Rookie "send express", copy or rookie tiktok Jingdong

E-commerce platforms and logistics companies have been “in love and killing each other” for a long time.
The rise of e-commerce has promoted the rapid development of the express market towards maturity, and the industry has gradually cleared up. Small express enterprises have exited one after another. In this process, the reconstruction of the supply chain by e-commerce mode has reduced the cost of logistics in commodity sales and further suppressed the profitability of express.
However, logistics is also the lifeblood of e-commerce. The reason is that e-commerce must eventually fall to the stage of competitive services. The timeliness of distribution and terminal distribution capacity related to terminal services determine that logistics has become an important link connecting consumers.
The above “competition and cooperation” relationship has been highlighted in the development of e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, and pinduoduo.
Tiktok is a situation of tripartite confrontation between overweeningly ambitious businesses and the need for logistics.
Recently, the voice of the tiktok has been distributing frequently. It is said that according to a person close to byte beat, byte has completed its investment in polar rabbit express to supplement the e-commerce puzzle and expand the layout of overseas e-commerce.
It is self-evident that the message is not true, but the position of bytes to make up logistics services is self-evident. Tiktok said.
In addition, in January 12th, according to media reports, the voice tiktok opened the test express service “Yin Zun Da”, providing door-to-door service. It is reported that the service has been experienced by some merchants.
From these actions, the pace of building e-commerce closed loop is accelerating.
For e-commerce platforms, there are two ways to supplement logistics services:
First, build a self built logistics platform, and then replace the original third-party services; Second, it is highly integrated with the information system of logistics partners to improve operation efficiency and reduce operation costs.
In China, JD chose the self operated mode, while Alibaba chose the integrated mode.
Since rookie is the only way to build a closed loop for e-commerce, there are also rookies and Jingdong pearl Yu before. Then, which way will tiktok e-commerce choose? Or is it a self reliant Mountain Gate?

01 tiktok’s logistics heart disease

Last August 1st, Zhang bought a garment on the tiktok platform, and the company promised to deliver the goods within 7-10. But wait until the 10 showed the delivery information. He could not wait to check the order again. He found the order showed that “your parcel is being blocked because it is being blocked.”
At that time, Zhang felt quite strange. On the premise that he did not receive any express, and in the previous communication with the express company, he did not mention rejecting the express, so the package was returned for no reason.
Zhang hang then dialed the manual customer service number of the express company that delivered the goods. The customer service showed that the merchant intercepted the express delivery, resulting in the return of the package.
Tiktok, who was unhappy, came to the shaking platform to find out the problem of the artificial customer service, but the way of dealing with the other side was not satisfactory. He only proposed the way to compensate tens of dollars of coupons. Through this, Zhang kept hesitating about shopping on the tiktok platform.
Meanwhile, Li Hong, who sold ceramic products on the shaking platform, received 6 tiktok notices in 9 days. The reasons for the violation were the exception of the express order or express logistics track uploaded to the background.
Li Hong’s shop was also punished accordingly. A total of 4000 yuan of deposit and 30 points of store credit were deducted. The shop was closed for three days.
In this regard, Li Hong felt very aggrieved. After all the orders in the store were real delivery, repeatedly communicated with the customer service to ask how to appeal, and applied for a sealed certificate from the logistics network, the appeal still ended in failure.
Up to now, Li Hong still cannot accept the above punishment.
An independent e-commerce department was established in 618 in 2020, followed by the external chain removal activity; And then tiktok payment on-line, shaking tiktok completes the payment closed loop; And even put forward the concept of interest in electricity providers, impact trillion GMV, the voice of the voice tiktok into a public eye in a vigorous gesture.
But now, whether or not it is admitted, logistics has gradually become the Achilles heel of the tiktok electric provider.
Tiktok itself is aware of this. Official data show that the distribution of service delivery problems in the tiktok and the express delivery service account for more than 50%.
In addition, the problem of terminal delivery can directly affect the user shopping experience, and will further affect the user’s repeat purchase. It will have a negative impact on businesses and users. This may be partly because of the fact that the chattering has been a tight lipped answer to the tiktok rate.
Tiktok, however, is considered to be generally weaker than expected in the near term.
Tiktok, raise a Babel of criticism of the noisy service, the company will provide door-to-door delivery, terminal delivery, terminal complaints, parcel priority transfer, exclusive service and other benefits.
Through these measures, tiktok intention reduces the rate of complaint and reversion rate of consumers.
According to snow leopard financial services, at present, Yin Zun Da is still in the water trial state. The voice only recommends that merchants buy some Yin Yin for some orders, and the recommended proportion is no more than 3% of the tiktok per day.
It should be noted that in this link, although the shaking is raising the importance of the terminal delivery, the initiative of the business lies in the business. In fact, whether the service premium is borne by the tiktok, whether the subsidy is transferred to the consumers, or whether the business platform will be transferred to consumers, needs further observation.
More importantly tiktok is essentially a service launched by tiktok and express delivery companies such as Zhong Tong, Tantong, rhyme, etc., and the jitter only plays a role in resource integration, and its intervention capability on the express platform is weak, and the effectiveness needs to be tested.

02 copy rookie or learn Jingdong?

In April 8, 2021 tiktok tiktok first ecological conference was held in Guangzhou. After the group visit, President Kang Zeyu said that at present, the voice business is not doing warehousing, logistics, nor has it planned to build warehousing and logistics itself.
But Kang Zeyu’s denial cannot stand up in the face of facts.
Today, on the official recruitment website, there are 74 positions related to “logistics”, including R & D, operation, product and functional positions, involving e-commerce supply chain, logistics middle office and other fields.
For rookie tiktok, logistics is very necessary, but there are rookie and Jingdong pearl Yu in front:
The former is positioned as a social logistics integrator based on Alibaba retail platform, which complements an important link in Alibaba’s performance network by integrating express companies and route transportation enterprises;
The latter is positioned as an integrated logistics service provider, which has established its own supply chain service advantages in the mode of warehouse distribution, and user experience has become its core competitiveness.
Therefore, “copying homework” has become a ready-made shortcut.
In May 2021, according to Tech planet, the voice and electricity business of logistics tiktok came to many former P9 supply chain / logistics personnel. The new ones who left the company from Ali were Wang Wei, Ou Liyong, He Chuan.
Rookie tiktok logistics business is coming to the rookie logistics as it is visible after the P talent is coming.
Tiktok, tiktok, tiktok tiktok, a video of the voice of the business platform, was circulated online on the beginning of August. The screenshots showed that the sound of the quiver will be fully encrypted from August 1st.
As the initiator of electronic face list, Alibaba led many express companies to establish a logistics service provider “rookie network” in 2013. In May of the next year, all express companies accepted the public electronic face list platform launched by rookie network.
Of course, Jingdong and pinduoduo have also launched their own electronic face lists in the follow-up. Therefore, this measure can be regarded as a standard configuration to protect users’ data privacy.
However, what deserves more attention is the capital layout of byte itself in the field of logistics.
On August 25, 2021, byte established two logistics companies, one named Shanghai Daoqu Yuedong Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. and the other is Shanghai Xingchen Yuedong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. their business scope is related to goods warehousing services supervised by the customs.
In the first few days of the same month, byte invested in zongteng group, a global cross-border e-commerce infrastructure service provider, which mainly provides overseas warehousing and other services for cross-border e-commerce merchants.
In addition, it also invested in three logistics robot Enterprises: Jiazhi technology, future robot and syrius Juxing.
On the one hand, it is internal incubation, on the other hand, it is investment at the same time, which is similar to the logic of rookie’s asset layout - self support as a supplement, investment as the main, investment in major logistics enterprises, layout of warehouses, and mastering the big data of sales and logistics.
Rookie’s tiktok network is more likely to rely on the Internet mode of rookie if it takes into account the recent market crazy “tiktok” has completed the investment in the rabbit express, and the integrated voice service of the United States express company.
This seems to be in line with the mainstream thinking. For the tiktok electricity supplier, if it imitates Jingdong logistics, it is undoubtedly very difficult. Jingdong Logistics asset construction costs a lot. In order to implement the logistics construction idea of integrating Jingdong warehouse and equipment, the volume of Jingdong fixed assets and projects under construction is different from that of general logistics enterprises.
But Kwai Kwai Kwai logistics has been ahead of the tiktok, Zhang Yipeng, who was responsible for the sales center of the fast hand business in January 2021, told the twenty-first Century economic report that “no quick self service supply chain planning is built in the short term.”
On the whole, the voice business is trying to make up the logistics puzzle, which is a tiktok question. But the answer it gives is slightly old-fashioned and childish.
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