100 million yuan in the first year, with an increase of 800% in the same year, and the revenue (efficiency) reached 5 million +, It has achieved ⾼ efficiency ⾼ revenue in the fierce Red Sea track of beauty makeup, ranking the top three among many domestic cosmetics on platforms such as Shuo ⾳ and tmall.
⾃ brand out-of-office
At the end of 2021, ooo began to try to develop offline makeup scene service business, and has completed the opening of ⾸ offline stores. Shops do not provide retail services, but also provide corresponding beauty services and teaching for consumers, and should expand to the whole country. In the future, ooo will become a national professional makeup brand with more complete experience from the private domain created by brands and consumers.
Own brand ooo
In 2022, in addition to continuing to cultivate out-of-office, the incubation of two new brands 0-1 in Cezanne’s multi category brand matrix has been put on the process, and the “woven road”, a knitted clothing brand that has successfully broken the ice, has accelerated the start of “standard product” in the blue ocean of customer unit price. The scale of investment ⾍ 12.23 million yuan, only completed.
It is understood that in 2022, Cezanne has completed the acquisition of the popular Y2K fashion brand tingcccai and will launch the exquisite men’s personal care brand Yanlu ⼰. Cezanne will complete the integrated management of these brands through the middle stage of brand operation technology developed by Cezanne, including media delivery, sales channels and supply chain management, so as to enable Cezanne to have a brand and continuously deepen the market from the three aspects of flow, resources and management.

Investors said

Bocom overseas Chinese digital economy foundation is jointly established by bocom capital and overseas Chinese Bank of Singapore, Guo Yanni, the partner in charge: “when the brand in the market is still in the effect of involution, Cezanne’s blade has begun to analyze ‘efficiency’. Their comprehensive marketing and data precipitation can improve the efficiency and success rate of the brand, reflecting the Zhuoyue capital efficiency far exceeding that of changduo new consumer brands. This is also the bottom and trust of future capital investment and new consumer brands.”
Dalton, founder of electroacoustic Co., Ltd. “Cezanne represents a” super product marketing chain “for the incubation and rise of new consumer brands. In the future, such institutions will be the strong engine to maintain the brand market, double the marketing efficiency of new products breaking the ice and increasing the brand, and shorten the long-distance run of brand value promotion.”