The business of cross-border e-commerce is becoming more and more lively.
Recently, the official website of damonstudio, a cross-border women’s clothing independent station under byte beat, announced that damonstudio will stop operation from February 11, 2022. At this time, it is only more than three months since its domain name registration.
Damonstudio was founded against sheen, which has become a model for Internet giants to emulate since the cross-border e-commerce Unicorn sheen became popular all over the world. In addition, the company also expanded tiktok’s e-commerce team on a large scale in 2021, and launched the Independent E-commerce application Fanno overseas.
The overseas e-commerce road of byte beating reveals uncertainty and needs to continue to wait and see. However, during the same period when dmonstudio announced its shutdown, more players were eager to try.
On February 15, according to Xinyan finance, wechat recently tested a cross-border e-commerce applet “cloud shopping around the world” to try to connect overseas businesses with wechat users; On February 16, Reuters reported that sheen is actively expanding its Singapore office and has changed its actual holding company to Singapore company roadget business PTE.
After more than ten years of development, the hot land of cross-border e-commerce has gathered Internet giants such as Alibaba, jd.com and byte beat, giving birth to unicorns, listed enterprises and countless hot money.
Favorable policies are introduced frequently. Since the Announcement No. 56 and 57 issued by the General Administration of Customs in 2014, the support of national and industrial policies has been increasing in the next few years.
At the beginning of 2022, cross-border e-commerce ushered in good news again - 27 new cross-border pilot zones will be established across the country, and the policy dividends will continue to be released.
However, with the support of all parties, the cross-border e-commerce field has not ushered in players who break through the siege. It was not until the birth of sheen in recent two years that a player who could tear a hole in the territory of e-commerce giant Amazon really appeared.
At the same time, in 2022, the rising cost of raw materials and the reduction of logistics efficiency of cross-border e-commerce continue. In the United States, India and other places, players will still be seriously affected by geography.
On February 18, the list of “notorious markets” in the United States involved a large number of domestic enterprises, of which express was included for the first time.
How to eat the trillion cake of cross-border e-commerce in 2022?

01 after ten years at sea, the market is still savage

Internet giants’ exploration of cross-border e-commerce can be traced back to more than a decade ago.
At that time, with the gradual saturation of the domestic e-commerce industry, Internet giants invariably turned their attention to overseas markets.
Ali founded the online wholesale trading platform for the global market - Express in 2010, and wholly acquired American Vendio company to connect with express; JD’s cross-border exploration began in 2011, successively opening JD English station, Russian station and Spanish station to enter the overseas e-commerce market.
Before Alibaba founded express, domestic cross-border e-commerce experienced early development and realized a complete online transaction chain of transaction, payment and logistics. Lanting Jishi, Milan and other well-known cross-border e-commerce platforms have sprung up.
Lanting Jishi sells by self built stations, which is very similar to the independent station mode promoted later, while the opposite is the platform mode. The platform does not participate in the purchase and sales of goods, but the medium of transaction.
Lanting Jishi was listed in US stocks as early as 2013 and became the “first share of China’s cross-border e-commerce”. At that time, the development focus of most Chinese e-commerce enterprises was still at home, and the overseas e-commerce businesses of Alibaba and JD were also challenged.
In 2012, when Jingdong English station went online, Shi Tao, vice president of Jingdong Mall, once announced that it would achieve $100 million in Jingdong’s overseas business within three years, but after three years, Jingdong English station still didn’t improve. In the same period, Alibaba express was busy with the transformation, officially turning from C2C to B2C.
In the vast overseas, there is not much room for the development of Chinese enterprises. In 2009, the Sino US trade conflict began to take shape. In contrast, the European market has a relatively stable political environment and high consumption capacity, which is suitable for Chinese enterprises to achieve the goal of going to sea. This year, Lanting Jishi began to launch European sites, and a large number of enterprises began to pour into Europe. However, it is worth noting that at that time, high-end consumer markets such as Europe and the United States were mostly controlled by head players such as Amazon.
Chinese enterprises can only avoid the sharp edge of leading players such as Amazon and open up emerging markets in countries such as Russia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.
In recent years, cross-border e-commerce has flourished. According to Analysys data, the proportion of cross-border e-commerce in total foreign trade has increased year by year, from 15.71% in 2017 to 22.03% in October 2021. From January to October 2021, the scale of cross-border e-commerce industry reached 6.98 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.47%.
However, although the cross-border e-commerce industry has experienced a dividend period of rapid development and an elimination period of fierce competition in the past decade, the market is still savage.
For a long time, the services of those platforms that seem to be successful are not mature. The distribution timeliness of overseas e-commerce was once very backward. Sellers were used to “selling winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter”.
It was not until recent years that Chinese e-commerce enterprises began to expand their business scope. Expand from overseas warehouses and third-party warehouses to self owned logistics networks and cross-border e-commerce industrial parks, rather than focusing on online sites as in the early days. The delivery time has increased from 72 hours to less in some cities.
The multinational home-based restrictions under the influence of the epidemic in 2020 once led to the outbreak of online sales. However, after 2021, behind a series of events such as “one container is difficult to find” of port containers, cross-border e-commerce has experienced the phenomenon of rising costs of logistics, raw materials and tariffs, difficulties in customs clearance and inspection, and reduced logistics efficiency. The difficult situation of small and medium-sized sellers has also slowed down the growth of the platform.
Geopolitical influence is also intensifying. On February 18, the list of “notorious markets” in the United States involved a large number of domestic enterprises. In addition to including express for the first time, Dunhuang, a cross-border e-commerce platform, was “named” again this year. The impact is not limited to the United States. There have been media reports that Ali’s international business in India is still shrinking.
After a long time of model exploration, the road of overseas e-commerce of giants is still difficult and far from reaching the harvest period.

02 “second spring” of independent station mode

Independent station is nothing new, but it still rises rapidly in 2020 and continues to be hot in 2022, attracting giants and capital to bet.
Sheen, which started in Ningbo, became a blockbuster and became the most installed shopping app in the United States by surpassing Amazon. The rise of sheen is inseparable from its flexible supply chain system, social media marketing ability and China’s tax relief for cross-border e-commerce.
It is worth noting that sheen is an independent ecological station.
According to Bloomberg, sheen achieved $10 billion in sales in 2020, a year-on-year increase of more than 250%. In this ecosystem, only one of them can achieve an annual revenue of 10 billion US dollars.
It means that the ecological station has not been completely reclaimed, which also means that it has not been completely reclaimed.
The rise of independent stations is closely related to the progress of SaaS station building system technology. The construction threshold and cost of the website are reduced, so that sellers can realize the most basic website construction for thousands of yuan. By selecting more third-party plug-in services, sellers can also obtain services at a low cost.
This year, the field of cross-border e-commerce SaaS is still developing rapidly. In January 2022, JD group announced its cooperation with Shopify. JD will open a commodity pool based on JD supply chain network for Shopify global merchants through DTC independent station. It can be seen that SaaS tools support cross-border e-commerce platforms. In the same month, the global e-commerce independent station SaaS platform shopkeeper technology announced that it had completed a C1 round of financing with a total amount of US $150 million, which was led by Softbank vision phase II fund. In the past two years, cross-border e-commerce SaaS service providers have also continued to be hot.
Compared with the threshold and cost, what can attract sellers more is the private domain traffic created by independent stations. At present, mainstream platforms such as Amazon and express are gradually crowded, with fierce competition among sellers, difficult access to public domain traffic and high cost.
A large number of cross-border e-commerce platforms are attacking cities and territories with the main low price strategy, which also leads to the pressure on their revenue and profits. When they encounter market changes, these platforms are also the first to be affected. Last November, vova, known as “European pinduoduo”, encountered tens of thousands of sellers to protect their rights because of “running away”.
For sellers, independent stations still have dividends, which is more likely to give birth to the story of “sudden wealth”.
Overseas short video social platforms can also guide these sites. In particular, the rise of new traffic platforms such as tiktok has increased the traffic channels of overseas sellers.
However, these traffic platforms may also have their own “ideas”. From tiktok e-commerce to dmonstudio and Fanno, we have never given up the business of cross-border e-commerce. At the end of last year, Zhang Yiming mentioned in his internal objectives that further exploration will be focused on three new business directions in 2021, including cross-border e-commerce.
Not only tiktok, Facebook’s exploration in the field of e-commerce has never stopped. When social media starts to make e-commerce layout, with strong users as the basis of e-commerce business, it is difficult for those independent station players not to have a sense of crisis.
No one can predict whether the independent station is the end of cross-border e-commerce or just a small stone to the market. The development of independent station mode still needs to wait and see.

03 where will cross-border e-commerce go in the future?

Chinese players want to attack the cross-border e-commerce market. Their biggest opponents are not only Amazon and other players who occupy the market, but also the dramatically changing overseas market environment. How to overcome obstacles and win overseas is still a difficult problem.
The rapid development of live e-commerce overseas has shown players a new way.
The development of overseas live broadcast e-commerce is relatively late. In 2019, Amazon launched the live broadcast function. Last year, social platforms such as Facebook and instagram launched live delivery. This year, Amazon and other e-commerce giants, Facebook and other social media are still overweight live e-commerce.
As the market is still in its infancy, the development of live e-commerce business of local giants is also relatively slow, which is the opportunity for Chinese players.
At present, Kwai Tong and TikTok have begun the layout of overseas direct seeding providers, and the fast hands also say that they will accelerate the development of live broadcasting business overseas.
However, this road is not so easy. Tiktok rarely mentioned live data. Foreign media reported that tiktok had conducted two live shopping activities with Wal Mart, but the viewing data was not ideal.
On the one hand, overseas users are not familiar with the mode of live shopping. On the other hand, the current common dilemma of cross-border e-commerce is that it relies on popular single products to promote sales, and the brand attribute is secondary, which also leads to the difficulty of selecting products for live shopping.
Previously, in the best-selling list of Amazon and express, the old and new products changed quickly, while most of the products at the top had no brands, so they were easy to be replaced and eliminated.
This is also the embodiment of these platforms chasing category dividends. Compared with product capabilities, they rely more on operation means. In the long run, cross-border e-commerce platforms should strengthen brand attributes while building explosive products.
In addition, e-commerce and logistics are indispensable.
In recent years, China’s logistics enterprises are also speeding up going to sea. In 2021 alone, most players entered the game.
In May 2021, Zhongtong international realized that the normal time limit for customs clearance and delivery in Yangon, Myanmar was “72 hours”, and the whole territory distribution was an additional day; At the end of June, Yuantong International’s freight routes were expanded to East Asian countries such as South Korea and Japan, and South and Southeast Asian countries such as Pakistan; In September, SF holdings completed the acquisition of 51.5% equity of Kerry Logistics; In October, Baishi joined hands with Changhong to explore the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia.
Their participation can provide the underlying logistics foundation for the cross-border e-commerce platform. In addition, the cross-border e-commerce platform itself also pays close attention to building a global logistics network, so as to provide strong support for the development of overseas e-commerce business.
An earlier batch of cross-border e-commerce companies have begun to build their own overseas warehouses. Although this will cause enterprises to spend a lot of costs and occupy a lot of working capital, once the overseas warehouses become large-scale, it will help the platform strengthen the supervision of merchants’ product quality, and ensure the reliable source of products when cooperating with brands. More importantly, it will also greatly reduce the logistics time.

04 ending:

After more than ten years of development, cross-border e-commerce is far from the end, and the fierce competition has not abated. From drainage, supplier development, to operation, logistics and services, each link is testing the cross-border e-commerce platform, not to mention more uncontrollable factors.
However, for Chinese players, we have a first mover advantage in new models such as live e-commerce. In the past, as a world factory, China has caught up with the upsurge of intelligent manufacturing, and more and more new categories, brands and products can be exported overseas.
I believe that given more patience and time, more giants from China will be born in the field of cross-border e-commerce.
This article is from WeChat official account “Zhang Dongwei” (ID:zhangdongwei19750613), author: Zhang Dongwei, 36 krypton authorized release.

From the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022, in addition to Qualcomm Xiaolong 8 Gen 1 becoming the talk capital of digital enthusiasts after dinner, ltpo, a relatively unfamiliar “word”, was also repeatedly put on the table. In addition to having enough voice among geeks, mobile phone brands even talked about this technology in equal length with performance at several press conferences at the end of the year.
On the stage, manufacturers are in high spirits to publicize the “power saving” advantages of mobile phones after their adoption of ltpo technology.
Under the stage, consumers will still face various problems of power consumption, jamming and battery life when using Android phones.
Ltpo is to reduce unnecessary power consumption by “adaptive” refresh frame rate while maintaining high screen refresh, so as to achieve the purpose of power saving.
However, the ideal is full and the reality is skinny.
On the one hand, mobile phone manufacturers have different scheduling for third-party app software. If they make good software scheduling by using ltpo characteristics, they can indeed reduce some power loss of mobile phones in specific scenarios; But if it is not done well, it will not only consume electricity, but also increase the sense of visual fragmentation, which is equivalent to a double-edged sword.
In addition, if you want to perfectly adapt the third-party app, manufacturers need to spend a lot of energy. After all, the number base of commonly used software is huge, and the characteristics of each software are different. Where to reduce the frame rate, where to maintain high refresh, how to switch the frame rate of the secondary and tertiary switching interface, how to minimize the sense of cleavage, and so on, all need to be deeply adapted.
On the other hand, for game scenes where large power consumers need to maintain a high refresh frame rate, ltpo can play a very limited role.
Why can various mobile terminal manufacturers still carry out crazy publicity like ltpo as a baby? Even ltpo has not become the standard configuration of mobile phones. Ltpo 2.0 came. It seems that without ltpo, it is not enough for the flagship mobile phone standard.

Where is the ltpo artifact?

Users interested in screen display technology should be familiar with the current mainstream screen materials. At present, the mainstream screen materials are OLED and LCD. These two screens have their own advantages and disadvantages in mobile terminals.
No matter LCD or OLED, all mobile terminal manufacturers have long regarded screen refresh as the main selling point. In this new equipment track, the higher the screen refresh rate, the more able anyone can occupy the high-end voice.
However, the following problem is that if you always maintain a high refresh rate, the pressure on the processor and battery load are problems. How can you not only ensure the refresh rate, but also reduce unnecessary power loss and make the mobile phone more power-saving?
Screen material pictures from the network
Dynamic refresh may be the key “method” to solve this problem. Let the screen respond to “on-demand changes” according to the user’s use scene. For example, when playing a movie, it can be displayed in 24 frames; When reading books or comics, 1 frame is displayed; When sliding the page, it can run in 60 frames or even 120 frames.
At this time, ltpo appeared, which is fully called “low temperature polycrystalline oxidation”.
In fact, it can not be regarded as a new technology. Apple watch 4 has taken the lead in adopting variable refresh screen, which can be instantaneously increased from constant 1Hz to 60Hz when waking up.
Both Apple watch 5 and apple watch 4 support ltpo. Pictures are from Apple’s official website
Ltpo is a “hybrid” solution applied to OLED TFT backplane. To understand this technology, we must first talk about the mainstream TFT backplane technology.
At present, TFTs used in portable devices mainly include a-Si, LTPS and igzo. A-Si is called amorphous silicon. Because of its low cost and high yield, this material is widely used in mobile screen display, covering high, medium and low price products in the early stage. However, the carrier mobility related to the advantages and disadvantages of TFT and display power consumption is only 0.3-1 cm ²/ V · s (the higher the data, the more power saving).
With the upgrading of technology iteration and consumer demand, low-temperature polysilicon materials are slowly moving towards the main stage, namely LTPS. In addition to the power consumption advantage brought by high mobility and reduced driving voltage, the response speed is also fast, but the yield is low and the cost is high, which limits the large screen equipment to carry this technology.
It is necessary to mention promotion on iPad pro. This product does not use LTPS material, but igzo with carrier mobility of only one tenth of the former. On the one hand, due to cost considerations, on the other hand, due to the characteristics of igzo itself, its leakage is also better than LTPS, and the refresh rate is more stable.
As the name suggests, ltpo is a technology that forms oxide layer on LTPS layer through a series of technologies. It not only has the characteristics of high mobility and low power consumption of LTPS, but also has the characteristics of low refresh stability and low leakage of igzo. In a simple analogy, ltpo is equivalent to combining the advantages of the two materials.
In addition, public research data show that ltpo can reduce the power consumption of terminal equipment by 5% - 15%. Although the paper data is beautiful, it actually depends on the specific use scenario. For the power consumption without the use scenario, it is of little significance to users.

What is ltpo and what is ltpo 2.0

At present, the change of ltpo 2.0 in hardware technology is not obvious. “2.0” emphasizes more like “optimization” for different use scenarios. In other words, ltpo 2.0 may make users feel ltpo technology. Different from the “unified caliber” of various manufacturers when ltpo first came out, ltpo 2.0 is more like the product of “in-depth customization”, which can be understood as the technology after hardware + software optimization.
If different frequencies are displayed in different scenes, such as running at 120 frames when brushing microblog; When watching a movie, it runs at 24 movie standard frames; When reading articles, it is not difficult to display them in 10 frames or less.
Liu fengshuo microblog picture from microblog
The difficulty is how to balance the scheduling frame rate when displaying content and touching fingers.
Each company’s frame rate scheduling logic for ltpo 2.0 is different. On the 12 series, Xiaomi will not only dynamically adjust the refresh rate in different scenes in the conventional application, but also realize sliding speed change according to the speed of the finger sliding the screen. The one plus ltpo 2.0, according to them, is the real ltpo 2.0.
Liu fengshuo of Yijia also said on his microblog: “it’s not a thing. In addition to being customized with Samsung, Yijia’s ltpo 2.0 includes a large number of self-developed technology applications, which makes the screen experience a new height in many aspects”.
Yijia pointed out that the current problem encountered by ltpo is that the recognition of complex overlay scenes is low and the matching speed is not fast enough. For example, typing scenes are used every day in daily life. Generally, the system will detect that this is a “typing” requirement, so it will increase the frame rate to 120 frames, but the problem is that it does not need to be maintained at 120 frames all the time. With the advantage of ltpo 2.0, it can dynamically adjust the number of frames according to the screen display content while detecting the scene, increase the frame rate to a high frame rate at the moment of typing and reduce it to 1 frame at the moment of leaving.
The refresh rate pictures under different applications of Xiaomi come from Xiaomi
However, in this millisecond, can the additional power consumption reduced be really perceived?
According to the friends around us and the measured data, the equipment using ltpo 2.0 does not save much power. In addition, it is not difficult to see from the measured data in the rice evaluation of digital bloggers that there is no gap between the models equipped with ltpo and ordinary mobile phones in terms of endurance.
The picture comes from the screenshot of rice evaluation video
Rice said in the ltpo 2.0 evaluation: “from the perspective of power saving, ltpo does a good job. To a certain extent, it does save power, but there is still a big question mark on how much this part of power consumption improves the overall life of the mobile phone.”. For some heavy mobile game players, the cliff like decline of power can be intuitively experienced.
Whether it’s ltpo or lpto 2.0, it’s in a “sleep” state when facing the game scene.

Is the gospel of deep game lovers an independent display chip?

Mobile phone brands such as black shark and iqoo, which are deeply loved by heavy mobile game players, have “found a new way” to achieve the purpose of “reducing power consumption” by adding hardware, that is, an independent display chip is built in the mobile phone.
In fact, this is not to install “independent display chip” in mobile phones after the large-scale popularization of smart phones.
As early as 2007, NVIDIA launched geforce 5500 for mobile phones, which can realize high-specification video decoding, support high-resolution and 3D game performance, but it failed to give full play to the strength of this chip due to the function and game software support.
Black Shark mobile phone 2 Pro picture from black shark official website
Therefore, this business strategy soon ended in failure.
Today, 15 years later, mobile games are developing rapidly. High capacity, high image quality and multiple people on the same screen are a major trend, which is a big test for the current mobile phone performance. When running games such as original God and call of duty mobile game version, the mobile phone processor is often required to “run under full load”, which brings additional heat and battery loss to the mobile phone.
How to ensure high refresh while reducing load loss is the biggest headache for mobile phone manufacturers. At this time, independent display chips come in handy.
Taking iqoo 9 Pro as an example, the function principle of high frame and low power consumption mode is to double the overall number of frames by only rendering half the number of frames by GPU, and then inserting frames. For example, rendering 45 frames to achieve 90 frames and 60 frames to achieve 120 frames. This can not only improve the picture fluency, but also make the mobile phone in a low load state. The mode of increasing the frame rate is to insert one frame into the two pictures of the low frame game to enhance the fluency on the original basis.
The independent display chip is mainly used in mobile phones to improve the frame rate
Judging from the recent launch of the flagship new machine equipped with Qualcomm 8, some manufacturers have begun to adopt the dual hardware configuration of ltpo + independent display chip. In the public use scenario, the ltpo mechanism is used to achieve the purpose of power saving; In the entertainment scene, the independent display chip is used to further reduce the power consumption.
Iqoo 9 Pro is a flagship machine rarely using ltpo and independent display chip
This seems to be one of the few “hard core” ways to improve the endurance performance of mobile phones.
Unfortunately, the screen resolution of ordinary scenes can be adjusted adaptively, and the GPU load of game scenes can be reduced, but the Android GPU is still running at a high speed.
If the GPU processor is “synchronized” with the screen refresh, it will increase or decrease instantaneously, which will lead to sensory jamming or image tearing. Therefore, in order to “maintain stability”, the GPU has to be fixed in the high-frequency operation state.
Apple’s ltpo performs in-depth matching from processor system UI. Of course, this is also due to the good power consumption control of the processor itself. Ltpo is “icing on the cake”.
In other words, if Android does not carry out forced control and deep adaptation from the “core” root, even if the refresh frame rate scheduling is more accurate and the switching between different applications is more smooth, the dynamic adjustment of the screen becomes better than nothing due to the large power consumption of the processor itself.
This article is from WeChat official account ID:pinwancool, which is authorized by lzh, 36 krypton.


During the days of isolation on the high seas, Xue LAN, a crew member of the ocean spectrum, gradually got used to being fed and cared for like a giant baby. She went to bed from morning to night and lay flat completely. She didn’t think of eating until her limbs degenerated every time she slept.
For a moment, Xue LAN especially sympathized with the capitalists. Her salary was paid as usual, her meals were nutritious, and her spiritual life was well taken care of by various recreational activities. “I feel guilty watching thousands of employees queue up in the staff canteen on time every day, with big mouths open…”
Over the past few years, Xue LAN has served the 168000 ton cruise ship of Royal Caribbean International cruise ship. Ocean spectrum is also the only cruise ship deployed by this American cruise company in China to stick to Asian waters and wait for the recovery of China’s cruise market.
In February, Royal Caribbean, the world’s second largest cruise company, can’t survive.
Royal Caribbean recently announced that in view of the extension of Hong Kong’s epidemic prevention policy, it will cancel the “no destination” voyages of the remaining high seas tours in this quarter.
The cruise company said that canceling the rest of the voyage this season is the most prudent decision. It believes that under the current unstable situation, it does not want to put passengers in trouble. Passengers who have booked the voyage of ocean spectrum from Hong Kong will be given a full refund, including port taxes.
The ocean spectrum resumed its voyage to Hong Kong on October 14 last year. At that time, more than 1000 Hong Kong guests followed the ocean spectrum from Kai Tak wharf, opening a long-awaited cruise vacation life.
Royal Caribbean is full of confidence in the deployment of this 2-4 night high seas theme route until this spring, saying that “the smooth departure of ocean spectrum has brought positive signals for the recovery of China’s cruise industry.
By the time the “ocean spectrum” left Hong Kong, the cruise ship had successfully operated 20 voyages, received nearly 40000 local tourists from Hong Kong, and there was no new confirmed case.
However, the plan can not keep up with the changes. The ocean spectrum went to Hong Kong in advance, which means that the Singapore sea tour season, which was originally only started by Royal Caribbean from April to June this year, has been advanced.
“The ship may feel that Hong Kong should not stay for a long time. Before that, it was planned to go to the Singapore market in March this year,” Xue Lan said with great regret. “The Chinese market is good. It is not easy to have Hong Kong, but it is also too passive. A positive or several close connections will stop the ‘Maritime Hotel’ carrying thousands of tourists and crew.”
Not only the Royal Caribbean is suspended, but the Star Dream Cruise Line under Yunding Hong Kong also needs to temporarily stop the “high seas Tour” in response to the government’s epidemic prevention policy and continue to handle refunds for customers of affected routes.
The travel industry previously reported that Genting Hong Kong, which belongs to Xingmeng cruise, applied for provisional liquidation due to financial difficulties earlier. On January 28, it was announced that it would submit a liquidation petition for its Xingmeng cruise. It is unknown whether it will affect the voyage arrangement.
Costa’s 11 cruise ships will resume flights in 2022. According to its latest information, the latest plan includes a total of more than 1800 voyages from the spring of 2022 to the winter of 2022-2023, and there is no plan for China’s home port.
At the beginning of 2022, the short-term “no destination route” in Hong Kong came to an abrupt end.

Switch to war

It has been a long time for clouds on the high seas. Xue LAN is looking forward to waking up one morning and hearing the captain’s kind voice, “Dear spectrum team, we have arrived in Singapore“
The time when the ocean spectrum arrives at the Singapore cruise terminal is expected to be at the end of February this year. In the eyes of the crew, this city is not popular. “Who is not more interesting than Singapore in Alaska, Europe, Japan, South Korea and the Caribbean? But I also want to go to Singapore. In this situation, I can’t help being picky“
On the occasion of the departure of the ocean spectrum, the fifth wave of the epidemic in Hong Kong has intensified. Singapore, which has a relatively open policy towards the epidemic, has become the plan B of international cruise lines.
In October 2020, the Singapore Tourism Administration announced that “no destination” cruise was allowed. At that time, the trial plan was limited to the world dream of Xingmeng cruise ship and the ocean quantum of Royal Caribbean International cruise ship.
However, in February this year, some sharp eyed tourists found that the Royal Caribbean International cruise ship, Princess cruise ship and exquisite cruise ship have begun to sell “destination” holiday accessories, that is, the round-trip trip trip from Singapore to other countries or regions.
“Destination” cruise vacation is expected to resume in Singapore at the end of the year, which means that tourists aboard Singapore may go to Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.
The Singapore Tourism Board said that pre-sale of tickets is a common practice, but this does not mean that Singapore has approved sailing to international destinations, but in Xue Lan’s view, this is a good omen.
According to the official website of Royal Caribbean International cruise ship, the ocean spectrum has 13 Asian trips to and from Singapore. The first flight is scheduled to start on October 21 this year. This five night trip to Malaysia passes through bason and Penang in Malaysia and Phuket in Thailand.
Similarly, the Royal Caribbean’s exquisite cruise ship acme is scheduled to set sail from Singapore on January 15 next year, passing through the port of linchaban in Bangkok, Thailand, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang City, hue Da Nang and Hanoi City in Vietnam.
The Diamond Princess of Princess cruise ship has five Asian trips to and from Singapore. The first flight is scheduled to start on December 11 this year, a seven-day trip to Southeast Asia and the Malaysian Peninsula, passing through Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and Penang in Malaysia, Phuket and Langkawi in Thailand, and then returning to Singapore.
Seeing the company’s plan, Xue LAN began to take notes of the countdown before arriving in Singapore on the calendar. She listed ten life goals such as “don’t stop learning” and “keep exercising every day” on a # self-discipline, that is, freedom # list. She expected to “decorate things into her mind before arriving in Singapore, otherwise she will only grow in vain.”
However, does the sale of the “destination” itinerary of the above three cruise ships mean that the three cruise ships have been allowed to resume flights in Singapore and the “destination” itinerary has been opened?
In an interview with Xinming daily, Chen Meiyan, the cruise director of the policy planning department of the Tourism Administration of Singapore, said that it is normal for cruise companies to release the shipping schedule for reservation in advance for commercial reasons, such as planning fleet deployment. However, this does not mean that Singapore approves cruise ships to international destinations.
Moving to Singapore in advance is the second choice for cruise companies in the Asia Pacific sea area, and the future of cruise companies still depends on local epidemic prevention policies.


Unable to bear the repeated torture of the epidemic, some crew members chose to say goodbye.
Different from Xue Lan’s decision to continue to go to Singapore with the ship, her three good friends chose to go home early in Hong Kong. “I don’t give up, but I won’t exaggerate it. I just go to hug and say some blessings before queuing up to leave Hong Kong“
Since the outbreak, the Royal Caribbean International cruise ship has suffered losses for eight consecutive quarters, the industry is depressed, and the on-off and on-off among the crew is also common.
Royal Caribbean International Cruise Ship recently released last year’s annual financial report, which showed that the cruise company had a net loss of $5.3 billion, higher than the net loss of $3.9 billion in the same period last year.
Even so, Royal Caribbean is much better off than Genting Hong Kong, another major international cruise operator.
Yunding Hong Kong, the parent company of Xingmeng cruise, applied for liquidation on the 18th of last month because it failed to repay its due debts, and has appointed a joint provisional liquidator to assist in restructuring the company’s business. Therefore, Xingmeng cruise, its subsidiary, suspended the sale of new tickets from the 21st of last month for an initial period of two weeks until February 4.
The travel industry learned that as of press time, Xingmeng cruise has not accepted new ticket reservations until further notice.
30 years ago, Lin Guotai, chairman and chief executive of Genting Hong Kong, actively expanded the cruise business in Hong Kong in order to disperse casino risks and diversify business. In addition to acquiring American crystal cruise, he also established Xingmeng cruise in Asia and acquired German shipyards to build ships for the company, but he did not survive the epidemic after all.
According to the latest research, Hongkong was the most affected destination by COVID-19 under the impact of border closures, quarantine regulations and infection threats, and the performance of tourism decreased by 75% from 2019 to 2020. In 2020, Hong Kong’s tourism industry accounted for only 3% of GDP, compared with 12% in 2019, or US $45 billion.
At present, the Hong Kong SAR government adopts a “dynamic clearing” policy. Due to the gradual expansion of the fifth wave of the epidemic recently, the Hong Kong Executive Council recently decided to implement a “vaccine pass” from the 24th, and you can enter shopping malls and markets after showing it.
When the ocean spectrum left Hong Kong waters, Xue Lan’s biggest regret was that she had not visited Causeway Bay and Repulse Bay hotels. She remembered the road leading to Repulse Bay in Zhang Ailing’s love for the city. There were dense mountains and high cliffs on the left and blue-green sea on the right.
“But then I thought I had visited many places in Hong Kong, so I closed my mouth wisely“
Xue LAN has straightened out her mind and understands that it is not easy for the epidemic to dissipate, so she doesn’t say anything about “what I want to do after the epidemic”. She puts the matter of buying a house before the age of 27 on the agenda. “When there is a deep obsession, the money will be saved“
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On February 7, the famous leisure snack brand Yanjin shop announced that based on the recognition of the company’s long-term value and confidence in the company’s future development, the shares held by Hunan Yanjin shop Holding Co., Ltd. will be extended for another two years.
It is worth noting that previously, on January 19, Yanjin shop announced the termination of the shareholding increase plan. The actual controllers, some directors and senior executives of Yanjin shop originally planned to increase their holdings by no less than 50 million yuan, but actually increased their holdings by only 12.5487 million yuan, which actually completed only 25.1% of the original shareholding increase plan.
Executives directly broke the deal to increase their holdings, causing extreme dissatisfaction among shareholders. As of February 14, 2022, the share price of Yanjin shop has fallen by 24% this year, and the share price has halved from the highest point in 2020.
From the soaring stock prices in 2019 and 2020 to the falling stock prices today; From the increase plan to “empty check” to extending the lock-in period, a series of operations of Yanjin shop reflect the process of enterprises from development and growth, to weak growth, and then to innovation and change.
Yanjin shop is not the only one facing the bottleneck of development. The three squirrels, a snack giant that started with internet marketing, not only went on a hot search due to the non-compliance and controversial advertising pictures, but also suffered a reduction in holdings by major shareholders.
Why can’t the Internet traffic of leisure snacks run? What common problems does the industry face? How will enterprises see and break down their moves?

Drifting dividends

In the golden decade of the Internet, many industries have hitchhiked the rapid development of e-commerce and also achieved rapid expansion of scale. As a member of traditional retail, snack food can be said to be the leader in the “east wind”.
According to the Research Report of BOC securities, from 2013 to 2020, the compound annual growth rate of offline sales of leisure food reached 9%; The compound annual growth rate of online sales scale exceeds 45%. The increasing popularity of online shopping and the rise of e-commerce promote the rapid development of online channels of leisure food.
However, there are also several joys and sorrows in the snack food camp.
Since the beginning of Yifen, for example, the former leaders have lost their team in the wave of e-commerce. According to laiyifen’s financial report for the first half of 2021, online e-commerce channels account for only 12.9% of its total revenue.
In sharp contrast, three squirrels and liangpin store accounted for 70% and 52% of online revenue respectively.
Although Baicao flavor first opened offline stores, its sales increased significantly after its transformation to online stores in 2010, with an annual sales growth of more than 4 billion yuan and a sharp increase in revenue of more than 100 times.
In fact, as early as 2011, laiyifen began to layout online channels, but the result was “getting up early and catching up late”. Due to over reliance on its own applications, Laifen did not invest too much resources in the third-party platform, which naturally missed the dividend period of e-commerce.
With the penetration of the Internet approaching its peak in China, the curtain of the golden decade of e-commerce is slowly falling, and the future development will change from the previous high-speed growth period to a stable maturity period.
From the tiktok of Taobao to the present situation of Taobao, Jingdong, spelling and meet as equals, the trend of Internet centralization is inevitable. Similarly, snack brands will also adapt to the new pattern in the era of traffic decentralization.
In short, the good days are over, and the bad days are still ahead.
Tiktok Kwai, who has ploughed Taobao and Jingdong, has launched three groups of squirrels, including the rapid distribution of the fast track, the sound of live broadcasting, the group purchase, the selection of the group, the purchase of vegetables, the optimization of orange hearts, and so on.
According to the three first year of the squirrel’s earnings report, the number of new business operators, such as jitter, and so on, the total revenue of the new business is nearly 10%. The total revenue of the new business is tiktok, which is nearly 10%. At the same time, its promotion fee and platform service fee increased by nearly 51% year-on-year, but the drainage effect is much worse than before.
The company said that online platform traffic was further dispersed, and multiple traffic entrances led to a decline in the traffic of mainstream e-commerce channels and a slowdown in the growth of online sales.
In the future, whether online or offline, it is unrealistic to travel around the world on one leg. The new retail mode of online and offline integration will be the future development direction of the snack industry.
At the autumn sugar and Wine Fair in Tianjin in 2021, three squirrels announced that they would focus on offline distribution channels and plan to achieve a revenue target of 10 billion yuan in five years.
Zhang Liaoyuan, CEO of three squirrels, once said that the online efficiency of brands is the highest from 0 to 1, because what you see is what you get; However, the probability of people’s life radius is still offline. If you want to make the brand from 1 to 10, you still get offline.
Since 2020, three squirrels starting from second and third tier cities have begun to layout the third to fifth tier sinking market.

Health food encirclement and suppression war

In the era of material scarcity, snacks give people the meaning of “delicious”. The satisfaction of taste buds has become the only standard to define whether a snack brand is qualified or even excellent.
Who ever thought that one day, “too delicious” will eat back the brand itself?
“Too delicious” often means sweet and salty. In other words, there are too many seasonings and additives in food.
When people’s material life is rapidly enriched, consumers’ demands have also jumped from simple “delicious”. As an important part of determining health, diet began to develop in a healthier direction.
Delicious food is no longer the highest goal pursued by diners, and even most people are willing to give up the enjoyment between lips and teeth for health. As a result, sugar free, less salt, non fried, vegetable meat, these words stand on the capital highland with healthy food.
The change of consumer concept indicates the subversion of industrial logic. Members in the industry are powerless to change. Just like the original Internet trend, if they can’t ride the wind and waves, they can only be submerged in huge waves.
In order to get rid of consumers’ inherent impression that traditional snacks are “not very healthy”, snack brand giants have played a “health card”.
For example, liangpin shop has launched a high calcium bar of bovine colostrum. 90% of the raw materials are whole milk powder, and the other 10% are bovine colostrum, natural sugar substitutes, dietary fiber, etc. it is a real healthy food; In 2021, Jiajia food will clearly focus on resources and build “salt reduction” into a large single product at the strategic level; One of the new product R & D ideas of Shuanghui development is to develop low-fat, low sodium and other new products around functional health food.
However, it is not easy for the traditional snacks of “halfway monk” to seize the healthy track?
First of all, the first mover advantage of healthy food has basically been occupied by major healthy food bosses.
The products and marketing strategies of these brands are more targeted, and have established strong reputation advantages and fan resources. It is not easy for new brands to attack the city and pull out the stronghold.
Secondly, how to balance the development of traditional snacks and healthy snacks is a difficult problem.
For example, consumers have deep-rooted impressions of traditional snacks, and it may take a long time to do a good job of ideological guidance for consumers. It is the best choice to be able to fly with both wings, but whether it will take care of one thing and lose the other, or even not fall at both ends, requires careful consideration by the enterprise.
The road to health is not easy.

Broken arm survival unknown

As an industry with low threshold, the competition of leisure snack industry is like a wolf. It’s no exaggeration to say “ten snack brands and nine nuts”.
In order to avoid homogeneous competition and forced to fight a price war, high-end seems to be the only way for head players.
According to the data of China National Business Information Center, the year-on-year growth rate of all channels in the high-end snack market in 2020 was more than 10%, far exceeding the growth rate of 6% in the overall snack market.
Although the development of snack categories is relatively simple, too many single items will still cause a heavy burden on the supply chain. A large number of SKUs will bring more capital risks to the brand and dilute the brand assets, resulting in problems such as increased costs and decreased gross profit margin.
In addition, the OEM model used by many snack brands is more likely to increase doubts about food safety and quality in front of hundreds of SKUs.
If we want to focus on the development of high-end lines, it means the integration of existing product lines.
In October 2020, three squirrels decided to cut down 300 SKUs, which is equivalent to half of the SKUs at that time. The three squirrels started the slimming plan mainly because the sales volume of these SKUs did not meet expectations and the input-output ratio was not high.
In the future, the three squirrels plan to transform from a full category brand to a brand of “nuts and dried fruits + selected food”.
Coincidentally, the high-end evolution of Yanjin shop is also in progress.
Different from the OEM mode of liangpin shop, three squirrels and other head leisure snack brands, Yanjin shop controls the whole chain of R & D, production and sales. Founder Zhang Xuewu once told the outside world that he wanted to create a “Huawei in the snack industry” through his own unique model.
In 2021, Yanjin shop will also shrink its categories, including new products such as coke fish tofu, COD tofu, crab fillet and fish intestines. At the same time, it is planned to make baking, deep-sea food, spicy brine and dried fruit the forefront of the industry in the next 2-3 years.
Of course, the high-end road is not easy to go.
In recent years, although it still holds the top position of leisure snacks, the gross profit margin of the three squirrels has declined year by year, even worse than the average level of the industry. With the trend of diversified snacks gradually emerging, it may be difficult for the three squirrels to return to their peak market share.
In order to achieve high-end achievements, the R & D expenses of liangpin store increased from 24.38 million yuan in 2019 to 33.71 million yuan in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 38%, and continued to increase year-on-year in the first three quarters of 2021.
From the perspective of product lines, liangpin store launched the children’s snack brand “liangpin snack Fairy” and the healthy substitute food brand “liangpin Feiyang” respectively in 2020. However, in the first half of 2021, the sales of xiaoshixian accounted for only 4% of the total revenue, and Feiyang accounted for only 2%.
It can be seen that leisure snack brands are still in the sowing stage of high-end upgrading war. You can only get if you can give up, but whether you can really get something after you give up remains to be verified by time.


Although there are three leading enterprises such as squirrels and liangpin shop, the pattern of China’s leisure food industry is still very scattered. In terms of retail sales, the proportion of Cr5 in the industry in 2020 is only 10%.
As emerging brands such as Wang Yanfu and Shizu are favored by capital, the new forces are coming in one after another, and the white hot internal war in the industry is still intensifying.
Due to the low threshold and high degree of homogenization, “has been imitated” is an inevitable law in the snack industry. Whether it can “never be surpassed” will be the most important issue for each brand.
Whether it is healthy, high-end, or the decentralization of the Internet, we have to go. In the historical process of industry change, only by accelerating the pace and walking in the forefront can we have a greater chance of winning. As a foodie, we just need to taste delicious food and watch the surging of snacks in the Jianghu.
The picture comes from the Japanese drama “weight loss rebound”
Come on, what snacks do you usually like to eat?
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Health care, semiconductors and new energy, which are hot investment tracks in 2021, not only continue to reach new financing highs in the primary market, but also perform well in the secondary market.
After reviewing all the public data of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2021, I found that the science and innovation board is gradually forming a cluster effect on the relevant tracks, and has given good returns. According to my incomplete statistics, a total of 162 enterprises landed on the science and innovation board in 2021, distributed in many fields such as medicine and health, semiconductor, information technology, production and manufacturing.
Tian Xuan, vice president of Wudaokou School of finance of Tsinghua University, also said that there are more emerging high-tech enterprises in the above fields, which also reflects the transformation of China’s capital market from traditional cyclical enterprises to high-tech, high-tech and hard core technology enterprises.
Taking the medical track as an example, 38 pharmaceutical and biological companies were listed on the science and innovation board in 2021, which is much higher than 28 in 2020 and 14 in 2019. Among the 38 enterprises, there are not only star innovative pharmaceutical enterprises such as Baiji Shenzhou, industry leaders such as Weigao orthopedics, but also many subdivided fields such as chemical agents, in vitro diagnosis, medical equipment and vaccines.
Hubble investment has also reaped five IPOs. The ones listed on the science and innovation board in 2021 are canqin technology, Dongxin shares and Juguang technology. In addition, it also includes sirip, which was listed in September 2020, and Tianyue advanced, which was listed in January 2022. The book returns brought by these five IPO projects have reached more than 6 billion yuan, more than twice the total size of the fund.
At the capital level, the 162 companies listed on the science and innovation board raised as much as 202.9 billion, higher than the gem and the main board, of which the gem was about 147.5 billion yuan and the main board was about 184.7 billion yuan. The scientific innovation board is playing its unique charm.

Pharmaceutical companies flocked to the scientific innovation board

In the context of the epidemic, the medical and health industry is hot all over the world. According to the statistics of data company innovative, excluding the SPAC part, the total number of global IPOs in 2021 is 2097, and the proportion of the medical and health industry is about 15.8%, second only to technology.
The same is true of the performance of the science and innovation board. In 2021, 38 pharmaceutical and biological companies were listed on the science and innovation board, which is much higher than 28 in 2020 and 14 in 2019. Among the 38 enterprises, there are not only star innovative pharmaceutical enterprises such as Baiji Shenzhou, industry leaders such as Weigao orthopedics, but also many subdivided fields such as chemical agents, in vitro diagnosis, medical equipment and vaccines.
In these segments, innovative drugs and medical devices perform well. Among them, Baiji Shenzhou is one of the leading companies in China’s innovative pharmaceutical enterprises, and is the world’s first three listed A+H+N company. Its main business is research, development, production and commercialization of innovative drugs, raising about 22 billion 200 million yuan, more than second and Optoelectronics combined with third times.
Of course, at present, the share price of Baiji Shenzhou also remained depressed after the first day of listing. As of February 21, 2022, a total of 182 companies on the science and innovation board have announced the performance forecast for 2021. Among them, three of the top five listed companies with the largest losses are in the pharmaceutical industry, and Baiji China bears the brunt.
Some analysts said that this is related to its high R & D expenses, and when to make a profit has become the first problem in front of Baiji. Nevertheless, experts commented that Baiji Shenzhou has created many industry precedents. Among many biotech companies, Baiji Shenzhou is still one of the most likely to be upgraded to big pharma.
When it comes to Baiji Shenzhou, we have to mention the layout of strategic capital in innovative medicine. Hillhouse capital has accompanied Baiji Shenzhou for nearly eight years. It has not only participated in round a and round B financing, but also in the strategic financing after listing. It is the only leading investment investor of Baiji Shenzhou in China, covering the whole life cycle.
In addition to Baiji Shenzhou, Gaoling also invested in three innovative drug enterprises in a row, namely Hengrui, Xinda and Junshi biology. Hillhouse capital’s shareholding in these PD1 companies increased from 0.6% to nearly 10%. It not only invested a lot, but also invested in the top four of the track.
Li Xiaoyan, a well-known institutional investor, told me that in the A-share market, the listing of a large number of innovative pharmaceutical enterprises is no longer scarce, and capital is also paying continuous attention. At the same time, the licensing and cooperation of innovative pharmaceutical projects between China and countries around the world are becoming increasingly active. “However, China’s basic research is still weak, the homogenization of drug research and development is serious, and a large number of them are still in the clinical stage.”
However, with the good performance of the secondary market, the pace of innovative drug research and development is bound to accelerate, which will also shorten his whole life cycle. Investors who hit many medical and health enterprises also include Yida investment, Qiming venture capital, Junlian capital and Lilly Asia Fund.
Song Qinghui, an economist, also said in an interview that as an R & D driven industry, the pharmaceutical and biological industry is in line with the positioning attribute of the science and innovation board. Compared with traditional pharmaceutical enterprises, innovative pharmaceutical enterprises will be recognized by the market in the future, and the price valuation will be higher and higher.

Hubble hit three IPOs, comparable to front-line institutions

Semiconductor related enterprises are also another bright spot of Kechuang board. In other words, the cluster effect of Kechuang board on semiconductor enterprises has appeared. According to incomplete statistics, in 2021, a total of 20 enterprises registered on the science and innovation board, and many enterprises started listing counseling.
Behind these semiconductor enterprises, one investor silently harvested three IPOs in a year, which is Huawei’s Hubble investment. In 2019, Huawei broke the principle of “not investing in suppliers” and registered its subsidiary Hubble investment to make large-scale investment in the semiconductor industry chain. After several capital increases, Hubble investment has a registered capital of 3 billion yuan.
According to my incomplete statistics, Hubble investment has now reaped five IPOs. Those listed on the science and innovation board in 2021 are canqin technology, Dongxin shares and Juguang technology. In addition, it also includes sirip, which was listed in September 2020, and Tianyue advanced, which was listed in January 2022. The book returns brought by these five IPO projects have reached more than 6 billion yuan, more than twice the total size of the fund.
Canqin technology, which was listed in November 2021, is an important supplier in the upstream of the global 5g industrial chain. It is used for the reception, transmission and processing of RF signals. It is widely used in the fields of mobile communication, radar and RF circuits, micro communication navigation and positioning. The company’s largest customer h and its enterprises under the same control contributed 91% of the revenue. It is speculated that Huawei is the company. Hubble’s investment in canqin technology was 110 million yuan, with a return of 2.8 times.
The Dongxin shares listed in December were invested by Hubble in May 2020, and now the shareholding ratio is about 4%. Dongxin semiconductor is a memory chip design company. Its products are used in 5g communication, Internet of things terminals, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and other fields. With the same torch technology listed in December, Hubble took shares in the pre-C round in 2019. Its main products are high-power semiconductor Aurora components and Aurora components upstream of the laser industry.
It is reported that the investment return multiples of Dongxin shares and Juguang technology are more than 8 times.
In addition to Hubble, the institutions that hit relevant enterprises in the semiconductor field include SMIC Juyuan, Walden International, etc. SMIC Juyuan is the joint management team of SMIC international, which was established in 2014. Walden International has also been along the industrial layout of semiconductors and is a professional investment institution focusing on the industry.

The booming energy investment echoes the 2021 investment boom

Looking at the listed enterprises on the science and innovation board in 2021, energy related enterprises also began to appear frequently.
Take Zhuhai Guanyu as an example. There are more than 30 investors standing behind it, including Xiaomi Changjiang industry fund, Shenzhen Venture Capital, Lenovo venture capital, GAC capital, Guoke investment, etc. This is a supplier of consumer polymer soft packed lithium-ion batteries. In the field of power batteries, it has also entered the supply chain system of many well-known automobile enterprises.
Other energy track enterprises also include xinfengguang, boliwei, xiatungsten Xinneng, Changchang lithium, etc. It can be seen that the new energy industry chain will have the opportunity to “become a member” in subdivided fields, including photovoltaic, energy storage, lithium battery, hydrogen energy and terminal applications.
Some investors believe that the whole new energy track investment is in a business cycle, and there are various types of capital in the upstream, middle and downstream.
Zhu Jia, partner of Lightspeed China, mentioned in an interview, “Taking the lithium battery industry chain as an example, the upstream materials of lithium battery, including its positive electrode, negative electrode, diaphragm and electrolyte, involve a lot of technological innovation, and the ultimate goal of innovation is to continuously improve the energy density of lithium battery, improve safety and prolong the number of cycles, so this is a field with very intensive technology.”
According to the data of BP world energy statistical yearbook, China has the highest carbon emission in the world by 2019; From 2015 to 2019, China’s carbon emissions grew at an average annual rate of 1.2%, exceeding the global level of 0.8%. China needs to make more efforts than developed countries such as Europe and the United States to achieve carbon peak in less than 9 years and carbon neutralization in the next 30 years.
At the same time, China’s new energy investment has seen its first climax since 2016-2017 and its second climax in the past two years. There is an important reason for this. The development of new energy is gradually getting rid of the previous government’s consistent subsidy model. Today, the market is gradually accepting the development of new energy industry, reducing costs and increasing consumption willingness, The whole industry has entered a positive cycle.

Summary: the science and technology innovation board is the embodiment of the national strategy

According to the statistics of the association of listed companies, a total of 524 companies conducted IPOs last year, with a total fund-raising scale of 543.773 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.16%. IPO continued to grow by 13% on the basis of the fund-raising peak of 480 billion yuan in 2020.
Among the 524 IPO companies in 2021, there were 199 IPO companies on the gem, 162 IPO companies on the science and innovation board, 122 IPO companies on the main board and 41 IPO companies on the Beijing stock exchange. The number of IPO companies in the two innovation sectors accounted for 69% of the total.
Among the investors behind 162 enterprises, Shenzhen Venture Capital ranked first with 10 hits, involving intelligent manufacturing, new generation information technology, energy, medicine and other industries. In addition to Shenzhen Venture Capital, Yida capital, Tongchuang Weiye and Honghui fund also performed well.
Five of the ten enterprises - Jiulian technology, yahuilong, Qipai technology, Yingke environmental protection and Huayi technology all entered in the early a-round or angel round.
Taking Anlu technology as an example, Shenzhen Venture Capital once said in summarizing the logic of investing in Anlu technology that “what the country needs, what Shenzhen Venture capital invests”. In 2019, Shenzhen Venture Capital conducted a detailed industry research around the “made in China 2025” strategy and found that there was a phenomenon of explicit graphics card neck in FPGA chips in China’s chip segmentation field. At that time, foreign enterprises occupied about 90% of the domestic market. In the process of combing the industry, Anlu technology was seen and invested by Shenzhen Venture Capital.
Born in Jiangsu high tech investment group, Yida capital is one of the earliest provincial equity and venture capital institutions in China. At present, Yida capital has a cumulative fund management scale of 115.5 billion and more than 1000 investment projects. Founded in June 2000, Tongchuang Weiye is the first batch of professional private equity investment companies in China, with assets of more than 20 billion yuan and more than 400 enterprises. Honghui fund was founded in July 2014 by Wang Hui, the former investment partner of CDH investment and a member of the investment committee.
Zheng Weihe, chairman of Tongchuang Weiye, also said when referring to the investment theme of 2022, “in the capital market, the head institutions of the primary market accelerate the development, especially the head institutions of RMB; foreign capital GP is RMB; it is a trend to invest early and small, invest in hard technology and invest in biomedicine; the premium effect of popular industries in the secondary market brings greater arbitrage space to the primary market.”
What cannot be ignored is that according to the data of Oriental choice, there are 17 listed companies known as the “meat grinder” of the science and innovation board, whose share prices broke on the first day of listing, and the share prices have continued to fall so far.
Perhaps, this year’s sci-tech innovation board can give a clearer indication of investment.
For more details, please refer to the following table:
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A dream.
On February 21, the day after the Winter Olympics, Migu video fell to No. 52 in the free app list (iPhone end) of Diandian data platform.
This is still the result of the short rise after the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics. On the day before the closing ceremony, Migu video has fallen to No. 88, and the ranking tends to return to about 200 before the Winter Olympics.
Before that, Migu video had just spent two weeks of “suddenly like the spring breeze of one night”.
On the first day of spring and the opening day of the Winter Olympics, the dau (number of daily active users) of Migu video increased by 2.7 million. In the subsequent schedule, its dau remained at about 11 million, almost double that before the Winter Olympics. From February 5 to 9, in the general list of Diandian data free app (iPhone), Migu video jumped from the top 200 to the second, followed by the central video.
The reason why users can watch the whole video of this winter Olympics on the “Gomi” platform is very simple. Compared with the central video, Migu video also has one more hand - Wang Meng, a former Olympic champion and now a Winter Olympic commentator with “eyes like a ruler”.
However, as the Winter Olympics is coming to an end, the number of users of Migu video began to decline. On February 9 and 11, its daily life fell by 11.26% and 11.24% respectively… Until it returned to the situation before the Winter Olympics before and after the closing ceremony.
This scene also appeared at the 2018 World Cup. In 2022, after the warm wind at the beginning of spring, will Migu video go out of the cycle of ending the season and maintaining the same traffic?

01 Migu video performance competition

In the broadcast “field” of this winter Olympic Games, Migu video has almost no opponent like existence.
Migu video is one of the few “players” who can stand on the field according to whether they have the broadcasting right or not.
The central television broadcasting station said in the statement of copyright protection of Winter Olympic Games: the video platform that won the broadcasting rights of this winter Olympic Games is only three Kwai goo videos, Tencent and fast hands. Further observation will show that Tencent and Kwai have only the right to live broadcast live, that is to say, if you want to watch the live broadcast of the whole event, the mobile terminal users have only two choices: Central video (CCTV) and Mi Gu video.
Facts have proved that the two platforms did have bright data after the Winter Olympics. Baidu Index shows that since February 4, the search indexes of both have increased significantly and remained at a high level for several days. During this period, the search index of “aiyouteng” three platforms was flat or decreased. Little data shows that the estimated downloads of Migu video increased by 13.5 times month on month in the first week of the Winter Olympics.
In the second step of seizing the leading position, Migu video relies on explaining this card. During the Winter Olympics, former Olympic champion Wang Meng, who served as Migu video commentary, repeatedly boarded the microblog hot search and contributed golden sentences such as “my eyes are feet”. On the day after Wang Meng finished his last interpretation of the Winter Olympics, as of February 17, the total number of topics read by microblog # Wang Meng interpretation # reached 2.67 billion, exceeding 2.57 billion of Gu Ailing’s gold medal.
Wang Meng’s out of the circle has also further driven the data growth of Migu video. Many users said in the comment area that “because of Wang Meng, Download Migu video and recharge members”. Coincidentally, the two significant increases of Migu video Baidu Index also appeared on the day after Wang Mengyin explained the circle, one of which was “my eyes are feet”, and the other came from a clear and clear explanation of the reasons for the foul committed by Hungarian players in men’s short track 1000m speed skating.
The share price of China Mobile, the gold owner behind Migu video, was also boosted. On the day Gu ailing won the gold medal on February 8, the A-share price of China Mobile once rose by more than 6%, and the first week of the Winter Olympic Games rose by 15.68%.

“Survivor” of 02 event broadcast

The sports broadcasting business that Migu video has bet heavily is actually a hard bone that many platforms can’t attack for a long time.
LETV sports, Suning sports, Tencent video and Sports Olympic power were all important players on the card table. In October 2014, when the broadcasting rights of sports events were liberalized, the momentum of the Olympic Games was 8 billion for the 5 years, the most colorful footnote in the market bubble.
However, the high copyright fees and slow and rare returns of sports events have also become a heavy burden on video platforms. Sun Hongbin, an investor of LETV sports and founder of rongchuang, once said at the 2016 performance conference that “LETV spent 1.35 billion last year (2016) and only received 50 million in total.”
Finally, the platforms with heavy positions in sports broadcasting rights may be dragged down, or choose to shrink the cost and protect themselves.
Migu video has been able to carry it up to now, due to its ingenious admission time, the financial and technical support of China Mobile behind it, and a lighter operation mode.
In 2018, when the video came into the market, the market bubble of sports copyright had gradually dissipated, and copyright prices had dropped sharply. Wei Jianglei, former senior vice president of sina.com, said in an interview with the media at the end of 2017: “on the whole, the copyright price is much lower than the high point, and the gap is three to five times.”
If the good admission time makes Migu video account for “Tianshi”, the support of the parent company China Mobile has created a “favorable location”.
From the perspective of financial strength, Migu video, backed by China Mobile, has obvious financial advantages compared with other platforms, which has also become the foundation for it to buy a large number of sports copyrights.
Supporting Migu video’s entry into sports broadcasting is also in line with China Mobile’s own development interests. In its music, video, reading and other businesses, sports event broadcasting is obviously the best way to give full play to its 5g network advantages.
In addition to the support of the sponsor, Migu video also makes careful calculations on the cost side - different from the self built studio and self broadcasting of sports live broadcasting platforms such as Tencent live broadcasting and PP live broadcasting, the outsourcing of broadcasting work is Migu’s “magic weapon” for saving money.
Southern Weekend quoted a number of insiders as saying that after purchasing the copyright, Migu did not broadcast directly by itself, but outsourced the broadcasting work to a third-party company. The latter adds the live room signal, loads the subtitles, and then pushes it to Migu platform. In other words, Migu video only provides a viewing platform. This method effectively saves costs, such as the cost of expensive studio, live broadcasting equipment, specially assigned personnel to maintain equipment, as well as the vacancy cost during the off-season.
Different from the careful calculation of broadcasting, Migu video has been laid out in the field of interpretation for a long time, and has always been a great deal of investment in the interpretation team. This is also the background of the “Wang Meng phenomenon” in this winter Olympic Games.
Last year’s Tokyo Olympic Games, Migu video invited more than 100 hosts and guests, including 30 well-known sports commentators, 12 Olympic champions and 20 world champions. The interpretation team of the Winter Olympics is even better, with more than 150 commentators and guests.
In addition, in the selection of commentators, Migu video has formed its own playing method - try to choose popular guests who are easy to break the circle or bring their own traffic to explain. Wang Meng, who made frequent golden sentences, Chen Chen, the track and field commentator known as the “human computer” at the Tokyo Olympic Games, and Lu Han in the European Cup final.
Having tasted the dividends brought by the “interpretation circle” for many times, Migu video prepared the live broadcast team of this winter Olympic Games early. Wang Meng was one of the first guests invited by Migu video. In January this year, Migu video went online to select the variety “boiling! Commentator” for sports commentary, so as to reserve strength for its commentary team. Wang Meng participated in it at that time.
Relying on the deep interpretation team, Migu video further strengthens the interaction between users and the platform. In the Winter Olympics, Migu provided a variety of interpretation combinations for users to choose from, and even specially set up Cantonese interpretation.

03 a game, a dream?

But the story of users leaving the game after the game is repeated.
With the Winter Olympics coming to an end, the download volume of Migu video has continued to decline, even lower than the average value in recent months from February 12 to February 19. It seems that with the end of Wang Meng’s interpretation, the Winter Olympics is coming to an end, and users are gradually “leaving” from Migu.
This is reminiscent of the ups and downs of its past events. According to the annual report of China Mobile, during the 2018 World Cup in Russia, 4.3 billion people watched the game through Migu video client. However, the monthly active number fell by 11.35% in the four months after the event. In the month following the end of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, the monthly activity of Migu video fell by 32.28%.
The situation of heavy gold and water is also happening in Kwai Fu. Kwai tiktok is the only platform to get the right to broadcast and return the Winter Olympic Games in the short video platform. However, in a number of media reports, Kwai 2 billion 500 million has been betting on the two Olympic Games (Tokyo Olympic Games and Beijing Winter Olympic Games).
The strategy adopted by Kwai in this winter Olympic Games is to upload and replay, and update the old ways of medal list and schedule in time. But tiktok, which is the short video platform, has been overtaking by tiktok, relying on the introduction of sports stars. Especially the early popularity of Gu Ailing and Su Yi Ming has greatly boosted the activity of the jitter during the Winter Olympics. During the Winter Olympics, the downloads of the Kwai Po were even lower than January’s average downloads.
Just like the fast hand picked the wrong operation strategy, there is obviously a shortage of the long video strategy of the microkwai video.
At present, Migu, standing on the video platform track, chooses the strategy of focusing on sports and supplemented by film and television dramas. But the question is, during the off-season, what does Migu video take to retain users?
At present, Migu video platform is like a collection of major video platforms, presenting content from Mango TV, iqiyi, Tencent video, etc. This may be related to its strategy of purchasing copyright from other platforms. In November 2021, Migu video also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with mango hypermedia with a cooperation amount of no less than 3.5 billion yuan within three years.
However, from the playback volume data, users are still more inclined to chase dramas on the original video platform.
Obviously, non exclusive content can make up for the shortcomings of Migu video in the content pool, but it can not distinguish Migu video from other video platforms. As a result, Migu video is like the user’s “monthly throwing” app, which is “abandoned” by the user immediately after the end of the competition for one to two months.
From the perspective of event broadcasting rights, Migu has few hands, including the broadcasting rights of Qatar world cup from November to December 2022 and China Asian Cup from June to July 2023.
For Migu, sports copyright has proved to be an excellent breakthrough direction, but it is not a bottomless moat. After all, it is the event itself rather than the platform that attracts the audience.
Relying on the rich and powerful gold owner, it is true that he can get a good hand of cards, but after the cards are played, for Migu video, which is absent in the field of entertainment, variety, film and television and other original content, how to retain the influx of users during the season is a beautiful problem that needs to be considered most.
This article is from the official account of WeChat, ID:xuebaocaijingshe, and is published by Gao Xuyang, 36 krypton.

E-commerce platforms and logistics companies have been “in love and killing each other” for a long time.
The rise of e-commerce has promoted the rapid development of the express market towards maturity, and the industry has gradually cleared up. Small express enterprises have exited one after another. In this process, the reconstruction of the supply chain by e-commerce mode has reduced the cost of logistics in commodity sales and further suppressed the profitability of express.
However, logistics is also the lifeblood of e-commerce. The reason is that e-commerce must eventually fall to the stage of competitive services. The timeliness of distribution and terminal distribution capacity related to terminal services determine that logistics has become an important link connecting consumers.
The above “competition and cooperation” relationship has been highlighted in the development of e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, jd.com and pinduoduo.
Tiktok is a situation of tripartite confrontation between overweeningly ambitious businesses and the need for logistics.
Recently, the voice of the tiktok has been distributing frequently. It is said that according to a person close to byte beat, byte has completed its investment in polar rabbit express to supplement the e-commerce puzzle and expand the layout of overseas e-commerce.
It is self-evident that the message is not true, but the position of bytes to make up logistics services is self-evident. Tiktok said.
In addition, in January 12th, according to media reports, the voice tiktok opened the test express service “Yin Zun Da”, providing door-to-door service. It is reported that the service has been experienced by some merchants.
From these actions, the pace of building e-commerce closed loop is accelerating.
For e-commerce platforms, there are two ways to supplement logistics services:
First, build a self built logistics platform, and then replace the original third-party services; Second, it is highly integrated with the information system of logistics partners to improve operation efficiency and reduce operation costs.
In China, JD chose the self operated mode, while Alibaba chose the integrated mode.
Since rookie is the only way to build a closed loop for e-commerce, there are also rookies and Jingdong pearl Yu before. Then, which way will tiktok e-commerce choose? Or is it a self reliant Mountain Gate?

01 tiktok’s logistics heart disease

Last August 1st, Zhang bought a garment on the tiktok platform, and the company promised to deliver the goods within 7-10. But wait until the 10 showed the delivery information. He could not wait to check the order again. He found the order showed that “your parcel is being blocked because it is being blocked.”
At that time, Zhang felt quite strange. On the premise that he did not receive any express, and in the previous communication with the express company, he did not mention rejecting the express, so the package was returned for no reason.
Zhang hang then dialed the manual customer service number of the express company that delivered the goods. The customer service showed that the merchant intercepted the express delivery, resulting in the return of the package.
Tiktok, who was unhappy, came to the shaking platform to find out the problem of the artificial customer service, but the way of dealing with the other side was not satisfactory. He only proposed the way to compensate tens of dollars of coupons. Through this, Zhang kept hesitating about shopping on the tiktok platform.
Meanwhile, Li Hong, who sold ceramic products on the shaking platform, received 6 tiktok notices in 9 days. The reasons for the violation were the exception of the express order or express logistics track uploaded to the background.
Li Hong’s shop was also punished accordingly. A total of 4000 yuan of deposit and 30 points of store credit were deducted. The shop was closed for three days.
In this regard, Li Hong felt very aggrieved. After all the orders in the store were real delivery, repeatedly communicated with the customer service to ask how to appeal, and applied for a sealed certificate from the logistics network, the appeal still ended in failure.
Up to now, Li Hong still cannot accept the above punishment.
An independent e-commerce department was established in 618 in 2020, followed by the external chain removal activity; And then tiktok payment on-line, shaking tiktok completes the payment closed loop; And even put forward the concept of interest in electricity providers, impact trillion GMV, the voice of the voice tiktok into a public eye in a vigorous gesture.
But now, whether or not it is admitted, logistics has gradually become the Achilles heel of the tiktok electric provider.
Tiktok itself is aware of this. Official data show that the distribution of service delivery problems in the tiktok and the express delivery service account for more than 50%.
In addition, the problem of terminal delivery can directly affect the user shopping experience, and will further affect the user’s repeat purchase. It will have a negative impact on businesses and users. This may be partly because of the fact that the chattering has been a tight lipped answer to the tiktok rate.
Tiktok, however, is considered to be generally weaker than expected in the near term.
Tiktok, raise a Babel of criticism of the noisy service, the company will provide door-to-door delivery, terminal delivery, terminal complaints, parcel priority transfer, exclusive service and other benefits.
Through these measures, tiktok intention reduces the rate of complaint and reversion rate of consumers.
According to snow leopard financial services, at present, Yin Zun Da is still in the water trial state. The voice only recommends that merchants buy some Yin Yin for some orders, and the recommended proportion is no more than 3% of the tiktok per day.
It should be noted that in this link, although the shaking is raising the importance of the terminal delivery, the initiative of the business lies in the business. In fact, whether the service premium is borne by the tiktok, whether the subsidy is transferred to the consumers, or whether the business platform will be transferred to consumers, needs further observation.
More importantly tiktok is essentially a service launched by tiktok and express delivery companies such as Zhong Tong, Tantong, rhyme, etc., and the jitter only plays a role in resource integration, and its intervention capability on the express platform is weak, and the effectiveness needs to be tested.

02 copy rookie or learn Jingdong?

In April 8, 2021 tiktok tiktok first ecological conference was held in Guangzhou. After the group visit, President Kang Zeyu said that at present, the voice business is not doing warehousing, logistics, nor has it planned to build warehousing and logistics itself.
But Kang Zeyu’s denial cannot stand up in the face of facts.
Today, on the official recruitment website, there are 74 positions related to “logistics”, including R & D, operation, product and functional positions, involving e-commerce supply chain, logistics middle office and other fields.
For rookie tiktok, logistics is very necessary, but there are rookie and Jingdong pearl Yu in front:
The former is positioned as a social logistics integrator based on Alibaba retail platform, which complements an important link in Alibaba’s performance network by integrating express companies and route transportation enterprises;
The latter is positioned as an integrated logistics service provider, which has established its own supply chain service advantages in the mode of warehouse distribution, and user experience has become its core competitiveness.
Therefore, “copying homework” has become a ready-made shortcut.
In May 2021, according to Tech planet, the voice and electricity business of logistics tiktok came to many former P9 supply chain / logistics personnel. The new ones who left the company from Ali were Wang Wei, Ou Liyong, He Chuan.
Rookie tiktok logistics business is coming to the rookie logistics as it is visible after the P talent is coming.
Tiktok, tiktok, tiktok tiktok, a video of the voice of the business platform, was circulated online on the beginning of August. The screenshots showed that the sound of the quiver will be fully encrypted from August 1st.
As the initiator of electronic face list, Alibaba led many express companies to establish a logistics service provider “rookie network” in 2013. In May of the next year, all express companies accepted the public electronic face list platform launched by rookie network.
Of course, Jingdong and pinduoduo have also launched their own electronic face lists in the follow-up. Therefore, this measure can be regarded as a standard configuration to protect users’ data privacy.
However, what deserves more attention is the capital layout of byte itself in the field of logistics.
On August 25, 2021, byte established two logistics companies, one named Shanghai Daoqu Yuedong Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. and the other is Shanghai Xingchen Yuedong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. their business scope is related to goods warehousing services supervised by the customs.
In the first few days of the same month, byte invested in zongteng group, a global cross-border e-commerce infrastructure service provider, which mainly provides overseas warehousing and other services for cross-border e-commerce merchants.
In addition, it also invested in three logistics robot Enterprises: Jiazhi technology, future robot and syrius Juxing.
On the one hand, it is internal incubation, on the other hand, it is investment at the same time, which is similar to the logic of rookie’s asset layout - self support as a supplement, investment as the main, investment in major logistics enterprises, layout of warehouses, and mastering the big data of sales and logistics.
Rookie’s tiktok network is more likely to rely on the Internet mode of rookie if it takes into account the recent market crazy “tiktok” has completed the investment in the rabbit express, and the integrated voice service of the United States express company.
This seems to be in line with the mainstream thinking. For the tiktok electricity supplier, if it imitates Jingdong logistics, it is undoubtedly very difficult. Jingdong Logistics asset construction costs a lot. In order to implement the logistics construction idea of integrating Jingdong warehouse and equipment, the volume of Jingdong fixed assets and projects under construction is different from that of general logistics enterprises.
But Kwai Kwai Kwai logistics has been ahead of the tiktok, Zhang Yipeng, who was responsible for the sales center of the fast hand business in January 2021, told the twenty-first Century economic report that “no quick self service supply chain planning is built in the short term.”
On the whole, the voice business is trying to make up the logistics puzzle, which is a tiktok question. But the answer it gives is slightly old-fashioned and childish.
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Snow leopard financial services tiktok’s logistics disease: last mile of the fire
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This article is from the official account of WeChat, ID:baoliaohui. The author: Zhang rice, editor: Yi page, 36 krypton authorized.

The “darkest hour” of Ningde era seems not to be over.
As of the closing on February 21, the share price of Ningde times has fallen to 510 yuan, and the total market value has also fallen to 1.19 trillion yuan. Such a share price crisis has been staged many times on the trading day after the opening of the market after the Spring Festival in 2022.
From February 7 to February 11, the share price of Ningde times fell for four days. Especially on February 11, its share price even fell below the 500 yuan mark. As of the closing of the day, it finally fell 5.43% to 489.99 yuan, down nearly 30% from the historical high of 692 yuan set on December 3, 2021. So far, the share price of Ningde era fell by 17.34% in one week, and the market value of 239.2 billion yuan was evaporated.
Pessimism spread rapidly among investors. “The continuous decline in the share price of Ningde era has terrified investors, and bad comments are flying all over the sky, leading many investors to believe that Ningde era still has great room for decline.” A Ningde era investor recalled to the “bullet wealth view”.
In fact, it is not very common for a component manufacturer in the automotive industry chain to gain widespread attention. Ningde era mainly supplies power batteries and solutions for new energy vehicles, and does not directly face end consumers. Usually, it should play the role of “behind the scenes” without too high popularity.
However, Ningde era has attracted much attention for two reasons: on the one hand, after more than three years of listing, the total market value of Ningde era has fully doubled by 16 times, which is dubbed “ningmao”; On the other hand, power batteries account for 40% - 50% of the whole vehicle cost of new energy vehicles. Ningde era directly affects the vehicle delivery of various new energy vehicle manufacturers and the development direction of power batteries.
According to the “bullet wealth view”, there are various reasons for the continuous decline of share price in Ningde era, and the deep-seated reasons point to the loosening of the view of “hegemony theory in Ningde era” held by investors.
A common phenomenon is that in order to ensure the smooth supply chain, new energy vehicle manufacturers increasingly do not want to rely too much on a power battery manufacturer, which may change the dominant situation in Ningde era.
Some people in the new energy vehicle industry once told the “bullet financial view” that the purpose of new energy vehicle manufacturers to “escape” from the Ningde era is not non cooperation, but to reduce costs in the supply chain and grasp more dominant power, so as to prevent monopoly and supply interruption in the supply chain.
The above investors also expressed similar views. They believe that power battery manufacturers who rush to buy orders have emerged one after another, and technical barriers have been broken. Even new energy vehicle manufacturers have begun to build their own power battery supply chain. In the long run, the trend of Ningde era may not be clear.
Some of the causes of the crisis are easier to solve than others. On February 13, Ningde times issued a statement on a series of bad remarks, saying that recently, malicious rumors such as Ningde times being sanctioned by the United States, being excluded from the gem index and collapsing with Tesla have emerged on the network platform, causing misinterpretation and misunderstanding in the market. Now it has officially reported to the public security organ and will investigate the legal responsibility of the rumor mongers according to law.
The continued decline of the stock price was stopped by this statement - at the close of February 14, Ningde era’s stock price returned to the 500 yuan mark to 508 yuan. However, the haze has not yet dissipated. Since the opening of the market on February 7, its share price has fallen by 11.98% and its total market value has shrunk by about 180 billion yuan.
The rise and fall of share price is only an abstract performance, which is reflected in specific events. On the one hand, the price of raw materials for lithium batteries such as battery grade lithium carbonate in the upstream has gone up all the way, resulting in an obvious rise in the production cost of Ningde era; On the other hand, power battery manufacturers such as LG new energy and honeycomb energy are rising, eroding the market share of Ningde era and causing local threats to it.
Although Ningde era has been the world’s largest power battery manufacturer for five consecutive years, it seems not easy to return to its peak.

01. Lithium battery raw materials continue to be in short supply

In recent years, the soaring price of lithium battery raw materials can be called “Crazy”.
According to the data of Shanghai Nonferrous Metals network, as of February 17, battery grade lithium carbonate increased by 8000 to 430000 yuan / ton; Battery grade coarse-grained lithium hydroxide increased by 8000 yuan to 364500 yuan / ton; Lithium hexafluorophosphate increased by 10000 yuan to 560000 yuan / ton.
The price of battery grade lithium carbonate increased by 48.3% compared with 290000 yuan / ton at the beginning of 2022 and 681% compared with 55000 yuan / ton at the beginning of 2021.
Raw material prices remained high, and power battery manufacturers quickly responded. LG new energy, BYD, GuoXuan high tech, Penghui energy and Samsung SDI have announced price adjustment strategies, with price increases ranging from 5% to 20%.
Someone from Ningde times admitted that the short-term rise in the cost of raw materials such as battery grade lithium carbonate did have a certain impact on profits. Li Ming, a new materials analyst, revealed to bullet Caiguan that although the price of battery grade lithium carbonate has increased by more than six times, it is far from reaching the high point. “The price of battery grade lithium carbonate will continue to rise steadily in the near future, which will also lead to the rising production cost of power battery manufacturers. It is generally predicted in the industry that the price of battery grade lithium carbonate is expected to rise to 500000 yuan / ton.”
However, compared with the price rise, what makes power battery manufacturers crazy is that money can’t buy raw materials.
“There is a big gap in the supply of raw materials,” Guo Liang, a person in the new energy vehicle industry, analyzed the “bullet financial view.” it is mainly because the outbreak of sales of new energy vehicles has exacerbated the shortage of raw materials, and as a raw material supplier, it has no way to expand in a short time. “
Li Ming predicted that the shortage of lithium battery raw materials will continue for about 1-2 years, and the global competition for lithium resources will further intensify.
A fact that can not be ignored is that the control of the upstream and downstream supply chain and the stable supply of upstream raw materials have become the key to the survival and development of power battery manufacturers.
Investment is the most important means to control the upstream and downstream industrial chain. In order to balance the cost pressure caused by the rise in the price of raw materials, Ningde times is investing and acquiring lithium mines everywhere to strengthen the stability of its raw material supply.
In July 2021, Ganfeng international, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ganfeng lithium, proposed to launch a tender offer for Millennium lithium, a Canadian lithium company, with a transaction amount of no more than C $353 million (about RMB 1.820 billion), but was later intercepted by Ningde times at a price of C $378.6 million (about RMB 1.887 billion).
A major reason behind Ningde times and Ganfeng lithium competing to acquire Millennium lithium is that Millennium lithium has two Argentine Salt Lake projects that mainly produce battery grade lithium carbonate and lithium compounds.
Then, Tianhua times, a shareholder of Ningde times, invested US $240 million (about RMB 1.552 billion) in Manono lithium mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is reported that Manono lithium deposit is one of the hard rock lithium deposits with the largest reserves and the highest grade that have been found at present. The proved resource volume has reached 269 million tons and the estimated lithium resource reserve has reached 400 million tons.
Ningde era has also accelerated the layout of industrial chain in China. Specifically, Sichuan times new energy, a subsidiary of Ningde times, signed a joint venture agreement with Ganzi investment group, Yibin Sanjiang Huida company and Sichuan Tianfu Mining Company to increase the supply of lithium resources; In order to further accelerate the construction of lithium iron phosphate project in Shehong, Sichuan, Ningde times also signed a supplementary agreement and increased capital with Fulin Seiko and its subsidiaries.
In addition, Yongxing materials and its wholly-owned subsidiary Jiangxi Yongxing special steel new energy announced that it plans to establish a joint venture with Ningde times to build a project with an annual output of 20000 tons of lithium carbonate, and the output of lithium carbonate will be preferentially supplied to Ningde times.
It is worth mentioning that Ningde times has also jointly established 15 power battery manufacturing companies with more than 10 new energy vehicle manufacturers such as BAIC new energy and SAIC. According to incomplete statistics, more than 80% of the investment projects in Ningde era are closely related to the upstream and downstream industrial chain.
The advantages of binding upstream and downstream industrial chains are also very obvious. Hua’an Securities pointed out in the research report that Ningde times can get raw materials at a lower price, such as ternary cathode, which accounts for the highest proportion in the production cost of power battery, and Ningde times enjoys a discount of more than 10%.

02. Competitors catch up

The knot of the shortage of lithium battery raw materials has not been solved, but the challengers who openly challenge the Ningde era have emerged.
On January 27, LG new energy, the second largest power battery manufacturer in the world and the largest power battery manufacturer in Korea, was officially listed on the Korean stock exchange. The listing of LG new energy completely ignited the enthusiasm of Korean investors. As of the close of the day, the share price of LG new energy soared 68%, with a total market value of 624 billion yuan, becoming the second highest enterprise in South Korea after Samsung Electronics.
In the field of lithium-ion batteries, LG new energy is a true pioneer. After 27 years of development, except in South Korea, LG new energy’s business scope almost covers the European and American markets. However, for a long time, LG new energy has been suppressed by Ningde era. Until it got a huge order from Tesla’s Shanghai factory in 2020, the momentum gradually became fierce.
According to the statistics of SNE research, a Korean market research institution, in 2021, the global power battery loading volume of Ningde era was 96.7gwh, with a year-on-year increase of 167.5%. The global market share increased from 24.6% in 2020 to 32.6%, while LG new energy ranked second with a global market share of 20.3%.
Tesla and Geely are the main customers of LG new energy in the Chinese market, but even so, LG new energy’s performance in the Chinese market is still difficult to be optimistic.
According to the statistics of China automotive power battery industry innovation alliance, in 2021, the top five power battery enterprises in China were Ningde times, BYD, China Innovation airlines, GuoXuan high tech and LG new energy, with market share of 52.1%, 16.2%, 5.9%, 5.2% and 4% respectively.
Although the total market value and market share are inferior to that of Ningde era, LG new energy has no small ambition. Earlier, Quan yingshou, CEO of LG new energy, said bluntly at the South Korean media exchange meeting, “considering that more battery orders have been received, LG new energy’s global market share is expected to exceed Ningde era and become the first in the world.”
Sun Guang, a practitioner in the power battery industry, disagreed with this. He told the “bullet financial view” that “if we do not improve the market share in the Chinese market, LG new energy will surpass Ningde era in the global market in the distant future.”
Subsequently, he added: “LG new energy’s business includes energy storage battery business, power battery business and consumer battery business, while Ningde era does not involve consumer battery business. In terms of business performance, the two sides are equal. In fact, there is still a big gap between LG new energy and Ningde era.”
However, LG new energy can not be underestimated. In the first three quarters of 2021, the gross profit margin of LG new energy was 24.25%, which was only 3.26% lower than that of Ningde era. It is noteworthy that the gross profit margin of the former was growing, while that of the latter showed a slight downward trend.
In the Chinese market, the defense of Ningde era is not solid. In addition to LG new energy, honeycomb energy also has the strength to challenge the Ningde era. On January 13, 2022, honeycomb energy conducted listing guidance and filing in Jiangsu securities regulatory bureau, and plans to log on to the science and innovation board.
The predecessor of honeycomb energy is the power battery division of Great Wall Motors, which began to operate independently in 2018. Although the volume of honeycomb energy is small, it has been developing by leaps and bounds. According to the statistical data of SNE research, the loading volume of honeycomb energy increased by 430% year-on-year in 2021, ranking 10th with a 1% global market share.
In December 2021, Yang Hongxin, chairman and CEO of honeycomb energy, revealed at the second battery day of honeycomb energy that as of December, honeycomb energy had signed more than 30 fixed-point projects, including Great Wall, Dongfeng, FAW, Geely, Hezhong new energy, Thalis and Zero run.
The capital pool of honeycomb energy is also quite abundant. So far, honeycomb energy has successively completed five rounds of financing, with a cumulative financing amount of tens of billions of yuan and a valuation of 46 billion yuan.
In addition to the above two strong rivals, BYD is also one of the strongest competitors in Ningde era. In 2021, BYD’s loading capacity was 3.39 GWH, accounting for 20.93% of the Chinese market.
However, at present, the blade batteries produced by BYD are almost used by its own models, which means that the loading volume of BYD alone, a new energy vehicle manufacturer, accounts for more than 20% of the Chinese market. At present, blade batteries are also favored by many new energy vehicle manufacturers, such as Tesla, velai and Volkswagen Group.
Sun Guang told “bullet financial view” that there are two key points in the competition among power battery manufacturers at present, one is the production capacity, and the other is the revolutionary technology. The current market pattern will not change greatly until both have not changed.
However, some small changes are taking place. In addition to LG new energy, beehive energy and BYD, power battery manufacturers such as China Innovation airlines, xinwanda and GuoXuan high tech have gradually entered the supply chain system of some leading new energy vehicle manufacturers, forming a siege against the Ningde era.

03. Ningde era opens up a new battlefield

Surprisingly, while struggling on the power battery battlefield, Ningde era has freed up its hands to open up a new battlefield.
On January 18, times electric service, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningde times, launched the power exchange service brand evogo (Le hang power exchange) and the overall power exchange solution composed of three products: “power exchange block, quick exchange station and app”:
“Chocolate power exchange block” is a modular battery specially developed for power exchange mode. A single block can provide a endurance of about 200 kilometers, and is suitable for 80% of the models developed by pure electric platforms that have been listed in the world and will be listed in the next three years;
The quick change station can adapt to all models using “chocolate power change blocks”. At the same time, 48 power change blocks can be stored in the station, which can realize automatic power change, and the power change time is about 1 minute;
App is a supporting program specially designed for power exchange, which provides the interconnection and service of people, vehicles, stations and power blocks.
On February 14, at the meeting for specific objects held by Ningde times, its management explained the reasons for entering the power exchange market, “It is difficult to replace the models in the price range of 80000-120000 by electrification. The first purchase cost of new energy vehicles (excluding batteries) can be lower than that of fuel vehicles, and the replacement speed is equal to that of fuel vehicles, so as to solve the problem of cost performance.”
However, the significance of entering the power exchange market is more than that.
“The layout of power exchange business in Ningde times can help it cope with the business bottleneck period in advance and complete the commercial closed loop of ‘mining - R & D and manufacturing - supply - recycling’, which is essentially to solve the anxiety about the supply of raw materials for upstream lithium batteries.” Li Ming analyzed the “bullet financial view” and said, “if the upstream raw material supply is impacted due to some uncontrollable factors, the power exchange business can play a complementary and alternative role.”
At the same time, the power exchange market is still a huge market with a scale of 100 billion. Orient Securities pointed out in the research report that in 2025, the number of replacement trams in China is expected to reach 5 million, about 22000 replacement power stations will be put into operation, and the scale of the operating market is expected to touch 263.1 billion yuan.
From the significance and market space of power exchange business, although the road of power exchange in Ningde era has bright prospects, there are still many difficulties in implementing it.
“The production standards and size specifications of power batteries mainly depend on power battery manufacturers and new energy vehicle manufacturers. The current market share in Ningde era is still difficult to reach the height of industry standard setters, which means that it is still unknown how many manufacturers are willing to try and adopt.” People in the industry said.
Another fact we have to face up to is that the power exchange business is still difficult to make a profit.
For example, the total revenue of Aodong new energy, a new energy vehicle power exchange service provider, in 2018-2020 was 82 million yuan, 212 million yuan and 190 million yuan respectively, while the net profit was - 186 million yuan, - 162 million yuan and - 249 million yuan respectively. Aodong new energy has not only been in the mire of loss, but also its loss continues to expand.
However, there is a more optimistic view that with the accession of Ningde era and the introduction of policies to further clarify the standards related to the construction of replacement power stations, the problem of industry standards is expected to be solved faster.
In fact, the power exchange business is not enough to fill the ambition of Ningde era.
In the latest record of investor relations activities released by Ningde times, an investor asked: “China Kehai sodium has cooperated with Three Gorges energy. Does the company cooperate with sodium innovative energy? How is the layout of the industrial chain?”
In this regard, the Secretary of Ningde times replied: “at present, the company has started the industrialization layout of sodium ion batteries, and a basic industrial chain will be formed in 2023.”
The price of raw materials for upstream lithium batteries is rising. In addition to laying out the power exchange business, Ningde era has also launched a plan to find alternatives to lithium-ion batteries.
In July 2021, Ningde times officially released the first generation of sodium ion battery. The energy density of the single cell of the sodium ion battery has reached 160wh / kg, which is the highest level in the world. After charging for 15 minutes at room temperature, the power can reach 80%. Even in the low temperature environment of - 20 ℃, it still has a discharge retention rate of more than 90%.
However, compared with lithium-ion batteries with an energy density of 300wh / kg, sodium ion batteries are slightly inferior, but one advantage of the latter that cannot be ignored is that its raw material price has a huge advantage over the former - the raw material price of sodium ion batteries is about 4000-5000 yuan / ton.
In addition, the working principle of sodium ion battery is very similar to that of lithium ion battery. Its manufacturing equipment is also fully compatible with lithium ion battery, and the conversion cost is low.
Solid state batteries are also a major technological trend. Compared with lithium-ion batteries, although solid-state batteries are also inseparable from lithium, there is almost no consumption of lithium ions in the process of charging and discharging, which can keep the capacity of solid-state batteries stable for a long time and greatly improve the cycle life.
There is a view that the solid-state battery will become the ultimate form of the power battery of new energy vehicles. At the same time, it is also an important watershed and technical commanding point in the power battery industry. “The day when the solid-state battery is popularized is the time when the fuel vehicles withdraw from the historical stage”.
Before the emergence of revolutionary technology, it has become the consensus of power battery manufacturers to stabilize the basic plate of power battery business by expanding production capacity and constantly explore new battlefields.
“The leading position of Ningde era is not so easy to be shaken, but it is uncertain that a battery technology revolution will break out one day. In order to hold the position of the first brother of power battery, Ningde era can only run desperately.” The industry said.
*Li Ming, Guo Liang and sun Guang are pseudonyms.
This article is from WeChat official account, ID:zidancaiguan. The author: Yin Taibai, editor: egg total, 36 krypton authorized to issue.

main points:

  1. China’s music therapy industry is getting more attention, which is related to the social background of about 54 million people suffering from depression and about 41 million people suffering from anxiety disorder.
  2. The music healing industry has diversified manifestations. Not only is the offline Songbo music hot, but also platforms such as Himalaya and cool dog have entered the market. At the same time, there are also a large number of music content creators.
  3. Behind the music therapy industry is the basic logic of music therapy, which has gone from theory to the public.
  4. To become a music therapist, there must be professional and professional regulations, but beyond this specific concept, everyone can apply music to life for self adjustment.
    “What do you like about this song?” Gao Tian asked the visitor.
    “I don’t know English, so I don’t know what to sing inside, but I think it sounds good. I think this song is very kind and kind.”
    When Gao Tian asked about the relationship between the visitor and his father, the visitor was stunned at first. He didn’t speak for a long time, and then his tears came down. Dad said, “I never got love in my father’s arms.”
    This is an ordinary music therapy scene. Gao Tian, the founder of the domestic music therapy discipline, told the little antler music finance. “In music therapy, it is said that a person likes a song or a piece of music for no reason. It is purely pleasant to hear. It must have something to do with his own unique life experience or the needs of the emotional world.”
    The healing function of music is a new way of punk health preservation for a generation, which is related to the current general state of the public.
    According to the sample survey of residents in 16 cities with a population of more than one million conducted by China Health Association in 2021, the proportion of sub-health in China has reached more than 70%, and the population in sub-health status has reached about 700 million, showing an upward trend. According to who statistics, about 54 million people in China suffer from depression and about 41 million people suffer from anxiety disorders.
    Meanwhile, according to the survey data of China Sleep Research Association, the incidence of insomnia in Chinese adults is 38.2%, and nearly 300 million people may need sleep services such as sound therapy.
    In fact, the logic behind the release of iResearch music therapy 2021 is the basis of music therapy in China.
    So how does music therapy develop? Will music therapy guided by it be the next outlet?

    Music therapy based on professional disciplines

    Although the first Chinese medical book, Huangdi Neijing, discusses in detail the relationship between people’s heart, liver, spleen, lung and stomach and the five tone palace Shang Jiao Yu, and puts forward the theory that “there are five internal organs to respond to the five tones”, “happy and sad, angry hurt the liver, excellent hurt the lung, think about hurting the swelling and fear hurting the arm. Therefore, the musician moves the blood circulation, spirit and right heart”, But music therapy officially became a professional discipline at the University of Casas in 1940.
    After more than half a century of development, the scope of work of music therapists has covered many fields, such as psychology, rehabilitation, anesthesia, childbirth, hospice care, cancer rehabilitation, hospital living environment, pain control, physical and mental disease maintenance and so on.
    Zhang Hongyi, a college of music in China, was founded in 1988. Although due to teachers and other reasons, this major will be closed soon. But this master class opened the way for the professional development of music therapy. In 1997, under the leadership of Gao Tian, the Central Conservatory of music systematically introduced the discipline of music therapy and established the research center of music therapy. Then, the professional education of music therapy in China rose one after another.
    However, in terms of public cognition and acceptance, music therapy is still “minority”, and this major first came into public view after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008.
    At that time, Gao Tian led a team to the disaster area to carry out music therapy activities. In November of the same year, Gao Tian was invited to attend the annual meeting of American music therapy and delivered a speech on “music therapy crisis intervention in China’s Sichuan earthquake”, which caused a sensation in the American music therapy industry. This speech also enabled the practice of Chinese music therapy to gradually step onto the international stage.
    In addition to discipline construction, social vocational education of music therapists is also in full bloom. Gaotian music mental health research center, China Commercial Enterprise Association, music medicine and technical equipment branch of China Medical Equipment Association and other social organizations have provided certification training courses for music therapists, and “hindmet” practical music (Chengdu hindmet Culture Communication Co., Ltd.) has also provided brand certification training for gebmusik music therapists.
    In 2014, after many efforts, China business enterprise management association approved the establishment of the music therapist Industry Committee of China business enterprise management association. Gao Tian, Zhao Xin, Liu Mingming, Wang Bing, Liu Lichun, Zhou Ping, Wang Lujie, Zhang Xiaoying and a group of practitioners from various universities, 100 million yuan and rehabilitation centers formed a supervisor group.
    What develops in the same way as education is practice. However, in terms of the chronological development order of music therapy in China, music physiotherapy precedes music therapy. In the late 1970s, the physiotherapy departments of some hospitals began to use music electrotherapy, including music electrotherapy and music electroacupuncture. Later, there were successively music light frequency therapy, music guidance (Music qigong) and other treatment methods.
    In September 1984, Mawangdui sanatorium established the first psychomusic treatment room in China. From 1985 to 1986, Beijing Huilongguan Hospital and Beijing Anding Hospital cooperated with music professionals to carry out scientific research on active music therapy for senile depression and operational music therapy for chronic schizophrenia.
    In 1991, Beijing Huilongguan Hospital established a music treatment room in the behavior treatment area, which is also the first hospital to establish a music treatment room in the national psychiatric hospital, and created a new treatment model for the rehabilitation of mental patients.
    During the municipal government covid-19, COVID-19 and the provincial and municipal governments attached great importance to the psychological assistance of new crowns infected with pneumonia, close contacts, front-line workers and difficult people. They issued a number of psychological aid policies and measures, and asked for continuous psychological counseling, emotional support and psychological crisis intervention.
    Beijing Huilongguan Hospital has set up a psychological rescue medical team to provide targeted and effective psychological decompression and relaxation methods for front-line medical staff in the fight against the epidemic, including music therapy. In addition, various institutions, colleges and individual music therapists in the field of music therapy have responded to the call and contributed to the cause of psychological assistance.
    For example, Professor Wan Ying, a professor at Wuhan Conservatory of Music, led the team to start the music therapy radio, and sent two music decompression and relaxation music packages to the public through the WeChat official account. Zhang Ren, a distinguished expert from the research center of personality and social psychology of Peking University, dredged the panic psychology of the people in the form of online micro courses, and gave guidance to the medical staff in the epidemic area on music therapy technology.
    Gao Tian, who has retired from the Central Conservatory of music, has established a “music therapy online psychological assistance hotline platform”, which solves the obstacles of face-to-face consultation technology caused by the epidemic through remote means such as ear worms, mer trauma treatment technology and music safety island, so as to carry out psychological intervention. Wen Yun and Shi Jingjie in Guangzhou jointly launched the “home music self-care action” with other music therapists, using music to provide emotional regulation and relief for residents in the sealed area.
    Strictly speaking, home music self-care cannot be regarded as the category of music therapy.
    In October 2021, Gao Tian also mentioned in the academic lecture “Reflection on the development of music therapy in China and Thinking on Postmodern music psychotherapy” that the boundary between music therapy and “music entertainment” is vague, which can not reflect the uniqueness, professionalism and technicality of music therapy. Therapists must prove the medical and social value of this profession in the clinical process in order to make the public recognize music therapy as a systematic science.
    However, music therapist Wen Yun said that music self-care is a set of public oriented methods based on “music guided imagination” in music therapy, which can spread the concept of music therapy to more people.
    In order to make the public better understand the significance of music therapy, Zhang Ren, who has long been engaged in music therapy and clinical psychological research in the field of adolescent emotional intervention and marginal criminal behavior intervention, wrote the musical psychological drama addictive people. Different from the previous dramas promoting drug addiction and Internet addiction, the play does not blindly emphasize the serious harm of these addictions, but discusses the environmental and psychological factors of the formation of these addictions.
    In November 2021, the third annual academic conference of the World League music therapy Specialized Committee was held in Shanghai. The topics of music therapy and music therapy, the quality standard for training professionals in music therapy, and the construction of first-rate professional were discussed in the era of music therapy and Chinese medicine, COVID-19 and post epidemic Era.
    With the development of music therapy, the healing music industry came into being.

    Music healing industry in the exploratory period

    According to the public data of Himalaya, in 2020, more than 83 million people listened to healing music in Himalaya, and the average consumption amount of music paying users reached 76 yuan. From 2018 to 2020, the number of healing music listeners increased by 302%.
    By 2021, according to the white paper on Chinese scene music users in 2021 released by iResearch, the vast majority of users of healing scenes prefer soothing and decompressing music, accounting for 83.7%, and the user stickiness is high. The cumulative proportion of listening to healing scene music once a day or more is as high as 57.5%. In addition, in terms of the single listening time of users, users in the healing scene will listen for more than 1 to 2 hours at a time. In addition, many users will listen for more than 3 hours at a time.
    In terms of willingness to pay, more users are willing to pay for soothing and decompressing music and lonely healing music. The cumulative willingness to pay for these two music forms is 82.4% and 80.7% respectively, of which users aged 26 to 30 have the highest willingness to pay. Among the types of soothing and decompressing music, users aged 31 to 35 and 41 to 45 also pay a relatively high proportion, reaching 56.1% and 50% respectively.
    In 2021, kugou cooperated with the ear circle to launch “delta brain wave 3D immersive sleep aid music”, and worked with the medical team and psychological institutions to create a “healing zone”, including the music for the scene of pregnancy and childbirth based on the social environment with a probability of depression of up to 43%.
    As a team focusing on situational auditory content production and technology research and development, ear circle is also the top blogger of healing music in the Himalayas. According to the ear team, the production of healing music must be based on early experiments, which is also the most important part.
    Music healing is ultimately to act on people, with certain functionality, not just the appreciation of pure music, so it must have a basis. Based on the research of experiments and papers, discuss with musicians and sound excellence, and then use some more advanced audio production technologies, and add professional contents such as psychology and cognitive behavior therapy to ensure that the album is professional and effective, and at the same time, it also conforms to the aesthetics of Chinese people in music.
    In addition to the ears, with the vigorous development of scene music, there are also a large number of scene music content creators in the market. Based on the market demand, kugou launched an open platform for self-service distribution of scene music and video content; After the content is released, the cool dog traffic bonus will be shared to realize diversified realization. It is understood that the open platform has gathered more than 10000 creators of various contents.
    In addition to the online market, the exploration of music therapy online and offline has existed long ago, and the current expression methods are becoming more and more diversified.
    The heart rhyme healing Academy established by Wang Yuan in 2006 is the leader in the sound Bowl Healing industry. At present, it has trained more than 6000 healers. The sound bowl training camp of heart rhyme therapy lasts for 12 days. The first 7 days are first-order and second-order techniques and case study; The next 5 days are marketing training. Compared with Songbo, Yinbo is more committed to cultivating excellent Yinbo healers. On December 15, 2021, the first five senses healing education and training demonstration base in China officially landed at Xinyun Beijing headquarters.
    During the Spring Festival, due to the popularity of short-term training, Shanghai Songbo Yinbo physical and mental therapist training class is also called to start the human body’s self-healing ability through listening and physical contact, so as to help the human body restore a balanced and harmonious state of health. Fees range from 1180 yuan for the primary level to 3980 yuan for the advanced level, and the service of examining the certificate of sound therapy tutor is also provided.
    Although there are different views on whether the effect of sound therapy can meet the expectations on the Internet, Shanghai nianqian Culture Communication Co., Ltd., established in 2018, is sought after by a group of fans for its sub-health status and career development anxiety of contemporary people.
    The ear circle also mentioned with fawn horn music finance that some hotels will ask them to customize some albums in order to provide soothing sleep supporting music or vocals when guests sleep. The monthly club will also customize some music to help mothers alleviate anxiety and depression.
    With the development of science and technology, AI technology has also brought new development to the music therapy industry. The ear circle mentioned that the healing music has been shaped into a three-dimensional auditory scene through some 3D engine technology and the production of virtual reality content. In the future, it may involve some means of using artificial intelligence algorithms to generate music.
    Muru music health, founded abroad in 2020, claims to be the first music streaming media platform for people over the age of 60. It creates a personalized music experience through AI according to users’ hobbies and interests, and uses AI technology to resist the impact of brain aging. At present, the software charges its members a $67.90 (about $50) every six months, and has established an exclusive music partnership with Universal Music Australia to obtain a larger music library and cooperate with Google cloud to technically start faster and smarter work.
    Hebei Caiwen Technology Co., Ltd. in China is a high-tech company focusing on EEG research, low-frequency sound wave pulse application and EMT EEG music therapy. Its frequency music medical team has launched frequency music headphones through the combination of low-frequency sound wave pulse technology and music therapy.
    Referring to the current development status of the industry, the ear team said that from the experience of these two or three years, the industry is still in its infancy. The logic of the whole industry is not very clear, including the source of income and how to realize it. However, from the user feedback, there are particularly many people with sleep problems and psychological problems. Chen Fuguo, a teacher from the ear group, once said that at present, almost one-third to one-quarter of people in clinical practice have sleep problems. In addition, patients with anxiety, depression and fear also account for the majority of patients. From this perspective, music therapy still has development prospects.
    In addition, although the overall industry is not particularly large, we have begun to pay attention to it slowly. From the amount of broadcasting in the ear, the epidemic has also prompted people to pay more attention to sleep and mental health.
    But at the same time, some chaos also accompanied.
    In 2020, a kind of music called “subliminal” became popular in station B. up owners claim that this kind of music can not only listen more and more beautiful, comparable to painless cosmetic surgery, but also improve financial status, eliminate viruses and private customized wishes. For a time, the number of hits of various videos has soared. At present, the number of hits of “true! High nose bridge / nose base dry goods, sharing at the bottom of up” has exceeded 400000. However, at the top of the video, station B has marked the words “this content is for entertainment only, please don’t believe it”.
    This kind of “song + positive guide + several good-looking photos” is a combination. Subliminal has existed on YouTube for several years, but there has been constant negative news. Blogger sapien medicine even added a sales link directly below his subliminal video. The price ranged from $22 or $3 to $136, which was called fraud by many netizens.
    Another blogger, mind power, was accused of hiding some dark subconscious ideas in the video, which plunged the audience into nightmares and greatly affected their mental state. Some people were even sent to the emergency room. However, these symptoms gradually disappeared within a few weeks after she stopped using it. Although mind power’s account was closed, the debate continued. Rose subliminals, another blogger, publicly admitted that she had added negative hints to the video. After that, she chose to quit the subconscious community and close her YouTube account.
    Some netizens attribute it to music therapy. So, does this belong to the category of music therapy? We consulted Gao Tian, whose master’s thesis is about the study of subliminal music. Gao Tian said that from an academic point of view, no matter looking through previous papers or through his own experiments, no significant difference was found, so this method can not be said to be useful or useless.
    However, in the business world, no matter whether it is useful or not, as long as they see the business opportunities, some people boast that this thing is magical, “even if someone wants to cooperate with themselves, I refuse. I say you can do research on science, but push it to the market without the support of solid experimental data. I think this is a kind of deception”.
    Gao Tian also cited an example. When he first returned to China in 1997, some people sold this at a high price. At that time, an ordinary music CD was about seven or eight yuan, but this kind of CD sold for 2800 yuan. It was falsely said that it was the high technology and subconscious of the United States. In addition, success learning was very popular at that time. Some people thought that after the subconscious input, they could succeed, Can make a fortune, so I don’t care about the 2800 yuan.
    However, for the chaos of industry development, discipline leaders have been trying to lead the public out of misunderstanding.
    Liu Mingming, director of the music therapy center of the Central Conservatory of music, once pointed out that music therapy is not a music prescription for symptomatic listening to music. Music is directly related to everyone’s growth background, social environment and cultural environment. Everyone has different feelings about the same music work. So we can’t say which music solves what problem like prescribing.
    But at the same time, music has something in common. For example, medium speed and slow music with soft melody can make people relax, but it’s like asking the doctor what kind of diet is conducive to health. The doctor will give you a balanced diet, eat more vegetables and fruits and eat less greasy. It’s the most basic principle and doesn’t involve targeted treatment suggestions.
    Liu Mingming also stressed that music therapy is not a simple collage of “music + psychology + medicine”, and in addition to theoretical learning, it is also a highly practical discipline. Therefore, music therapists need comprehensive professional training. They can’t become music therapists by participating in short-term training. About the professional training of music therapists The issue of industry access standards for qualification certification needs to be discussed.
    But at the same time, in addition to the professional concept of music therapist, music belongs to all mankind. Everyone has the right, ability and conditions to use music to enrich and beautify their own life, and apply music to life for self adjustment, which everyone can do.
    Generally speaking, in terms of discipline, the goal of music therapy major in Colleges and universities is to cultivate music therapy professionals who meet the needs of society.
    Cui Yiyun, a new generation practitioner of music therapy who graduated from the Central Conservatory of music, once said that music therapy is relatively mature in Beijing. There are professional music therapy in the Autism Center of Bo’ai hospital and the psychology department of Beijing Anding Hospital. However, in more and more cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Foshan, Wuxi, Hangzhou and Qinhuangdao, Music therapy has begun to appear.
    In the market, there are various music therapy institutions, clinics and apps, and the industry is still sporadic and scattered. However, the exploration and attempt of the healing industry has played a positive role in the professionalization and professionalization of domestic music therapy.
    China’s music therapy still has a long way to go, but the anxiety of the general environment makes people more and more dependent on the healing effect of music. The entry of cool dog has taken the first step. In the art examination that kicked off in the new year, another batch of fresh blood has joined the industry.
    Will there be new entrants to the music healing market in 2022?
    This article is from WeChat public No. ID:musicbusiness, the official account of krypton, 36 krypton.

Key points:

  1. The Cambodian “blood slave” incident has put 58 cities on the cusp of the storm. Many 58 employees in the same city said frankly to Sina technology that false information is the “ancestral problem” of the company.
  2. On China’s judicial documents online, 5638 documents can be found by searching “58 cities” and “causes of criminal cases”. Many criminals recruit accomplices and look for criminal targets in 58 the same city.
  3. It is rumored that 58 companies in the same city have heard Yao Jinbo’s laissez faire attitude towards false information on the grounds that “the penalty loss due to false information is less than the loss due to business adjustment”.
    “58 city, a magical website!” This advertising word became popular from Yang Mi’s mouth and spread all over the streets.
    But for those victims, the “magical” 58 city brings nightmares.
    According to the information on the official website of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, a man surnamed Li was attracted by false job advertisements on the Internet and was coerced by criminal gangs to smuggle into Cambodia. Later, he was illegally detained by the early online gambling and electronic fraud gang in Sihanouk port, and was drawn a lot of blood for many times, resulting in his life in danger. The man mentioned in an interview that his nightmare began with a job advertisement in the same city. The advertisement claims that a nightclub in Guangxi recruits security guards with a salary of 6000 yuan per month.
    In other words, without this advertisement, men might not have suffered accidents.
    A few days ago, 58 city responded to the matter: it has been communicated to the relevant departments, the case is under continuous investigation, and it has not been determined that the victim saw the recruitment information in 58 city, nor the recruitment information released by the corresponding enterprise.
    Whether the same city is really involved in the case remains to be determined by the investigation results of the police of the two countries. But for a long time, the accusations of fraud in 58 cities have never stopped.

    False information, 58 ancestral problems in the same city

    “58 false information in the same city is an ancestral problem.” A 58 city employee commented.
    Before joining 58, she also suffered losses in renting a house in the same city. Not long after renting a house in 58 the same city, he was threatened by the black intermediary and had to move out of the house whose lease had not expired, and the remaining rent and deposit could not be taken back.
    Her professional experience in 58 made her realize that false information is a difficult problem almost unsolvable in 58. Whether it is recruitment, renting or second-hand transactions, there are a large number of false information.
    “In July 2018, my good friend resold a Jingdong card on 58 and was cheated by the screenshot of forged transfer records.” a user told Sina technology that before long, he himself encountered a new scam on the transfer under 58 and fell into a serial trap after being photographed by the buyer for idle items, Finally, the customer service forged by the fraudsters was cheated out of 2200 yuan on the grounds of “authentication is required for the collection of goods sold”.
    The same case is not uncommon on the consumer service platform black cat.
    In October 2020, a user saw a Guangzhou company recruiting a clerk in 58 cities, so he arrived at the interview place according to the time and place provided by the other party, but was asked to spend 430 yuan for certificates to start the interview. After the user paid for the certificate, he was asked to go home and wait for the work arrangement. After waiting for half a month, there was no news, so I went to ask for a refund again. So far, the refund has not arrived.
    Some users complained that they encountered a black intermediary in the same city in 58. Under the name of “introducing to work in a bar”, they took themselves and three others to the so-called workplace. They were not only required to pay 300 yuan for clothing and 60 yuan for information, but also took their personal ID card to handle mobile phone cards.
    As of February 21, the number of complaints about 58 in the same city on black cat had reached 9656, and there were new complaints about 58 in the same city almost every day, mostly focusing on recruitment fraud, fraudulent use of domestic services, malicious misappropriation of funds and so on.
    A former employee of 58 in the same city told Sina technology that next to the front desk of 58 headquarters building in Jiuxianqiao, Beijing, there is a room dedicated to receiving and mediating door-to-door defenders. Many of the door-to-door defenders are users who have encountered fraud and suffered great losses in 58 in the same city. “Almost every day, there is an endless stream. Before, the company was surrounded by defenders.” He said.
    Sina science and technology found that there are not many criminal acts breeding in 58 cities.
    For example, the judgment of case No. (2021) yuxingzhong No. 129 shows that Xinhua guarantee company has published advertisements in 58 cities and ganji.com (which has been merged by 58 cities) for extensive publicity, exaggerated its company strength and absorbed social public funds at high interest rates. Finally, the legal person of the company was convicted of fund-raising fraud and loan fraud.
    Case number (2021), Chongqing 30 and case No. 2020 (2020) Yun sentence 1008, the suspect has found that the suspects were recruited by the couple in the 58 cities to transport drugs. Case number (2020) Yun punishment No. 1001 judgment shows that the suspect found the object of fraud through the rental information of 58 cities. Case number (2018), the sentence No. 356 of Xiang Ling, showed that the suspect had formed a fraud group by recruiting 58 confederates.

    Why are criminals keen on 58 recruitment?

    The actual experience of sina technology found that the threshold for recruitment on 58 is quite low, and reducing the cost of crime has become the breeding ground for crime.
    You can choose a full-time job information and a full-time job address on Sina Technology website. However, before confirming the release, 58 cities are forced to join the job seeker protection plan. This so-called security plan is actually a deposit. If a cash account is used, it only needs to pay 10000 yuan.
    This deposit can be refunded, even if it is non refundable. For many criminals, due to the huge benefits, this cost is not enough to become an obstacle - the victim of the “blood slave case” in Cambodia was sold to a network investment company in Sihanouk port by the traffickers who recruited him at a price of US $18500 (about 117000 yuan).
    On the introduction page of the job seeker security plan, Sina Technology found that 58 cities require two commitments for members and non members to join the plan - the recruitment information is true and effective, and the recruitment behavior conforms to the platform and national regulations. But in fact, there is little guarantee for 58 cities to fulfill this commitment, making it more difficult to verify the authenticity and effectiveness of recruitment information.
    After the successful release of the position, if it is not certified by the enterprise, the released position information is likely to be taken off the shelf. However, it is not difficult to complete the enterprise certification. It not only provides the agency service of business license on the Internet, but also the information publisher can complete the enterprise certification through the business license and other materials obtained from other channels due to the lack of audit.
    On the page of 58 city, there is a prompt that “all recruiters will be required to pass (enterprise) certification from July”. However, according to media reports, the statement of 58 city is very vague. It is not clear which July it is. Even the official customer service of 58 city provides different statements in the consultation.
    “What 58 does is blue collar recruitment, which is more about sinking the market. What 58’s China talent network does is white-collar recruitment, which is of relatively higher quality.” A 58 former employee in the same city told Sina technology that in comparison, chinatalent.com can bring more income, so it invests more resources and has more strict audit. 58. The income brought by recruitment is relatively small, and the audit will be relatively loose. “If 58 recruitment review is more stringent, the willingness to use it will decline for small and micro enterprises.” He said.
    This statement undoubtedly exposes the loopholes behind 58 recruitment. Due to the sinking market, users’ willingness to pay is low, the use threshold of small and micro enterprises is low, and the willingness to pay high amounts is weak, which leads to 58 recruitment falling into such a cycle - low income, lax audit, proliferation of false information and frequent accidents.
    “It’s hard to say whether it really happened in 58 recruitment this time before the end of the investigation. But if it’s related to 58, it will undoubtedly face some rectification.” The former employee said.
    However, Sina Technology also found on the 58 city recruitment page that compared with the intelligent positions such as finance, audit, design and development engineers provided by chinatalent.com, 58 recruitment provides physical positions such as side dishes, loading, courier, shopping guide and waiter.
    The business model of 58 city also determines that it is difficult to rectify these false information and protect user information - 58 city heavily depends on the provision of information services to obtain income, and the main source of income is the fees paid by information publishers.
    The last financial report before the privatization of 58 city shows that in the first quarter of 2020, 58 city revenue was 2.5603 billion yuan, the average number of paying merchants was about 2.7 million, and member services contributed 815.6 million yuan.
    58 city relies on the local service industry. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the revenue and the average number of paying merchants in the same city in the first quarter of 2020 increased negatively on a double ring basis - its fourth financial report in 2019 showed that the total number of paying merchants in the same city was about 3.3 million, and the membership service contributed 1.11 billion yuan.
    Today, 58 cities in the recovery channel with the epidemic under control have no motivation to crack down on false information and cut off their own financial resources. “What’s more, if the audit is strengthened, it means that many auditors need to be recruited in all business locations to complete online and offline audit, which is a huge expenditure.” The former employee said.
    A 58 city company once said that in the previous negative public opinion event, Yao Jinbo, CEO of 58 city, had been advised to take the opportunity to change the business model to reduce the negative public opinion brought by false information. However, this proposal was flatly rejected by Yao Jinbo. His reason is that the income and cost brought by the business model adjustment are reduced, and the loss actually exceeds the loss caused by the punishment of false information. Therefore, there is no need to adjust the business model.
    But this statement has not been officially confirmed. In April 2021, in the tide of antitrust, Yao Jinbo called on relevant departments to punish the monopoly behavior of competitors’ shells, which was quite eye-catching.
    However, 58 people in the same city who have caused damage to users’ property and even life safety due to false information induction for many times may be the one who should be punished with a huge amount.
    This article is from WeChat official account, Sina Technology (ID:techsina). The author: Xiaolan, who worked hard for the code, was authorized by 36 krypton.