Vitality forest, born gambler?

The Beijing Winter Olympics has come to a perfect end, and people are still talking about the “legend” of the Winter Olympics.
In addition to the athletes who have repeatedly achieved good results, the biggest winners this year are the sponsors and brands that invite athletes to speak for them. With Su Yiming’s victory last week, “Yuanqi forest won hemp” once rushed to the hot search. The reason behind it is that the three spokesmen signed by Yuanqi forest won the championship at the Winter Olympics.
In this regard, Yuanqi forest ridiculed itself as “blessed”, and took the opportunity to open a limited edition beverage lottery, which successfully filled the marketing atmosphere.
What benefits did the vigorous forest of “winning the bet” get in this event?

“Marketing gambler” is vigorous and has “bet” 2.7 billion in four years

Yuanqi forest is “good at gambling”, which has been reflected from the first day it entered the consumer market.
Whether it is betting on the field of bubble water, creatively holding up the bubble water track, or a lot of “coin scattering” marketing, Yuanqi forest can always make people finally sigh “it’s OK” on the seemingly impassable road.
This year, Yuan Yang has gained a lot of marketing endorsements. The new spokesman, Yiyang Qianxi, signed the new year’s signing of the two films, including the water gate bridge of the long Jin lake and the “miracle kid”. It has earned the market attention. In the first new year’s drama, the “yuan C” is the “Yuan”. The sports stars who successively signed at the end of last year detonated hot spots at the Winter Olympics. A series of performances make people sigh and wonder: why is Yuanqi forest so lucky all the time?
No one is a born gambler, and vitality forest is no exception. The so-called good luck is nothing more than “survivor bias”.
As an emerging beverage consumer brand, Yuanqi forest can become popular in a short time, which can be understood as the result of its massive investment in marketing. After combing the marketing actions of Yuanqi forest in recent years, it can be found that Yuanqi forest can be seen on social grass planting platforms such as xiaohongshu and microblog, as well as variety shows and online dramas on major platforms.
In addition to online channels, offline channels such as elevator advertising, offline small event sponsors and convenience store freezers are also key strategic targets of Yuanqi forest. The net is wide enough to catch some shining fish.
But the vitality forest is not blindly casting a net. On the contrary, its purpose is very clear. From the beginning, the target customers of Yuanqi forest are white-collar workers and generation Z young people. Therefore, it will try its best in marketing.
For example, under the pressure of fast-paced life, young people prefer to watch variety shows online. Variety shows and online dramas have become the first goal of Yuanqi forest sponsorship. Variety shows such as “a string of life” and “a vigorous brother” are based on this logic. On the choice of spokesperson, the yuan forest also favored the new generation and national high stars, such as Chen Feiyu, Yiyang Qianxi, Gu Ailing and so on.
At the beginning of 2021, Yuanqi forest won the sponsorship right of station B Spring Festival Gala with 150 million yuan, realizing the leap of station B fans from 0 to 1.5 million. Although Yuanqi forest has been criticized by the outside world for its large marketing investment, it can be said that almost every penny of its investment has been shown to consumers.
By the end of 2020, the sales of Yuanqi forest reached 2.7 billion yuan. The sales growth rates in 2018, 2019 and 2020 were 300%, 200% and 309% respectively, which was very amazing.
However, in 2022, the “gambling luck” of Yuanqi forest may not be so good.

Can the beverage giant succeed in “encircling and suppressing” the vitality forest?

Recently, a “battle” between Coca Cola and Pepsi against vitality forest has spread in the market. It is said that there will be “no more” vitality forest in the market in 2022.
Whether the news is true or false, a more obvious phenomenon is that in recent years, Yuanqi forest has put pressure on many established beverage enterprises in the market.
The concept of “0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 calorie” health drink created by Yuanqi forest has rapidly become a trend in the context of new consumption. In its explosive growth in 2020, many established beverage enterprises such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, nongnongshan spring and Wahaha also tried to launch the same type of bubble water, but with little effect. In this track developed by Yuanqi forest, Yuanqi forest seems to have the absolute initiative.
Obviously, the forest giants are not willing to see the shutdown of many factories in 2021 due to the pressure of the forest giant. Nowadays, Yuanqi forest has made greater efforts to invest in self built factories, and the lack of production capacity has played a great role in promoting it.
It is undeniable that since the vitality forest temporarily emerged, the beverage giants have implemented almost all-round encirclement and interception, and the latter has been struggling to survive. Obviously, in 2022, the pressure from the giants will rise to a higher level. Can the vitality forest resist it?
At the end of last year, Yuanqi forest disclosed some business data for the first time: as of September, the company’s R & D cost had increased by 350% year-on-year. In the past 12 months, more than 30 kinds of beverage flavors have been added, and the average product R & D cycle is 5.5 months.
It can be seen that Yuanqi forest has not stopped its R & D. on the contrary, its R & D investment is still increasing year by year. Besides upgrading in taste and other aspects, product lines are also extending. Now, it involves many kinds of bubbles, such as bubble water, milk tea, tea drink, functional beverage, coffee, light food Baijiu and liquor.
Rich SKUs make Yuanqi forest more likely to resist risks. However, it is worth noting that bubble water is still the main source of sales revenue of Yuanqi forest. If the weight of other products cannot be improved, it will be one of the hidden dangers of Yuanqi forest.
In addition to paying attention to the product itself, in terms of market expansion, Yuanqi forest also made a plan to go to sea early. At the end of 2021, Yuanqi forest said that in mid December, its overseas aluminum can bubble water broke into the top 10 of Amazon bubble water best seller list in the United States. At present, more than 40 national strategies and products have landed at sea.
As a young emerging brand, Yuanqi forest does have many shortcomings, and its enterprise heritage can not compete with beverage giants. However, the emergence of vitality forest has exploded a thunder in the almost solidified bottled beverage market, just like a catfish reactivating the market.
The beverage industry needs fresh blood, which is the law of market development. Even if there is no “vitality forest”, other new consumer brands will launch an impact. The “encirclement, pursuit and interception” of the vitality forest by beverage giants is not only the maintenance of their own interests, but also the embodiment of their failure to timely understand the potential development trend of the market.
Although it is certain that the life of Yuanqi forest will not be so “easy” in 2022, the pressure from giants is difficult to hurt the root, and Yuanqi forest still has room for growth.
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