Trump's social media, truth social, was paralyzed as soon as it went public

Truth social, a social media company founded by former US President trump, officially launched in Apple’s App Store late Sunday. From the software interface released by users, the user interface style of truth social is very similar to that of twitter. The bottom bar has four functions: information flow, search, private message and message. In the personal page, there are three dynamic categories: truth, truth and reply, and media, which correspond to Twitter’s tweets, tweets, replies, and media respectively.
From the pictures released by netizens, we can see that the number of registered people exceeded 100000 shortly after the opening of download. One night later, on Monday morning, the app surpassed HBO max, tiktok, youtube, instagram and Facebook to become the top 1 app download in Apple store. However, truth social encountered difficulties on the release date. Some users were unable to register, and some users received error messages. But for others who subscribe to the app, it will be automatically downloaded to their Apple device.
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Trump uses the platform as a substitute for social media giants twitter (Code: TWTR), Facebook (Code: FB) and Youtube (GOOG, Googl). On January 6, 2021, Trump’s Twitter, Facebook and tubing accounts were permanently blocked after Trump’s supporters caused riots in the US Capitol.
Trump media and Technology Group (tmtg), the venture capital company behind truth social, is led by Devon Nunes, a former Republican congressman in the United States. Nunes said on February 20: “our goal is to fully operate in the United States at least by the end of March. I think we can achieve this goal.”
Although the source of funds of the company is unclear, tmtg plans to be listed in New York through merger with spac digital world acquisition (Code: dwac). Upon completion of the transaction, it will receive $293 million in cash held by dwac in the trust, less any shareholder redemption. Last December, tmtg also raised $1 billion in committed financing from private investors, which will be put into use after the completion of the dwac transaction.
As part of the partnership signed in December, rumble will provide video and streaming services to true social. Rumble has always been regarded as a substitute for Google’s YouTube. Rumble’s investors include famous conservative venture capitalists J.D. Vance and Peter Thiel.
Truth social can only be used on Apple’s IOS system. Users in the UK and other countries are told that they cannot use the app in their region.
The logo of this application has also attracted the attention of trail, a small sustainable transportation company in the UK, which is investigating the similarities between the brand of truth social and its own brand.
A spokesman for the UK company said by email: “trail has no affiliation or contact with the truth social website. We are now seeking legal advice on the next steps to protect our brand“
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