Raiding aiyouteng? The winter wind cannot change into the east wind

A dream.
On February 21, the day after the Winter Olympics, Migu video fell to No. 52 in the free app list (iPhone end) of Diandian data platform.
This is still the result of the short rise after the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics. On the day before the closing ceremony, Migu video has fallen to No. 88, and the ranking tends to return to about 200 before the Winter Olympics.
Before that, Migu video had just spent two weeks of “suddenly like the spring breeze of one night”.
On the first day of spring and the opening day of the Winter Olympics, the dau (number of daily active users) of Migu video increased by 2.7 million. In the subsequent schedule, its dau remained at about 11 million, almost double that before the Winter Olympics. From February 5 to 9, in the general list of Diandian data free app (iPhone), Migu video jumped from the top 200 to the second, followed by the central video.
The reason why users can watch the whole video of this winter Olympics on the “Gomi” platform is very simple. Compared with the central video, Migu video also has one more hand - Wang Meng, a former Olympic champion and now a Winter Olympic commentator with “eyes like a ruler”.
However, as the Winter Olympics is coming to an end, the number of users of Migu video began to decline. On February 9 and 11, its daily life fell by 11.26% and 11.24% respectively… Until it returned to the situation before the Winter Olympics before and after the closing ceremony.
This scene also appeared at the 2018 World Cup. In 2022, after the warm wind at the beginning of spring, will Migu video go out of the cycle of ending the season and maintaining the same traffic?

01 Migu video performance competition

In the broadcast “field” of this winter Olympic Games, Migu video has almost no opponent like existence.
Migu video is one of the few “players” who can stand on the field according to whether they have the broadcasting right or not.
The central television broadcasting station said in the statement of copyright protection of Winter Olympic Games: the video platform that won the broadcasting rights of this winter Olympic Games is only three Kwai goo videos, Tencent and fast hands. Further observation will show that Tencent and Kwai have only the right to live broadcast live, that is to say, if you want to watch the live broadcast of the whole event, the mobile terminal users have only two choices: Central video (CCTV) and Mi Gu video.
Facts have proved that the two platforms did have bright data after the Winter Olympics. Baidu Index shows that since February 4, the search indexes of both have increased significantly and remained at a high level for several days. During this period, the search index of “aiyouteng” three platforms was flat or decreased. Little data shows that the estimated downloads of Migu video increased by 13.5 times month on month in the first week of the Winter Olympics.
In the second step of seizing the leading position, Migu video relies on explaining this card. During the Winter Olympics, former Olympic champion Wang Meng, who served as Migu video commentary, repeatedly boarded the microblog hot search and contributed golden sentences such as “my eyes are feet”. On the day after Wang Meng finished his last interpretation of the Winter Olympics, as of February 17, the total number of topics read by microblog # Wang Meng interpretation # reached 2.67 billion, exceeding 2.57 billion of Gu Ailing’s gold medal.
Wang Meng’s out of the circle has also further driven the data growth of Migu video. Many users said in the comment area that “because of Wang Meng, Download Migu video and recharge members”. Coincidentally, the two significant increases of Migu video Baidu Index also appeared on the day after Wang Mengyin explained the circle, one of which was “my eyes are feet”, and the other came from a clear and clear explanation of the reasons for the foul committed by Hungarian players in men’s short track 1000m speed skating.
The share price of China Mobile, the gold owner behind Migu video, was also boosted. On the day Gu ailing won the gold medal on February 8, the A-share price of China Mobile once rose by more than 6%, and the first week of the Winter Olympic Games rose by 15.68%.

“Survivor” of 02 event broadcast

The sports broadcasting business that Migu video has bet heavily is actually a hard bone that many platforms can’t attack for a long time.
LETV sports, Suning sports, Tencent video and Sports Olympic power were all important players on the card table. In October 2014, when the broadcasting rights of sports events were liberalized, the momentum of the Olympic Games was 8 billion for the 5 years, the most colorful footnote in the market bubble.
However, the high copyright fees and slow and rare returns of sports events have also become a heavy burden on video platforms. Sun Hongbin, an investor of LETV sports and founder of rongchuang, once said at the 2016 performance conference that “LETV spent 1.35 billion last year (2016) and only received 50 million in total.”
Finally, the platforms with heavy positions in sports broadcasting rights may be dragged down, or choose to shrink the cost and protect themselves.
Migu video has been able to carry it up to now, due to its ingenious admission time, the financial and technical support of China Mobile behind it, and a lighter operation mode.
In 2018, when the video came into the market, the market bubble of sports copyright had gradually dissipated, and copyright prices had dropped sharply. Wei Jianglei, former senior vice president of, said in an interview with the media at the end of 2017: “on the whole, the copyright price is much lower than the high point, and the gap is three to five times.”
If the good admission time makes Migu video account for “Tianshi”, the support of the parent company China Mobile has created a “favorable location”.
From the perspective of financial strength, Migu video, backed by China Mobile, has obvious financial advantages compared with other platforms, which has also become the foundation for it to buy a large number of sports copyrights.
Supporting Migu video’s entry into sports broadcasting is also in line with China Mobile’s own development interests. In its music, video, reading and other businesses, sports event broadcasting is obviously the best way to give full play to its 5g network advantages.
In addition to the support of the sponsor, Migu video also makes careful calculations on the cost side - different from the self built studio and self broadcasting of sports live broadcasting platforms such as Tencent live broadcasting and PP live broadcasting, the outsourcing of broadcasting work is Migu’s “magic weapon” for saving money.
Southern Weekend quoted a number of insiders as saying that after purchasing the copyright, Migu did not broadcast directly by itself, but outsourced the broadcasting work to a third-party company. The latter adds the live room signal, loads the subtitles, and then pushes it to Migu platform. In other words, Migu video only provides a viewing platform. This method effectively saves costs, such as the cost of expensive studio, live broadcasting equipment, specially assigned personnel to maintain equipment, as well as the vacancy cost during the off-season.
Different from the careful calculation of broadcasting, Migu video has been laid out in the field of interpretation for a long time, and has always been a great deal of investment in the interpretation team. This is also the background of the “Wang Meng phenomenon” in this winter Olympic Games.
Last year’s Tokyo Olympic Games, Migu video invited more than 100 hosts and guests, including 30 well-known sports commentators, 12 Olympic champions and 20 world champions. The interpretation team of the Winter Olympics is even better, with more than 150 commentators and guests.
In addition, in the selection of commentators, Migu video has formed its own playing method - try to choose popular guests who are easy to break the circle or bring their own traffic to explain. Wang Meng, who made frequent golden sentences, Chen Chen, the track and field commentator known as the “human computer” at the Tokyo Olympic Games, and Lu Han in the European Cup final.
Having tasted the dividends brought by the “interpretation circle” for many times, Migu video prepared the live broadcast team of this winter Olympic Games early. Wang Meng was one of the first guests invited by Migu video. In January this year, Migu video went online to select the variety “boiling! Commentator” for sports commentary, so as to reserve strength for its commentary team. Wang Meng participated in it at that time.
Relying on the deep interpretation team, Migu video further strengthens the interaction between users and the platform. In the Winter Olympics, Migu provided a variety of interpretation combinations for users to choose from, and even specially set up Cantonese interpretation.

03 a game, a dream?

But the story of users leaving the game after the game is repeated.
With the Winter Olympics coming to an end, the download volume of Migu video has continued to decline, even lower than the average value in recent months from February 12 to February 19. It seems that with the end of Wang Meng’s interpretation, the Winter Olympics is coming to an end, and users are gradually “leaving” from Migu.
This is reminiscent of the ups and downs of its past events. According to the annual report of China Mobile, during the 2018 World Cup in Russia, 4.3 billion people watched the game through Migu video client. However, the monthly active number fell by 11.35% in the four months after the event. In the month following the end of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, the monthly activity of Migu video fell by 32.28%.
The situation of heavy gold and water is also happening in Kwai Fu. Kwai tiktok is the only platform to get the right to broadcast and return the Winter Olympic Games in the short video platform. However, in a number of media reports, Kwai 2 billion 500 million has been betting on the two Olympic Games (Tokyo Olympic Games and Beijing Winter Olympic Games).
The strategy adopted by Kwai in this winter Olympic Games is to upload and replay, and update the old ways of medal list and schedule in time. But tiktok, which is the short video platform, has been overtaking by tiktok, relying on the introduction of sports stars. Especially the early popularity of Gu Ailing and Su Yi Ming has greatly boosted the activity of the jitter during the Winter Olympics. During the Winter Olympics, the downloads of the Kwai Po were even lower than January’s average downloads.
Just like the fast hand picked the wrong operation strategy, there is obviously a shortage of the long video strategy of the microkwai video.
At present, Migu, standing on the video platform track, chooses the strategy of focusing on sports and supplemented by film and television dramas. But the question is, during the off-season, what does Migu video take to retain users?
At present, Migu video platform is like a collection of major video platforms, presenting content from Mango TV, iqiyi, Tencent video, etc. This may be related to its strategy of purchasing copyright from other platforms. In November 2021, Migu video also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with mango hypermedia with a cooperation amount of no less than 3.5 billion yuan within three years.
However, from the playback volume data, users are still more inclined to chase dramas on the original video platform.
Obviously, non exclusive content can make up for the shortcomings of Migu video in the content pool, but it can not distinguish Migu video from other video platforms. As a result, Migu video is like the user’s “monthly throwing” app, which is “abandoned” by the user immediately after the end of the competition for one to two months.
From the perspective of event broadcasting rights, Migu has few hands, including the broadcasting rights of Qatar world cup from November to December 2022 and China Asian Cup from June to July 2023.
For Migu, sports copyright has proved to be an excellent breakthrough direction, but it is not a bottomless moat. After all, it is the event itself rather than the platform that attracts the audience.
Relying on the rich and powerful gold owner, it is true that he can get a good hand of cards, but after the cards are played, for Migu video, which is absent in the field of entertainment, variety, film and television and other original content, how to retain the influx of users during the season is a beautiful problem that needs to be considered most.
This article is from the official account of WeChat, ID:xuebaocaijingshe, and is published by Gao Xuyang, 36 krypton.